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116311 Strategic Communication course is associated with the university for the semester which will be delivering the topic of strategic communication. Before starting with the unit course, it is important for the students to get a brief idea about the unit course and the topic which is going to be taught from the university side. In this way the students will be getting detailed information about the unit course, the brief of the assessment based on which evaluation will be done, and the details about the units that are going to be included in the entire learning process. 

The unit comprises the topic of strategic communication which is one of the most vital components for any kind of a small or large size of the organization. The term strategic communication refers to the kind of establishment of communication in a very strategic way. This strategic communication can be applied very systemically with proper consistency in order for the organization to achieve goals and objectives for the future scope of the organization.

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These communicational techniques are very useful to learn as it opens the vast scope to maintain communication in a virtual way for any kind of project or industry with very good and efficient strategic planning. Proper strategic communication requires the proper learning about all kinds of principles, persuasion, having the ability to use or rather can be said as perform various tasks on different kinds of platforms or media platforms, the ability to adapt all the messages from different audiences bases, and to be able to evaluate the communicational events.

There are four kinds of components present in strategic communication which helps in making proper and effective strategies. These four components are such as: identifying the target audience to whom the communication is needed to be established, determining the goals and objective to identify why the communication is necessary, developing the key messages which are needed to be transmitted to the target audiences, and lastly developing the tactical plan which will be helpful for the determination of why and what is needed to communicate and what the process will be to make it effective and beneficial.        

The application of strategic communication can be considered as a most important part of an organization that ensures the success and the better future scope of the company. Every company has its planning to represent itself on global platforms. In order to make it happen, it is necessary for the companies to establish good communication by the development of very effective strategies. Strategic communication is beneficial in building up the relationship with both the internal and the external stakeholders of the organization.

Unit Details Of 116311 Strategic Communication

Unit details of this course include the following:

Unit code: 116311

Location: Australia

Study level: Vocational and further education (TAFE)

The unit describes the theories and the models that are very helpful in understanding the topic and its importance in the organization in the real world. The unit also provides enough scope to perform the analysis of the case studies based on the topic. In this way, the students will be getting the opportunities to gather deep knowledge about the topic. The unit requires the students to have a basic knowledge about communication and managerial studies for better experiences of the learning units. As for the documentation, every student must meet the standard of the university's documentation process which will be counted for the evaluation at the end of the course.

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Brief On 116311 Strategic Communication

The assessment will be designed under a certain set of parameters which will be following every rule and regulation that are necessary for the competition of the unit course. As for the time period, it will be expected to be completed within 15 weeks which has been set by the university while designing the unit course. After the completion of the course, the students will be expected to deliver and demonstrate each of the theories and models as well as the frameworks that are included in the topic. 11631 assessment answers will be segregated into the theoretical process and practical process which will be giving a vast opportunity to discuss the learning unit among the peers for a better understanding of the topic.    

The unit course will be helpful for the students to learn about the dynamics of the target customer behavior, effective marketing strategies, and trends or shifts in the global culture. They will be able to engage themselves in the critical thinking and decision-making process for the process of achieving goals and objectives for future scopes.     

Weightage Of The 116311 Course Code In Their semester

The main weightage of the course unit 116311 Strategic Communication is about 15 credit points for the semester. 20% of the total credit points will be allotted for the theoretical studies, 30% of the total points will be marked for the practical sessions which will include, cases study analysis in group work, group discussion, and critical thinking sessions for the application of theories and models. The remaining part of the credit points will be allotted for the written examination which will be conducted after the compilation of the entire unit. Apart from those, the students will be evaluated based on their performances, attentiveness, and participation in the learning units.   

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