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How Safe is Australia for International Students?

How Safe Is Australia For International Students?

Students aspire to pursue their higher studies abroad. While it is a dream for most students, it is equally essential to understand the various aspects before taking the leap. Australia is considered to be a good country for international students. The country welcomes international students and offers multiple courses to choose from. But it is essential to know if the place is safe for international students.

Here are a few points to understand if the place is safe for international students, along with a few safety tips for them.

Education in Australia: Is it Safe for International Students?

Australia offers many courses to students who are willing to study there. You can explore the courses offered by the universities and apply for the right one. The country offers Bachelor’s, Masters and Doctoral degrees to students willing to study there. So, if you feel you are eligible for a seat in an Australian university, submit an application.

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A burning question among individuals is whether the country is safe for them. Every year, the country hosts several international students. But that is not enough to clear your doubts about safety. To answer the question, you need to dig deep into the various things in the country. Overall, Australia is regarded as a relatively safe country for international students. You can move around without being tensed about anything. Here’s a look into the various aspects that make the place a safe one for international students:

  • Transport

Public transport is a major concern for international students. However, you can be assured that public transport is safe and reliable. You can commute to any place without being afraid. The security officers and guards are always on their toes to maintain safety. So, you need not worry about safety when it comes to transport.

  • On-campus

If you have got admission to any Australian university, you can be assured of proper safety within the campus. The institutions offer proper bus and shuttle services to students for smooth communication. Also, the campuses are guarded by security guards to ensure proper safety. Hence, there is no need to worry about safety within the campus.

  • Outdoors

Going out alone in a foreign land is not wise. But if you are in Australia, you can be assured of being safe. The parks and public places are well guarded and have enough security to keep things within limits. If you are going out alone, you can keep your GPS on so that your friends or neighbours can track you in case of any emergency.

  • Online

International students are mostly dependent on the internet. You will need to connect with your parents or friends, pay your rent, or visit several websites to gather information. Australia is one of the top countries to identify online crimes and have taken the initiative to limit the same. So, if you are browsing websites in Australia, you can be assured of doing so safely.

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If you look at various aspects, you will find Australia to be one of the safest places for international students. But it is essential to keep things in control and follow some safety tips. So, here are some safety tips that you must follow in Australia to avoid any difficult situations.

Safety Tips for International Students in Australia

Despite being a safe country, international students in Australia must understand the importance of following some safety protocols. You need to understand the significance of the same and follow all of them properly. The following are a few safety tips for international students in Australia.

  • Know what to do in an emergency

You need to know the numbers that can get you out of critical problems. You must keep 000 on speed dial in Australia. This is a universal number for police, ambulance and fire services. Once you dial the number and state your concern, the operator will connect you with the right people. Students can check online to gain an insight into the promptness and understand the significance of keeping the same on speed dial.

  • Use security services in the university

You can never expect all your classmates to be like you. It is essential to be safe and away from people you feel might harm you. Every university campus has security personnel. Ensure to keep the number handy. Call them if you feel unsafe or witness any incident. You can check the student’s portal assigned by the university and get the necessary contact details.

  • Take extra precautions outdoors

It is not wrong to go for a visit to nearby places. But it is essential to be safe while travelling alone. You need to be extra cautious with the same. It is wise to visit places with proper security. Australia is famous for its beautiful natural landscapes. So, going around is a must for international students. Keep your phone handy. Travel with your GPS on. The current technology will help your near ones find you in case of any emergency.

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  • Be cautious on the streets

International students often fall prey to thieves and risk losing their belongings. Australia is a safe place for international students. But you cannot ignore the chance of getting robbed. You need to be careful with your surroundings every time you are on the streets. It is essential to keep an eye on your belongings and ensure that they are safe and secured. Try not to go out alone at night. You will never know whom to trust if you are new to the country.

  • Stay connected with your friends

When you travel alone, make sure to stay connected with your friends. You should not visit any isolated place all alone. Technology can help you stay connected with your friends throughout your travel. Even when you stay in a university hostel, ensure to make the right friends and stay connected with them. It will help you sail through the course easily. Understand the significance and use the correct technology to stay connected.

Pursuing higher studies in Australia is a dream for many students. You need to know the universities' names, apply for the course you want to pursue, and ensure to use your study allowance wisely. Ensure to learn the correct ways to stay safe in the country and follow the safety tips mentioned above. It will help you make your stay enjoyable. So, don’t worry about your safety in Australia. Be cautious and follow the correct safety protocols.

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