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150+ Informative Speech Topics for College Students -

150+ Informative Speech Topics

Developing an impressive speech requires a significant amount of knowledge of the topic and good essay writing skills. But before you start working on your speech, you need to pick informative speech topics that can grab the attention of the audience right from the beginning. If you cannot decide what topic to select for your speech, let us help you with some interesting suggestions. But first, let’s learn a few basic things about informative speeches and their topics.

What are Informative Speech Topics?

As the name suggests, an informative speech is an oratory representation of an informative piece of content. Such speeches generally use descriptions, demonstrations, vivid details and definitions to explain a particular topic.

There are no specific criteria for informative speech topics. As long as the topic has some depth and a significant amount of information available on it, the topic can be considered one of the informative speech topics.

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Based on the choice of topics, there can be 4 major types of informative speeches. They are:

  1. Speeches about objects
  2. Speeches about processes
  3. Speeches about events
  4. Speeches about concepts

Based on these classifications, you also get 4 types of informative speech topics. Irrespective of the types of informative speech topics, the outline of an informative speech would contain the following segments:

a) An introduction

  • A hook
  • Background detail of the topic
  • A thesis statementor main point of the speech

b) A body

  • The sub-points that works towards proving the main point
  • Counterargument (if there is any)

c) Conclusion

While most essay writers follow this outline for their informative speeches, some prefer to play a little bit with the outline and make things more interesting for the audience.

How to Pick Informative Speech Topics?

With the outline shared in the previous section, you must have a little bit of idea about how to write on informative speech topics. But you still need to know how you can choose the right informative speech topic for your task. Here are a few questions that you need to ask yourself while short-listing the informative speech topics:

  • Which are the topics that you are confident about?
  • Are those topics relevant to the audience?
  • Is there enough information available on the topic?

If you get the answer to these questions, you won't have any problem choosing a good topic for an informative speech.

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List of Informative Speech Topics

If you are still wondering what good informative speech topics are, this blog is meant for you only. Here you can find more than 150 informative speech topics’ examples. So, if you cannot think of any informative speech topics, you can choose from these following samples of informative speech topics or take inspiration from these topic ideas.

Funny informative speech topics

  • There is nothing fun about camping.
  • Good girls will always be attracted to bad boys.
  • Family reunions are way too stressful.
  • There is no such thing as luck.
  • Aliens live among us.
  • Social networking sites are the real drugs of today.
  • The chicken came before the egg
  • Online relationships are easier to maintain
  • Music is a basic need in life
  • Shoes and socks tell a lot about a person.

Informative speech topics for public speaking

  • Why is the habit of reading important?
  • The consequences of oil drilling Alaska
  • Is it a good idea to lower the drinking age in Australia?
  • The effects of video games on teenagers
  • How can recycling help save the environment?
  • The importance of having diversity in the schools
  • Why is the young generation suffering more from mental problems?
  • The importance of online learning in today’s date
  • The reasons behind the occurring of teenage suicides
  • Why the world needs more farmers than engineers and technicians?

Informative speech topics about sports

  • Swimming is more of a life skill than a sport.
  • Boxing and wrestling need to have stricter rules to keep the players safe.
  • Sport has the ability to unite even the most divided countries.
  • There is no necessity of cheerleaders in sports.
  • Competitive sport can teach us a lot about life
  • Players who cheat should be punished irrespective of the age.
  • People who practice sports are more proactive.
  • All forms of animal sports should be banned.
  • Sports commentary is a great career option.
  • College athletes should be paid for the matches that they play

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Creative informative speech topics

  • How an encounter with a stranger changed my perspective?
  • Why we humans don’t deserve dogs?
  • Social media is making us miss the real-life experiences
  • Why is it important to make good friends in college?
  • What if the asteroid that wiped out dinosaurs had missed the earth?
  • What if time travelling was possible?
  • Why do some people believe the earth is flat?
  • Is it possible to build a colony on Moon?
  • We are not alone in the universe.
  • What should you do if you get one million dollars right now?

Informative speech topics on music

  • The evolution of jazz music
  • Music has therapeutic effects on people with stress and anxiety.
  • How pop music affected European culture and trends?
  • Depressive and sad tones can have adverse effects on the emotional state of an individual.
  • Psychology and music have a strong relation.
  • The influence of music on rock and roll
  • Music literacy should be made compulsory in the academic curriculum
  • Music can serve as a tool for uniting people.
  • Music has a language of its own
  • Lyrics that inspire violence should be banned.

