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The specific learning outcomes actually provide a description regarding what the successful students shall be able to do when the above-said module or the coursework is completed or concluded. They can be said to be the foundation in relation to the assessments, the activities, as well as the lesson plans.

Writing the learning objectives can be said to be one of the most difficult and challenging parts of the instructional design due to the fact that this is where any person actually begins to put into the words what the entire course or module shall be able to accomplish, what the learners shall be able to do, as well as what the success shall actually look like. The location in relation to the above-said module or coursework can be said to be Australian Catholic University. The study level in relation to the above-stated coursework or module can be said to be graduate level. The unit code in relation to the above said coursework or module can be said to be 11635 assessment answers.

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Unit Details of 11635 Smart Ideas  

Unit details of this course include the following:

Unit Code:- 11635

Location:- Australia

Study Level:- Undergraduate

Briefs on 11635 Smart Ideas  

The specific learning outcomes should be objective as well as measurable. To state it in a simpler manner, it can be said that the learning outcomes in relation to the above-stated module to coursework actually consists of 3 components, which include the performance, the condition, as well as the criterion for success.

  • The Performance: What should the specific learner or the student have the ability to actually do? How may one recognize or identify that the learning has happened? This can be said to be in the specific objective.
  • Condition: Under what specific conditions does a person wishes the learner to have the ability to perform? What specific resources will such individuals actually need?
  • Criterion: How well should the learner or the student perform? What can be said to be the standard in relation to the "acceptable performance"?

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Put together, one would possess a specific learning objective that actually looks something like this: "Students will be able to do something using specific knowledge, skills, or resource."

  • The students shall gain the ability to make an application of the content from the readings, the lectures, as well as the discussions in order to evaluate the conception or notion relating to the "successful training" from the standpoints or viewpoints of the trainer, the learner, as well as the employer.
  • The students shall gain the ability to provide an explanation regarding the theories relating to the design as well as make an application of them in order to create usable as well as aesthetically pleasing online documents and print.
  • The students shall gain the ability to critique the specific design relating to the existing documents through the utilization of the best practices in relation to the typography, the graphics, the tables, the color, as well as the information architecture.
  • The students shall gain the ability to create professional documents through the analysis of the rhetorical circumstance of the audience, the purpose, as well as the context; selecting the appropriate and suitable format, the style, the content for that specific circumstance; as well as through the utilization of the standards relating to the spelling, the grammar, as well as the punctuation.

The Taxonomy by Bloom can be said to be the most well-known collection of the verbs that actually provide a description regarding the learning. It should be noted that the taxonomy is actually arranged in any hierarchy that actually suggests the increasingly sophisticated degrees of knowledge as well as ability. The "Taxonomy Rose" by Bloom on any sight might be helpful in order to put the ideas for the assessments into words as well as for the determination of the level of the complexity or intricacy that is right for the students and the learners.

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Weightage of the 11635 Course Code in this Semester

The weightage of this course in the semester is 100 percent.

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