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How To Become A Teacher In Australia

How To Become A Teacher In Australia| A Complete Detailed Guide

Do you know over the next 5 years, it is expected there will be 93,000 job openings for primary school teachers and 71,000 for secondary school teachers? Again, a recent survey claims low unemployment among qualified early childhood, primary and secondary school teachers.

So, you want to become a teacher- that’s terrific news! Perhaps, you are keen to work in early childhood education, become a high school English teacher, or specialize in music. Regardless of what your passion is, if you are drawn towards a diverse array of career opportunities offered by the education industry and enthusiastic about inspiring future generations of Australians, becoming a teacher is the perfect choice for you.

If you are not sure how to become a teacher in Australia, you have landed on the right page. In today’s comprehensive post, we have summarised everything you need to know to become a teacher in Australia and make your dreams come true with ease.

Becoming An Early Childhood Teacher

In the words of the best minds associated with coursework help services, early childhood teachers teach students who are 4-8 years old in Kindergarten.

They are required to educate young children, prepare numeracy and literacy classes, and help in developing a child's confidence via creative activities like storytelling, drama, and art. They assist children with special needs to acquire social skills and ensure they are an integral part of the curriculum.

Thus, the major duties and tasks of early childhood teachers are-

  • Design learning programs
  • Encourage diversity
  • Monitor, assess, and report a child’s progress
  • Helps in the growth of self-expression, interest in learning, and a sense of individuality in each child

Ways To Become An Early Childhood Teacher In Australia

ECTs (early childhood teachers) often require acquiring specialized qualifications due to the fragile nature of young children. These qualifications are as follows-

  • Bachelor of Early Childhood and Primary Education
  • Bachelor of Early Childhood Education

The NQF (National Quality Framework) has developed a national standard of care for children not enrolled in school (aged five years and under) or primary school children registered under out-of-school-hours care.

As per the NQF, it is crucial to have an authorized diploma-level certification in education to work in a center-based education and care service with preschool or kindergarten children. Also, based on the state or territory in which you aim to teach in Australia, you may also need to complete the teacher accreditation or registration.

Becoming A Primary School Teacher

Primary school teachers in Australia must educate students between 5 to 12 years of age, usually from Year 1 through Year 6. They also need to follow a government-mandated curriculum that aims to enhance children's literacy and numeracy skills while fostering social and emotional development.

Certain subjects taught by a primary school teacher are Math, English, Technology, Physics, Social Science, Humanities, Arts, Health, and Physical Education.

The major duties and tasks of a primary school teacher, as compiled by the best essay help stalwarts around the world are as follows-

  • Preparation of long-term and daily lesson plans as per the curriculum guidelines
  • Discussing educational issues and participating actively in joint discussion making
  • Discussing student’s progress and concerns with parents and administrators
  • Helping in the development of children’s coordination, abilities, and interests by involving them in creative activities like art, music, and sports
  • Assess student’s progress in oral and written work

Ways To Become A Primary School Teacher In Australia

The minimum educational qualification to become a primary school teacher in Australia is completing a Bachelor’s degree, which usually takes four years. Once you complete your studies, it becomes important to apply for teaching registration to become a fully qualified teacher.

Take a look at certain common steps you must follow to become a primary school teacher-

  • You must complete a primary education degree, like the Bachelor of Education (Primary). Scheduled work placements may also offer innumerable valuable experiences.
  • You can also opt for a postgraduate degree, like a Master of Teaching focusing on Primary Education, if you already hold a Bachelor’s degree in another discipline. This will enable you to gain considerable work experience and excel in your field.
  • It is also crucial to register yourself with the state’s Teacher Registration Authority to find work in a school and become a qualified teacher. Ensure to get in touch with your state’s relevant authority for additional information on the specific criteria for registration.

Becoming A Secondary School Teacher

The key responsibility of a secondary school teacher is assisting students with their academic growth and progress through high school.

Teachers at secondary school may opt to work exclusively with senior or younger students within the high school and specialize in one or more subjects. All in all, they are required to work in a setting that hugely encourages creativity and critical thinking and offers students unmatched guidance required to work even harder.

Take a look at the major duties and responsibilities of a secondary school teacher-

  • Preparing long-term daily lessons and teaching programs per the state or territory guidelines and curriculum.
  • The setting of exams, tests, assignments, projects, and homework
  • Marking the assessments and sorting of results
  • Teaching using different techniques, like experiments, formal lessons, practical activities, discussions, projects, etc.
  • Collaborating with other staff members to update the school's policies and curriculum, catering to changing student requirements, and meeting government initiatives.

Ways To Become A Secondary School Teacher In Australia

Irrespective of the state or territory you choose to teach, you will require a suitable tertiary degree to become an amazing secondary school teacher in Australia.

Secondary school teachers teach students in Years 7 through 12, usually between 12 and 18. These generally incorporate four-year courses for individuals with a brilliant Universities Admission Index (UAI) score and who have completed Year 12 successfully. The courses comprise both theory and practice to offer a well-rounded teaching experience.

Below we have enlisted certain unique steps you must follow to become a remarkable secondary school teacher in Australia-

  • Pursue a Bachelor of Education (Secondary). It is also crucial to complete a two-year Master of Teaching course. This course is exclusively devised for students who have previously received tertiary qualifications, like a major and minor in at least two curriculums acknowledged by Australian secondary schools.
  • It is also essential to fill out an application for teacher registration in the state to begin working as a secondary school teacher.
  • Secondary school teachers also can advance their careers in various ways, like becoming a leading teachers, special education teachers, principals, or assistant principals.

The Duration Of Becoming A Teacher In Australia

It may take a total of at least six years to become a teacher in Australia if you aim to pursue both an undergraduate and graduate degree in teaching. It is also essential to have one or two years of classroom experience.

It is also vital to know that whether you are teaching Kindergarten, primary, or secondary schools in Australia, the minimum qualification to become a teacher is completing a bachelor's degree which may take up to four years to complete.

Additionally, you also need to pass the Literacy and Numeracy Test for Initial Teacher Education (LANTITE) to graduate with your degree. This is a course requirement for all undergraduate and postgraduate students who desire to become primary and secondary teachers.

Furthermore, before applying for teaching jobs, you also need to register with the appropriate teaching body in your state or territory. It is significant to provide documents such as proof of qualifications and a national police check during the application process.

Final Thoughts

There exist a few careers where the impact you make on people's lives can be hugely profound. From the crucial childhood years to primary school and high school- as a teacher, you will be able to educate, inspire, and shape future generations. A caring and kind personality, patience, and the ability to engage and connect with students are key attributes of a remarkable teacher.

Give this blog a thorough read, go through the essentials, and be sure to implement them to pursue the career of your dreams. It's now time to apply for jobs and kickstart your rewarding career as a teacher!

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