Informative speech topics on health

  • The impact of regular exercise on health
  • The importance of a balanced diet in our lives
  • The health benefits of going to bed early
  • The measures that can save us from Coronavirus infection
  • Healthy habits that all of us should practice
  • How sitting in front of a computer for long can impact a person's health?
  • Habits that can help us reduce the risk of cancer
  • Why is sex education important for the young generation?
  • How has technology in the health sector evolved over the years?
  • The benefits of practising breathwork

Medical informative speech topics

  • The latest development in nanotechnology in the medical industry
  • The role of Hydroxychloroquine in the fight against Coronavirus
  • The effectiveness of plasma therapy in the treatment of COVID patients
  • Facts and myths about Coronavirus
  • The significance of organ donation in our society
  • The effectiveness of radiotherapy in the treatment of cancer patients
  • Alzheimer's disease and how to treat a patient with such health condition
  • Poor life choices are often more responsible for obesity
  • Different types of autoimmune diseases and how to treat such disorders?
  • Food allergy is a real disease

Informative speech topics on animals

  • How should Australia protect animal lives from the tragedies like bushfire?
  • The law against animal cruelty needs to be stricter.
  • How to train your dog to be a better companion?
  • Is it necessary to become a vegan in order to show your love for the animals?
  • People should not pet exotic animals at their houses.
  • How can we save the animal kingdom from going extinct?
  • Why is the number of incidents of poaching still on the rise?
  • The concept of the zoo is itself an act of animal cruelty.
  • Sharks are not as dangerous as the movies project them.
  • Animals don't belong in the circuses.

Informative speech topics on education

  • The significance of online courses in the post-COVID world
  • Homeschooling should be more encouraged.
  • Is the internet good or bad for the students' education?
  • The latest developments in education technology
  • The teachers are paid too little for their contribution to society
  • Lowering the tuition fee of public universities can encourage more students to pursue higher studies
  • The financial aid for native students needs to be increased
  • More importance must be put on art and music
  • Schools need to change their perspective about social media
  • Incorporating cultural events into the school program can make the students more aware of cultures

Business informative speech topics

  • Email marketing is still effective and has more conversion rate
  • There are businesses that can be started without money
  • Customer surveys can help improve the business strategies for organisations
  • What are the common things among all the successful entrepreneurs of our generation?
  • The effective ways to secure funding for startups
  • Why is product differentiation good for businesses?
  • The importance of diversity at the workplace
  • How is it possible to run a successful business without having a physical office?
  • How do freebies and rewards help boost the sales of a business?
  • The effective measures for a successful product launching campaign

Entertainment informative speech topics

  • Why was the final season of Game of Thrones not as amazing as the first few seasons of the fantasy drama?
  • Why is Keanu Reeves getting so much attention all of a sudden?
  • Marvel movies are more than just special effects and actions.
  • Why is the DC extended universe struggling to gain popularity?
  • Why does Parasite’s best picture award at the Oscars matter so much?
  • Why are online streaming platforms gaining more viewership than television?
  • Why most TV series with a great first season has a disappointing second season?
  • Can we give ‘Rick and Morty” the “cult” status?
  • What makes anime different from regular cartoons?
  • Not all animated movies are for children

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Psychology informative speech topics

  • Inkblot tests cannot tell much about an individual’s personality
  • The reason behind experiencing a Déjà vu
  • What makes a child turn into a bully?
  • How do the different cognitive styles influence learning outcomes?
  • It is not necessary for mothers to stay at home all the time to raise a happy kid.
  • How does music evolve sadness in individuals?
  • Optimism is good for health
  • The dangers of personality tests
  • Is it possible to use hypnosis to treat amnesia patients?
  • How does meditation help calm a mind?

Persuasive and informative speech topics

  • Should graffiti be considered art?
  • Should interns be paid for their work?
  • Paperback books are way better than ebooks.
  • Should tipping in restaurants be made mandatory?
  • Should the minimum age of voting be increased to 25?
  • The books are better than their movie or TV series adaptations.
  • Prisoners should be allowed to vote.
  • Why is feminism important now more than ever?
  • Should the military budget be reduced?
  • The religious slaughter of animals should be banned

Controversial informative speech topics

  • There should be different events for transgender athletes at the Olympics
  • Facebook should be penalised for breaching user privacy
  • If the world is run by female leaders, there will be less war
  • Organisations that encourage discrimination should be penalised
  • People with criminal records should not be allowed to hold a position in government
  • Chips implants in pets for identification is unnecessary.
  • Education for all is an unrealistic idea.
  • Gender choice during adoption should not be allowed.
  • Climate change is more political than scientific.
  • Why are women paid a lesser amount of salary than men for equal jobs?

Informative speech topics on food

  • Is the Keto diet ideal for health?
  • What are the alternatives to meat?
  • The influence of South Asian cultures in Australian food
  • Seafood is more nutritious than farm produce
  • What makes Italian food so delicious?
  • Is it necessary to put spices in every Indian food?
  • Is there a way to make vegan food more interesting?
  • The alternatives to sugar in a dessert
  • Healthy alternatives fast food like burgers and fried chicken
  • Are YouTube tutorials good for learning how to cook?

Informative speech topics about travelling

  • How to travel safely in the post-COVID world?
  • The best places to visit in South East Asia
  • What are the essentials that every traveller should carry
  • The importance of knowing different languages while travelling
  • What are the countries where you can travel without a Visa?
  • The cheapest way to travel in Europe
  • How to earn while travelling?
  • Can travelling be a full-time career?
  • Why are people so attracted to European countries?
  • What can the government do to restore the tourism industry in Australia?

Hopefully, you have enough suggestions for your informative speech topics. Now, you are all set to go and prepare the speech of yours. However, if you need more help, you can seek expert assistance for it.

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