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BIZ104 Customer Experience Management course delivers important information on how to improve and enhance the core business application and knowledge with several marketing principles and customer experience management strategies, using an eye for industry trends, responsibilities, preferences needs, and opportunities. The students, after undertaking this course on BIZ104 customer experience management, would-be graduate job-ready with a strong body of customer experience management knowledge and marketing ability as well.

The individuals undertaking this course unit on BIZ104 customer experience management are capable of offering higher customer lifetime value to the organizations, which in turn would assist the organization in attracting new customers and make sure that the number of customers is linked with the organization increases.

Therefore, the skills and knowledge offered to the students during the unit course on BIZ104 customer experience management from Torrens University assist an organization in establishing positive brand equity and preventing negative reviews in the long run as a whole.

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Unit Details Of BIZ104 Customer Experience Management

Unit details of this course include the following: 

Unit code: BIZ104

Location: Torrens University, Sydney

Study level: Bachelor of Business (marketing)

This unit course on BIZ104 customer experience management also describes the knowledge and skills needed to develop effective standards for the organization in order to handle the changing range of working environments. This course also allows students to enhance their overall skills, knowledge and accordingly implement those in accordance with the standards of the organizational practices and programs.

BIZ104 assessment answers also give a better and proper understanding of the relevance of customers and their associated experiences to the students and make them better as professionals.

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Brief On BIZ104 Customer Experience Management

This unit module on BIZ104 customer experience management is helpful in mapping the current experience and journey maps for each of the customer profiles that would show the experience of the customers before, during, and after the service or product experience.

The unit would also allow students to identify the competitors by comparing different competitors on the basis of any three customer experience problems as highlighted from the generative research outcomes. However, students are expected to conduct as much field and desktop research as possible into the inner workings of the chosen organization, its associated industry, and the targeted customers as well.

Students are also responsible for using their collected information in order to complete customer personas and journey maps. The course also makes sure that the students after taking this course are able to use their skills to enhance the experiences of the customers using a range of packages. These skills and knowledge could be used by the individuals or the students to implement continuous and consistent standards of customer experience management within an organization. 

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Weightage Of This BIZ104 Course In Their Semester

Customer experience can be considered as the perception of an organization’s experience in the eyes of the customer. This course module on BIZ104 customer experience management is designed for the students to apply their skills and knowledge and understanding of the main concepts that shape the experience of the customers. students are also required to conceptualize customers interacting with a product or service across several touchpoints such as in-store, website, mobile, social media, and email and will then analyze and communicate how their chosen organization will handle customer experiences towards attaining loyalty of the customers.

After successful completion of this course unit on BIZ104 customer experience management, students will be able to compare and contrast the merging concepts as well as practices that shape the overall experiences of the customers. After pursuing this course unit on BIZ104 customer experience management, students could develop and communicate the customer experience strategy and analyze or apply tools and frameworks to evaluate and monitor the customer experience strategy as a whole.

Students will also enable to demonstrate their understanding and application of customer experience concepts on required issues and practices encountered by the organization and showcase their presentation skills by recommending effective solutions that are capable of addressing the encountered issues and helping the organization stay relevant in the long run.

Having a proper understanding of customer relationship management would allow and assist students in handling all the relationships within the organization with customers and potential customers. This information could be assessed by the organization to assist several representatives and provide effective, better, and faster services to the customers.

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