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How to Write a Diagnostic Essay

How To Write Diagnostic Essay?

Many students dread hearing the word diagnostic essay. Unlike other forms of academic essays that test your ability to join the next semester, diagnostic essays test your capability to pursue a course. For example, the skills you have in store right now and how well you can apply them in your academic curriculum. Therefore an essay writer must write the essay from the beginning of the course. Usually, the professor assigns a single topic in the form of a prompt they expect you to answer in a 5-paragraph essay. However, if you are lucky, you may get a selection of 2 -3 topics.

Unfortunately, professors allot you a minimum period for this time-bound task. Therefore you must have a pre-planned map of how you will exactly design your paper. Before hiring a research paper to help develop your diagnostic essay, check out the six tips to devise an excellent diagnostic essay.

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Hopefully, by now, you know what a diagnostic essay is. But, ahead of delving into the steps of writing an excellent diagnostic essay, let's first know its structural format.

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Diagnostic Essay: Structure And Format

You don't have endless time in hand to try and test various formats and examine its outcome. Therefore, learn the correct form first. Unless your instructor states otherwise, usually, a diagnostic essay has five paragraphs – 1 introduction, three body paragraphs, and one conclusion. An assignment help provider shares the must-haves of each part.


  • Must restate the prompt to introduce the topic
  • Brushes on the three arguments to be discussed in the body paragraphs
  • States the thesis statement in the last sentence with a strong argument or call to action

Body Paragraphs

  • Adhere to the statutory rule – one idea one paragraph
  • Each argument discussed must relate to the thesis statement
  • The statistics, data, or personal experience included in these paragraphs must support the diverse claims


  • Never introduce a new topic in the conclusion
  • Sum up the focal point of each paragraph
  • Rephrase the thesis statement to remind the examiner of the writing prompt gently
  • End your final sentence with facts or information that intrigues the reader to search more on the topic.

Some General Rules To Keep In Mind For Structuring Your Diagnostic Essay

  • Be specific while representing your ideas and arguments
  • Use unique sentences and examples to showcase your strategic thinking
  • Make your sentences short and logically correct
  • Never write beyond word count

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Diagnostic Essay: 6 Tips To Write A Diagnostic Essay

The mind map (also known as structure) discussed above should make your diagnostic essay writing process smooth and help you create an excellent paper. However, if you are still struggling with the writing process, the tips below will solve all your issues.

  • Choose A Topic

As I stated initially, you rarely get to choose a topic. However, what should you choose, how should you get a platter, and how should you choose a topic? I suggest you go with an issue that you find significant. Because – it's simple, the more interested you are in a subject, the deeper you dig to diagnose the problem and share your thoughts for a relevant solution. Otherwise, you will have to put more effort and might become clueless midway through the process.

Build A Strong Thesis Statement

 A thesis statement is a one or two liner introduction to your topic, which acts as the conclusion of your introduction paragraph. It directs your reader to the points discussed in the essay. Therefore you must make it impactful to engage the reader to read along the lines of your writing.

  • Frame An Outline

It is easy to get lost in the writing flow to forget what you should primarily talk about. Building an outline of your essay helps you keep running on the track. Moreover, it eliminates several other challenges you might face while writing and allows you to organise your thoughts and adequately structure them. Write down the main arguments you need to mention in your essay with minute details and use it as a blueprint to frame your content.

  • Introduction

Your introduction should be compelling and attractive. Quote a line from another author or begin with an interesting fact or question that would hook the readers' interest. Finally, introduce the topic and explain why your diagnosis is relevant for that particular issue. Don't forget to sync your introduction to the thesis statement.

  • Topic Sentences

These are the first sentences of your body paragraphs that help establish your arguments and back with evidence. Ensure to give examples and justify them for more concrete and convincing content.

  • Conclusion

It should wrap up your essay. First, reiterate your introduction without rehashing it and summarise all the pain points of your paper. Then, provide a relevant solution or your thoughts about the issue discussed. Finally, don't forget to end your essay with a great closing line that will impact the minds of your readers.

  • Proofreading And Editing

You can only make your diagnostic essay flawless once you eliminate any errors. Go over your content and look for spelling and grammatical errors, faulty sentence structures, etc. Make sure to recheck it, keeping your grading rubrics in mind critically.

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Diagnostic Essay: Some Popular Diagnostic Essay Topics

Every university has its own set of rules for taking a diagnostic test. Most universities prefer to assign a specific topic for a diagnostic essay. However, a few allow their students the freedom to choose. If you have to pick your topic, don't panic. Students often find creating, thinking and analysing a suitable diagnostic essay topic challenging.

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Chose something that you find relevant to your course module. In addition, go with one that flaunts your knowledge and skillets the best. Finally, we bring you some of the trending essays prompts for your diagnostic essay test to ease your pain.

  1. How can you make use of your talents?
  2. Is technology the leading sector in the economy?
  3. How drugs and substance consumption has increased among the youth
  4. What does it mean to have a good sleep pattern?
  5. Factors that influence success at school
  6. Evaluate the rare phobias that exist among animals
  7. Fun activities to engage in
  8. How to use your leisure time
  9. What is Huffman’s coding?
  10. Explain the theory behind the steering of a bicycle
  11. How does climate change influence human activities?
  12. Explain how one can draft a good resume
  13. Outline factors an event organiser should consider
  14. How has technology simplified the architecture sector?
  15. What does it mean by strong consumers?
  16. Causes of climate change globally
  17. Factors influencing volcanic mountains eruptions
  18. Effects of water pollution
  19. The negative impact of technology
  20. Discuss how smart gardens function
  21. Are whales harmful?
  22. What features make every individual unique?
  23. The Seven Wonders of the World
  24. How can the street families be reduced?
  25. Employment as a global issue
  26. Why do road accidents increase during festive seasons
  27. Evaluate talent vs skills
  28. Evaluate the finding on elephants being endangered
  29. What influences fear among human beings

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