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A Guide for Australian Employers

International Students: A Guide For Australian Employers

Australia has so much to offer than island hops in the Whitsundays or a luxury train ride across the region. It offers amazing employment opportunities for both native and international students. In fact, the unemployment rate in Australia is 4.2%, whereas the employment rate increased to 63.4% in January 2022. Almost 396,100 job vacancies were available from August 2021.

International students provide Australia with unparalleled opportunities for growth. Yes, you read that right. Australian firms enhance their cultural diversity by hiring international students from different parts of the world. Australian businesses get to enhance their understanding of the social etiquette and business, communication styles, languages, and cultural nuances of different regions.

Read on to find out more. Job Opportunities For International Students In Australia

There are ample opportunities for international students in Australia. Here is a guide for you to make the most of the opportunities without wasting time.

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    Employment Opportunities For International Students In Australia

    Seeking employment or experience opportunities as an international student in Australia is tricky. It’s tricky because the process can be both easy and hard. It can be hard if you start the job hunt without researching the market. It is equally easy if you know what your employers expect to prepare accordingly.

    How To Boost Employability Chances in Australia for International Students?

    1. Identify The Expectations Of Your Employers

    Employers in Australia look for candidates who:

    • Have the required technical skills to undertake the advertised job roles
    • Meet all eligibility requirements, including VISA, GPA scores, degrees, and attributes
    • Show potential in working under different senior roles

    Recruiters look for the following aspects to determine your worth:

    • Confidence as an individual and in your skills
    • Recognition of the skills of others
    • Communication skills
    • Well-developed interpersonal skills
    • A sound understanding of the industry's needs
    • A genuine interest in the job role applied for
    • Graduate professional skills like critical analysis, problem-solving, and time management
    • Positive attitude, motivation, and mature work ethics

    Your resume is the first thing your employers notice about you. Keep the points mentioned above in mind while crafting the resume.

    1. Familiarise With The Australian Work Culture

    In Australia, employers expect you to do your homework before applying for a job. You need to observe the company culture to fit into the team hassle-free.

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    Common characteristics of Australian workplace staff:

    • Australian workplace is based on an equality-based society. Superiors are easily accessible. It is easier to share information with staff of all levels.
    • Colleagues and supervisors prefer upfront communication. You have to be proactive and assertive no matter what the situation is.
    • Employers also expect you to be self-reliant, display initiative, and work independently. Promotions and even hiring are based on what you have done or are able to do.
    • You need to maintain a work-life balance. Take your time to enjoy personal pursuits.

    Plenty of international students return to Australia to make the most of amazing career opportunities. It is better to familiarise yourself with the workplace culture out there so that you don’t feel out of place.

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    1. Boost Employability In Australia

    By now, you must have an idea about the expectations of Australian employers. Now let’s see how to boost your employability chances there.

    • Proficiency in English language skills

    Employers gauge your English language skills through the:

    • Interviews
    • Networking events like career fairs
    • Your cover letter and resume
    • Your understanding of the job application
    • Skill audit

    Take a look at the skills and experiences required for the job. Now conduct a skills audit to understand how to meet the criteria or improve the skills.

    • Skill development

    You must have at least the basic skills, if not all of them, before applying for the job. You can acquire the required skills through:

    • Casual employment where you speak English, develop your interpersonal skills and language, initiative, and teamwork. You learn to be a responsible and trustworthy employee.
    • Participation in a wide range of volunteering opportunities where you hone the skills you need to get the job
    • The right workshops

    It is crucial to participate in the Job Hunt, Networking, Resume and Interview Skills workshops to boost employability in Australia. You can also discuss a resume review, mock interview, or career inquiry at the workshops.

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    Wrapping Up,

    Check if you are eligible to work with the Department of Immigration and Citizenship in Australia before you apply for the job. Also, understand Australian tax systems to avoid unnecessary penalties. Improve your English communication skills to interact with employees and employers efficiently. You can also get local work experience to get an idea about Australian culture and workplace expectations.

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