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Become a Teacher in Australia

How To Become A Teacher In Australia?

Teaching is considered to be one of the noblest and most rewarding careers. However, it is not always easy to look for job opportunities and apply. This is because there are so many factors to be before you want to work as a teacher in Australia. However, regardless of your passion, if you feel drawn towards the education industry's diverse career prospects and are enthusiastic about inspiring young minds in Australia, then becoming a teacher is a wise choice.

Australia is one of the best providers of education globally, and becoming a part of this industry can be a dream come true. However, there are minimum degree requirements, certifications, and licensing required before you can think of stepping into the class. Moreover, you need to be prepared to handle a variety of students and sometimes even address questions like, "How can I write my assignment?" Finally, you need to ask yourself if becoming a teacher is suitable for you.

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Tips to Become a Teacher in Australia 

If you struggle to land your next big teaching gig in Australia, then here is a comprehensive guide that provides a step-by-step breakdown of everything you need to do. Read on to gain valuable insights and take your first step towards the education industry.

  1. Assess Your Teaching Interests

Before you randomly start looking for teaching programs and applying, you must determine your teaching preferences. All you require to do is ask yourself questions. Why do you want to become a teacher? Are you patient? Do you like inspiring and influencing young learners? When you are able to answer all these questions, you will be able to identify your preferred subject matter, grade level, any particular type of students you would like to teach, etc. being aware of all this information will shape your teaching path and will also allow you to know what kind of organizations to join. Here are some ways by which you can assess your teaching interests.

  • Figure out if you have social interests and if you like to promote personal development and learning and love to assist others.
  • Assess your artistic interests if you like work activities that involve creative patterns, designs, and forms.
  • Determine if you are creative and innovative and can think out of the box to develop unique and fresh ideas every time.

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  1. Identify The Required Duration

Once you have assessed your interests, you need to understand how much time it will take to become a teacher in Australia. For example, it might take you a total of 6 years to become a teacher in Australia. This includes both graduate and undergraduate teaching degrees. Moreover, you might also require 1-2 years of on-site classroom teaching experience. Therefore, regardless of your decision to become a kindergarten, primary or secondary teacher, you need to have a graduate degree which might take up to 4 years. Additionally, you will need to apply for teaching accreditation once you have completed your degree. Here are ways by which you can determine the duration.

  • Look for teaching programs and determine how much time you will take to complete them.
  • Assess if you want to have a certification or diploma in teaching and figure out your time accordingly.
  • Take a note of the peak hiring seasons and create a framework to complete your training before that.
  1. Explore Degree Options

Now that you know your professional goals and how long it will take to become a teacher, you now need to make a well-informed decision concerning your training options. This will allow you to figure out your degree options and enable you to decide the major you want to focus on. If you pursue the wrong option, it will not essentially stop you from becoming a teacher, but it might divert you from your core interest areas and end up disliking the job. Here are some of the teaching degree options for you to consider.

  • Bachelor’s, Mater’s, and Ph.D. In Education And Teaching is a standard degree that will allow you to teach both primary and secondary levels.
  • Degrees in Early Child Education and Elementary Education will allow you to teach Kindergarten and preschool levels.
  • Degrees in Physical Education allow you to be a sports teacher, and a degree in Special Education will enable you to consider students with special needs.

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  1. Determine Your Model Of Teaching

Since education is seeing a new development every day, you need to determine the mode through which you want to teach. There are so many pathways open to learning these days, and if you're going to become a teacher in Australia, you need to consider the various learning ways. The two major decisions you need to make before you start teaching are the pace of the students and the method of content delivery. Since every student has a different learning capability, you will need to align your methods to cater to all your student's needs. Moreover, you should be prompt in answering questions like, "How can I edit my essay flawlessly? Here are some standard teaching modes.

  • Online teaching provides flexibility and convenience.
  • Offline teaching requires mire dedication and allows to interact with students physically.
  • Part-time allows you to choose your working hours and work at your own convenience.
  • The full-time option is for the ones who are enthusiastic and passionate about teaching.
  1. Grab Your Teaching Licence

Apart from a few private schools, all the schools in Australia require valid teaching certifications. So once you have decoded your program, you can then enroll yourself into the suitable course of your choice and grab your license. Gaining your certificate is not complicated. However, you must be aware of the rules and regulations of the Australian education industry. Moreover, once you have achieved your license, you need to register yourself with the State Teacher Registration Authority to find an organization as per your qualification. Here are the primary component of getting a teaching license.

  • Get a license in your state, as every state has its own requirements for its teachers.
  • Get license reciprocity that will allow you to teach in a different state with the same teaching license.
  1. Understand The Major Duties

Before you are determined to become a teacher, you need to understand the roles and responsibilities. Every teaching division has a different requirement and set of duties that you need to be well-aware of. The critical aspects of being a teacher involve keeping track of students and reporting a child's growth and personal development while interacting with their parents. Some of the significant duties of a teacher are as follows.

  • Creating various lesson plans and programs to cater to multiple learners and learning styles.
  • Follow curriculum guidelines and assist other teachers with teaching, reporting, and lesson preparation.
  • Evaluate a student and carry out special administrative duties as required to collaborate with other staff members and facilitate a healthy learning environment.
  1. Apply For A Suitable Job

Once you have fulfilled all the prerequisites, it is time for you to out all your credentials to use. Look for relevant jobs that will align with your subject matter and also look for the area or state you would like to work in Australia. Do your research to finalize your workspace, and don't be intimidated to find a job in a hurry. Follow these simple tips to land a relevant job.

  • Find good references and while answering interview questions, keep your answers school-oriented.
  • Learn about the organization before applying and network with qualified individuals.
  • Consider working as an assistant before being a full-time teacher.

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