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Explanation Of  ECON102 Principles Of Macroeconomics System Assignment Course 

ECON102 Principles Of Macroeconomics System Assignment Answer will explore the factors, which will impact the overall performance of economics with the focus on how the public policies can help as well as hinder the achievement of the intended results like increasing trade. ECON102 Principles Of Macroeconomics System Assignment course is associated with the Saylor Academy. ECON102 course will introduce the students about the principles of macroeconomics, which is the study about how the economy of a country works.

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This will also provide the information related to the good, best and better choices to maintaining and improving the societal well-being, level of the economic, and standard of living the people of any nation. The contemporary and the historical perspective on the role of the government policy surround the questions of who loses and gains within the small set of the key interdependent players. All these beneficiaries will include consumers, firm owners, global trading partners, households, savers, government officials, and investors.

Unit details

Location: - USA

Study level: - Under Graduate

Unit code: - ECON102

Brief Of ECON102 Principles Of Macroeconomics System Assessment Answer Course

ECON102 Principles Of Macroeconomics System Assessment Answer will focus on how supply and demand determine the prices in the given market in macroeconomics. The key goals of ECON102 Principles Of Macroeconomics System course are to achieve economic growth, full employment, and price stability. The performance of the macroeconomic relies on the measure of the economic activity like data and variables at the national levels within the particular period of time.

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ECON102 Principles of macroeconomics system course will analyze the aggregate measures like national output, national income, business cycle fluctuations, inflation rates, and unemployment rates. In this ECON102 principles of macroeconomics system Assessment course, the students will be given opportunities to think about the global and national issues that people face by considering the competing views and drawing conclusions from different tools, perspectives, and alternatives.

ECON102 course will include the following units:

Unit 1: Introduction to Economics

Unit 2: Macroeconomics: Inflation, Unemployment and Gross Domestic Product

Unit 3: Aggregate Equilibrium and Economic Growth

Unit 4: Aggregate Demand and Aggregate Supply

Unit 5: Banking, Monetary Policy and Money

Unit 6: International Trade and Finance

Unit 7: Fiscal Policy and the Relationship Between Unemployment and Inflation

Course learning outcomes

After completion of ECON102 principles of macroeconomics system Assessment course successfully, the students will be able to:

  • Describe the determinants of the total outcomes and the ways for measuring the teal and nominal Gross Domestic Product also known as GDP.
  • They will also be able to differentiate between unemployment and full employment and the three types of unemployment.
  • The students after completing ECON102 principles of macroeconomics system course will be able to define inflation as well as explain the ways of computing the general movements in the prices.
  • They will be able to explain the model of the aggregate supply and aggregate demand and the ways which are used for determining the real GDP and equilibrium price level.
  • They will also be able to analyze the government's use of the fiscal policy for stabilizing the economy of the particular country.
  • The students then can define money, the role of money in the economy and the way money is created in the banking system.
  • The students after completion of ECON102 principles of macroeconomics system course will be able to evaluate how the US Federal Reserve uses the monetary policy for influencing the key variables for achieving full employment, price stability and economic growth.
  • The students then can apply the fiscal policy for resolving the economic issues as well as can stimulate economic growth.
  • They will be able to analyze the relationship between unemployment and inflation as well as the attitudes of various institutes and schools of thought towards the active management of the growth of the economy of the specific country.
  • The students can analyze the capital flows as well as their impact on the foreign exchange market along with the aggregate economy.

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All these learning outcomes, which the students will gain after the completion of ECON102 principles of macroeconomics system course will be very helpful in organizing the studies as well as gauging the progress.

Course Materials

The main learning materials of the ECON102 Principles Of Macroeconomics System Assignment course will be lectures, articles, and videos. The course materials of this study will be free to access and the course materials can be found in every unit of this course. The students must pay close attention to all the notes, which will accompany the course materials as the materials will help the students in focusing on every resource and will also help in understanding how the learning materials related to this study will fir into the course. The students can also see the list of the course learning from the website.

ECON102 Principles of macroeconomics system task is the self-paced course that means that the students can decide when they want to start and when they want to finish. No instructor will be there or no assigned schedule will be there to follow. This course will take 60 hours to complete. This is recommended to the students that the students can work through the course at the pace, which will be comfortable for them as well as this course will allow the students to make regular progress. Therefore, this will be good to schedule their own time in advance as well as the students should try their best to be stuck with their schedule.

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What is the Weightage of ECON102 Principles Of Macroeconomics System Task Course Code?

The final exam will be considered while awarding the student the grade for the ECON102 Principles Of Macroeconomics System Task Solution course. For passing this ECON102 principles of macroeconomics system course, the students will need to achieve 70% or more than that on their final exam. The scope of the exam will be calculated as soon as the student will complete this. If any student does not pass the exam on their first attempt, he or she will be able to take the exam again as many times as he or she wants with the 7 days gap between every attempt. Once the students pass the ECON102 exam successfully, they will be awarded the free course completion certification on ECON102 principles of macroeconomics system.

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