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101976 Assignment answers course units involve the study of the text from some specific periods such as the modernist, the post-World War 2, and the Victorian. In this course, the students will be engaged with the work of the key writers from all the eras as a way of interrogating the political, cultural, and social preoccupations of the specific periods in literary history. Indy schools that students will be able to examine various vital traditions, which have arisen in response to the work of the writers. This course is associated with Western Sydney University.

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Unit Details

Location: - Australia

Study level: - Undergraduate

Unit code: - 101976

Brief of 101976 English Literatures After 1830 Assignment

101976 Assessment Answers will consist of four key essay tasks, which will be conducted in this course. All the essays should be submitted even if they are marked at zero.  They should include the pass in one competitive essay and one close reading. However, if the students reach 40 thresholds but have failed to submit all the essays, their final grade will have FF which means forced fail. If the students do not obtain at least 40 in this course, they cannot pass this course.  In the first semester, there will be 4 essays.

Learning Outcomes

  • After successful completion of this course, the students will be able to read and understand the range of literature and text confidently from various cultures as well as historical moments that will also include Australian indigenous literature.  
  • The students will also be able to build reading skills closely for developing the understanding of the literary terminology which will be specific to the discipline of literary studies.
  • They will also be able to undertake the basic research as well as applied the result that will return and cogent argument which will engage in the scholarly debate regarding the range, power, and effects of the literary text. 
  • The students will also be able to use various technologies relevant to the learning environment of the University.
  • They will also be able to work with others in the exploration of various ideas as well as negotiate solutions collaboratively to the problems faced by them.

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Graduate Attributes

The schools will provide the students with the opportunity for developing The Graduate attributes as mentioned below:

Attribute 1: Intellectual breadth and deep discipline knowledge:  the graduates will be able to have a comprehensive understanding and knowledge regarding the subject area. They will also have the ability to be engaged with various traditions of thought as well as they will have the ability for applying their knowledge in the practice including the multi-professional and multidisciplinary context.

Attribute 2: Critical thinking, Problem Solving, and Creative thinking: The graduates will be effective problem solvers, evidence-based thinkers, and creative thinking for conceiving the innovative response as well as will be able to apply the critical thinking skills to future challenges. 

Attribute 3: Communication and Teamwork skills: The graduates will be able to convey their information and ideas effectively to a range of audiences for various purposes and will also contribute in a collaborative and positive manner for achieving their common goals.

Attribute 4: Leadership and professionalism readiness: The graduates after this course will be engaged in professional behavior and will have the potential for becoming entrepreneurial as well as take the leadership roles individuals and communities, careers,s or occupations.

Attribute 5: Ethical and Intercultural competency: The graduates after this course, will be responsible as well as effective global citizens whose personal values and practices will be consistent with the roles and responsibilities as they will be the responsible members of the society.

Attribute 6: Cultural competency: After completion of this course, the graduates will be able to have an understanding of cultural competency and knowledge.

Attribute 7: Digital abilities: The graduates will be well prepared for living, working, and learning in the Digital Society.

Attribute 8: Emotional Intelligence and Self-Awareness: The graduates after this course will be able to be self-aware as well as reflective where they will be flexible and resilient.  The graduates will also have the ability to accept as well as give constructive feedback where they will also act with Integrity and take responsibility for their actions too.

Teaching and Learning Method

Lectures in the course will introduce the set text as well as key concepts in the relation of literary studies that will also include the literary form, languages, narrative point of view, and the context of literary production. The seminars and lectures in this course will introduce approaches to textual analysis, formal written expression, essay composition, and library research. The seminars will provide the opportunity for a detailed discussion of the set text.  The students will also be able to perform the literary problem-solving exercises, quizzes, library research tasks, in-class activities every week, and the oral presentation based on the group discussion. The tutorial activities in this course will support the skills that the students will for fulfilling the summative assessment tasks in the course, where there will be short researched essays, close reading assignments,s, and written examinations. There will be 1 hour of 1 seminar every week, 2 hours of 1 seminar every week, 6 hours of reading every week, w hours of research every week, 2 hours of assignment preparation work every week. The total workload of this course study will be 156 hours every semester.

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Weightage of 101976 English Literatures After 1830 Assignment in Their Semester

101976 Task Solution One of which will be a close reading essay which would be 1000 words and this will weigh 20% of the total marks.  The second will be a comparative essay which will be of 2000 words and this will weigh 30% of the total marks. In semester 2, there will be essay 3 and essay 4. Essay 3 will be a close reading essay, which will be 1000 words and will weightage 20% of the marks and last will be a comparative essay, which will be 2000 words and this will weightage 30% of the marks.

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