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Writing A Thesis Statement.

Step-by-Step To Writing A Thesis Statement

This post will get to know how to write a thesis statement in 4 easy steps. However, before getting to the steps, you must know about the essay structure and a thesis statement.

What is a thesis statement?

The thesis statement is the foundation of an essay. It helps in structuring the argument of the essay. Regardless of your module or level of study, you have to write an essay. For that, you must have a good thesis statement; otherwise, you will not have any point for argument in your essay.  

A thesis statement is written in one or two at the starting of the essay. It will help your readers to get the main idea about the essay. You must try to write an interesting thesis statement so that it can attract your readers' attention. Otherwise, the readers will lose interest, and they will not continue reading throughout the essay.

When you are thinking about how to make a thesis statement, let me tell you that it is not an easy task to write a good thesis statement. Sometimes while writing, you forget to focus on your discussion or fail to address the complete question. All of these errors will lead to an essay full of flaws. 

In short, the thesis statement must be strong and crisp but must communicate the whole idea or the argument of the essay. There are three types of essays, and each of them needed a thesis statement. Let us talk about different types of essays.

There are three types of essays

What is an analytical essay?

In an analytical essay, the author breaks down a subject into its constituent parts to analyse it. You could write an analytical essay to dissect another author's claim on a topic. An analytical essay may also be used to discuss a book, movie, or other lengthy text.

What is an expository essay?

In an expository essay, the author will explain their subject. They'll expand on a topic or look into an issue. The word expository essay is often used as a cover term to describe all forms of essays. An explanatory essay is another term for an expository essay.

An expository essay's thesis argument would be similar to that of an analytical essay. With a 'because' explanation, you might respond to a question and explain why something happened the way it did.

What is an argumentative essay?

An argumentative essay is written for taking a stand and defending a viewpoint. In this type of essay, we make an argument for the essay's topic. In an argumentative article, you'll evaluate and present evidence that supports your point of view.

The word "position statement" is often used to refer to the argumentative thesis statement in these essays. When you hear the word "position statement," you're referring to the thesis statement. You'll state your opinion and preview the specifics you'll use to back it up in your thesis or position statement.

What is an essay structure?

The structure of an essay is the logical sequence of information used to compose a written argument. you can break down the structure of an essay into the following parts: 

  1. Introduction
  2. Introduce your thesis argument
  3. Explain 2 to 3 themes to support your argument
  4. Explain your ideas such as they are connected.
  5. Body paragraph
  6. Introduce one of the ideas you have provided in the intro.
  7. Provide evidence to support the idea. 
  8. Connect the idea to the main argument.
  9. Repeat steps i, ii and iii for the ideas that support the argument.
  10. Conclusion
  11. Restate the argument
  12. Make a statement concluding the essay.

4 steps to write a perfect thesis statement

Select a Specific Subject

Whether you've been given a broad topic or have complete freedom to choose what you want to write. It's critical to narrow the subject matter before writing a sample thesis statement. Since it's impossible to cover any aspect of a large topic in a single essay, decide which aspect of the subject matter the essay will concentrate on first.

Whether it's a text, such as a book or a film, or a science subject, an essay conveys the knowledge to a reader. It would help if you determined what this data will be. Starting with a question about your topic, something that truly interests you is the best way to go. Your study will be much simpler, and your writing will be much better if you have a research issue.

Choose a Related Question

Can I use a thesis statement to be a question? Yes. After narrowing down your topic, you must determine what question you want to investigate for your essay. You can use a thesis statement or make a specific question out of this knowledge, ensuring it is relevant to the essay's subject.

Let take volcanos as an example of a thesis statement. Perhaps you're curious as to why volcanoes erupt. However, for most essays, the issue is still too general. You'll have to ask more specific questions, such as why do people create cities near volcanoes? That is answer 

What is the answer to a thesis statement in an essay?

At this point, you must answer your question for expressing your ideas in the form of a statement. You may need to conduct primary research on the topic before deciding how to write a good thesis question.

After you've posted your question, you'll need to research to discover the answer. This could take a few hours or a few years, depending on the complexity of your essay. The research aims to come up with some answers to your initial questions.

It's fine if your original research question changes as you learn more about your subject. Before you begin the writing process, nothing is set in stone. You don't want to change the course of your paper once you've started writing.

What does Formulating the thesis statement mean?

Modify your response to the question to serve as the thesis statement for your essay or article. Keep in mind that the thesis statement can pique readers' interest and encourage them to read what you've written.

Be concise and exciting. Avoid using ambiguous terms that don't add to the overall message.

Adjectives and adverbs add wordiness without conveying any sense, so avoid them. Words like interesting, exciting, challenging, and come to mind as examples.

So, in a checklist

A thesis statement should be 

  1. Clear and concise
  2. It should be mentioned in the introduction paragraph
  3. Must be narrowed down
  4. Always provide an opinion instead of a fact
  5. Describe your supporting details
  6. Answer the research question

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