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The course code of PROJ6001 Project Integration Management is regarded as the coordination of all project elements. Collaborating activities, infrastructure, stakeholders, and any other elements of a project, as well as handling disagreement between several aspects of a project, making business between competitive requests, and assessing resources, fall under this category. A critical component of project integration management is evaluating the circumstances and making an informed decision. Projects are not handled in solitude with integrated project management. It considers not only how various facets of ones project connect to one another, but also how other portions of the organisation connect to ones project.

However, for the Laureate International Universities, this course code is associated. Project management is a broad field; one can handle projects in business, technology, development, and other areas. These initiatives could be domestic, regional, or worldwide in nature. Object supervisors and their workgroups work in a variety of businesses and with coworkers of varying skill levels (IT, construction).  Technicians in project management are in high demand both locally and internationally. The programmes of this college trains students to work as project management technicians. These are the skilled workers who aid in the project management process. In the building projects, for instance, they can assist in the creation of a quote, try to emulate up with different engineers engaged in the project, guarantee the appropriate preparation of the records required to implement the task on a specific day, and so on. They can guarantee the execution of a project for which an organisation has received funding, adherence to rules that encompass it, performance assessment, and so on in local organizations. Project management technicians in the corporate world will prepare the required paperwork, introduce innovative services, guarantee compliance with the project's regulations, and so on. In short, project management technicians assist in the organisation of the projects in question.

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Unit Details

Unit details of this course include the following:

Unit details of PROJ6001- Project Integration Management course is discussed below:

  • Unversity: Laureate International Universities
  • Study level:Undergraduate
  • Unit code: PROJ6001
  • Location: Australia

PROJ6001Project Integration Management is a course which is related to the Project Integration Management. Project integration management is regarded as a project management body of knowledge area that enables teams to collaborate more effectively. Integration management incorporates together different procedures, systems, and techniques to put together a coherent strategy. Trade-offs must be developed in order to achieve this. When deciding when and where these exchange will be created, project objectives must be the guiding star, and purchase from the entire project team and all stakeholders is required. Everybody will not get their desired outcome, but the project will be accomplished on schedule and within budget. Before someone can implement integration management procedures, they should first know the existing systems, procedures, and methodologies used by each group on the project. As a project progresses, there are six primary integration management steps and milestones with associated deliverables:

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  • The project charter;
  • Statement of Scope;
  • Project management strategy;
  • Direct and handle project work;
  • Implement integrated change management; and
  • Project or phase completion;

Project management technicians often deliver project management assistance. They are tasked with particular tasks. Their activities may be more organisational, especially in the construction field, encompassing consumer service, requiring the preparation of documents, requiring follow-up, strictly adherence with the overarching framework, implying a follow-up of the project Task implementation is a component of the project management life cycle. Project management technicians can be discovered in a variety of financial industry. They can be discovered in building projects, information technology, business management, or civic organizations.

Weightage Of The Course:

The Weightage of this PROJ6001 Project Integration Management  Course Code in the College National de science and technology of Canada are as follows:




Graded Discussions


Final Term






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