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Considerations For Hiring College Essay Consultants In Australia

A good essay must have this permanent quality about it; it must draw its curtain around us, but it must be a curtain that shuts us in, not out”

- Virginia Woolf

Widely considered one of the finest essayists, Virginia Woolf has profoundly stated what mesmerizing effect a well-composed essay can cast on the human mind. You don't need to be modern-day Virginia Woolf to write a paramount admission essay, finding an expert consultant will be enough to get past the selection procedure of any prestigious university.

Be it an analytical one or a narrative essay, you need to start writing an essay right from the moment you apply for admission to a college or university. You might be wondering how a one-page essay can give someone a tough time. Are you assuming that writing just a page will be child's play for you? Then let us put a pin in that bubble, it will never be easy for you until you know the details and intricacies of writing the various genres of essays.

Kelly Anderson still recalls her freshman year in college when she spent three consecutive all-nighters just to deal with a tough essay. It felt like living a nightmare; I couldn't wait to get over it, she remarks. Not only Kelly, but more than 50% of students don't have any idea about how to start writing a tough essay assignment

So while you are on the verge of starting college, be mentally prepared to spend long, frustrating hours in the library. Yes, you can rely on gallons of coffee to keep you awake as you keep rejecting the slant for your essay. 

What is the first issue that you face while writing a college essay?

Many times a task can be so overwhelming that it becomes too complicated to even begin with, says Amber Regis, lecturer of 19th Century literature at the University of Sheffield. Depending on the level of complexity you might face denial just even to start writing a tough assignment. Procrastination can backfire anytime. Your laziness takes over and just can't seem to get anything done. When the bare white page stares back at you untouched even after struggling with the essay for days, you start to panic. Try to be calm and work out a plan, by thinking of a plan you will be able to save a lot of time. So don’t put it off, just get started.

Some pitfalls that you need to avoid in your bid to come up with the best admission essay

As you have finally set down to write your admission essay, it’s time you get a short overview of the hurdles that you can expect in your way of writing the admission essay.

  • Ditching Brevity

When it comes to making the first impression, you need to learn how to play with words. Want to make a strong first move? Embrace every rule of brevity. Try to say more by writing less. Now how to do that?

  1. Stick to your point, and don't get too much into backstories
  2. Avoid using unnecessary words
  3. Choose your words wisely
  4. Don't run after word count, think about what value your essay may add to your application
  5. Don’t use passive voice
  6. Try to maintain a balance between brevity and clarity
  7. Be ruthless while editing
  • Submitting without proofreading

Just using the spell check isn't enough. Yes, you can use specific advanced grammar and spelling checking tools to rectify apparent errors, but thorough manual checking is mandatory. To make your essay entirely admission-ready, you need to proofread the essay. Even if you are confident about your composition and know it is a well-done one, still make sure you keep some time aside to proofread your essay before submission

  • Waiting until it is the last minute

Procrastination is the worst habit that you can pick up as a student. Many times when you start working on your essay at the last moment, anxiety creeps into your mind, and you miss the important point to include which naturally reduces the quality of your essay. According to Amy Jarich, Assistance Vice Chancellor and Director of undergraduate admissions at the University of California, students should never wait until the last date of submission to submit their application. Sometimes things get lost in cyberspace. And due to last-minute submission rush, servers may fail. So students are advised to try to submit their application a few days before the final submission date. 

Why do you need to consider hiring an essay writing consultation service?

As the college admission process is becoming increasingly tough in Australia, many students are turning towards hiring essay consulting services. The number of applicants is rising with every passing year and every year, more students are turning towards hiring essay writing help consultancy. Any reliable and reputed essay writing consultancy can serve as the lifeline in navigating the stressful process of preparing a persuasive admission essay. Katherine Cohen, CEO, and founder of Ivy Wise (college admission consultation) points out that the counselor-to-student ratio is 434 to 1, which leaves most students in the dark about how to write an appropriate admission essay for different colleges.

So when different colleges want to see different things in your essay, then the situation becomes harder for you. You start feeling that you need to get aid with writing essays from reliable essayists or expert essay writers. Your parent may think this is a hogwash idea, but you know without getting help from an expert, writing the best essay is never possible for you.

It is time to sniff out the best person for the job!

You will get plenty of admission essay writers (individuals or service providers, both) online in Australia but will get very few consultation services. Now if you are working on your admission essay, hiring any random writing service will not do the trick, you need to be associated with only those who are genuinely knowledgeable. Consultants are not solely responsible for offering writing guidance, but also for identifying your learning abilities and weaknesses so that he or they can help you with choosing the exact topic and writing style.

The main difference between a consultation service and a writing service is, consultation services not only concentrate on providing you with complete guidance about how to write your admission essay but also offer you advice on which topic to proceed with, which style and form of writing an essay are preferred by any specific university. Here you will get a thorough idea of how to make the perfect selection when it comes to choosing an essay writing consulting service.

  1. Look for Recommendation

Checking reviews online is never sufficient especially when many fraud companies have started hiring reviewers to write counterfeit reviews. So if you are up for hiring a consultation service, make sure you are going after the recommendation of people. Now who can help you with choosing consultation services, this person can be anyone from your friend who lives in the same block to any random guy in a library. Try to get some ideas from any senior-year students or any other fellow students who too are trying to get into colleges.

  1. Check the educational qualification of a consultant/ consultation service

When you are choosing a writing consultancy, especially for your college admission essay, you need to be sure of selecting an individual or facility that has years of experience and education qualifications. While hiring services, make sure that you are choosing certain service providers who are associated with professional essayists and other professionals.

  1. Check which services the consulting agency is offering

Don't always go for a writing service; if a consulting service is providing other services then it is a good idea to check all the available services. Probably you are in dire need of editing assistance or not able to choose a topic, so in situations like this going for writing facilities won't be enough

  1. Try to pick someone who communicates

While looking for consultants, make sure you are choosing someone or some agency that is always there whenever you need to talk to them. If you are selecting an individual, always go for those who personally counsel you and when you are choosing an agency, try to hire only those whose customer care team is online 24*7.

  1. Hire those who offer consultancy and writing service

While hiring a consultancy service, you must always prefer those who are providing writing along with consultancy assistance. The most reliable services provide writing assistance along with consultancy services. By getting associated with these agencies, you don't need to again search for a writing agency. So then later on if you get stuck with writing the essay, you can take assistance with composing the essay as well.

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