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The course PROJ6009 Business Process Management and Systems is conducted at the which is located in the United States and the course is mainly focussed on introducing the students to the basics of management and how different elements of a project can be managed which is assigned to the organization. This course is a master's level course and the students are given both an overview and in-depth knowledge of the process by which process management and system management is carried out. It will also go on to elaborate on the ways in which various elements of management of the project contribute to the project cycle and act as a determiner to the success or failure of the project and the organization in general. This course talks about the putting together of project management and also the integration of project management.

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This course elaborately talks about the process by which any project is formulated and the role that is expected to be played by the project manager for the given project. This course will then elaborately talk about the internal elements which is part of the organization which greatly influences the decision that is made pertaining to the system which is to be used or the ways of management of a project. It will also talk about the changes that might be proposed with respect to an existing project or system in order to either improve the life cycle of a project or to improve the quality of the project that is provided to the final customer. The system that is prevalent in the company is also brought under critical scrutiny within this course and the students are expected to analyze every detail of the project and formulate a conclusion based on how the management of the project is done appropriately or inappropriately.

Unit Details Of  PROJ6009 Business Process Management 

Unit details of this course include the following:
Unit code: - PROJ6009

Location: - United States.

Unversity : Laureate International Universities

Study level: - Postgraduate Level.

Brief On PROJ6009 Business Process Management Assessment:

The assessment in this case would be mainly divided into two sections where the first section would be based on only analyzing the understanding of the students with respect to different concepts and frameworks. The second part will evaluate the application capabilities of the student. In other words, the practical understanding of the student will be put to test. Therefore, the first part will firstly consist of a set of reading materials and the students will have to indulge in extensive reading of these frameworks and theories. They will have to have knowledge of the key concepts and terminologies. The second division of the first part would be testing the conceptual understanding of the students for which they will be presented with different case studies.

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In short, they will have to identify the correct frameworks and concepts with respect to the issue presented to them. The second section of the main assessment will evaluate the way in which the students can apply the framework or theories to a number of situations. In this case, they will have to formulate a plan that could help in the management of the project. The students will have to demonstrate the ability to analyze the stakeholders and even their decisions. The students will have to be based their projects on the case study that is provided. They will have to justify all their choices with respect to the framework they choose.  

Weightage Of This PROJ6009 Course Code In The Semester

The course holds importance with respect to this semester. This course helps the students in getting an analytical view which can help them in a number of courses. This course mainly focuses on different concepts with respect to the management and the systems which are common in different organizations. This course introduces the students to a number of issues and how to handle the situations. The different systems are also introduced to the students within this course. The understanding of the management of both project and systems as well the various factors that influence the smooth running of the project opens a number of opportunities for the students. In addition, the students also learn about the management of the project they are assigned to individuals.

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