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What is MGMT6002 Management Perspectives Assignment Answers Course Code

The objective of the MGMT6002 Management Perspectives Assignment Answers unit is to provide students with detailed knowledge as to how people interact in the organization, considering the factors that play an important role and affect organizational behavior. A variety of topics has been dealt with in this MGMT6002 Management Perspectives course as to how to manage people, deal with conflicts and manage behaviors.

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This MGMT6002 Management Perspectives Assignment Answers course will also be helpful to understand the dynamics of a business environment. The students will also get to know the constraints faced by the managers, and how they overcome barriers so that accordingly the students can also develop their skills. A very brief introduction of the MGMT6002 course will be provided as it will help to understand the overview of the course in a nutshell and based on that students will understand the importance of the course and how to apply it.

The MGMT6002 Management Perspectives Assessment course will help students to come up with case study reports on the organization they have been a part of any organization they are familiar with, so a better understanding of the MGMT6002 course, will also minimize the glitches and smoothen out their professional life. The students will also be given knowledge about various organizational theories and it will also be explained under the course how and when to utilize them.

Apart from this, the unit in the MGMT6002 Management Perspectives course will also be dealing with functions and roles of management in an organization, organizational structure, ethics, diversity, and communication. These will be helpful to the students in solving management issues that will be relevant to the organizations that they will be working with. In this module, the students will be provided with a specific management issue for instance related to organizational structure, communication, and employee morale, the management style of leaders, ethical business practices, organizational diversity, or many other issues that can also be provided and the students will have to choose an organization and apply appropriate management theory to solve the case.

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Various assignments will be given that will help the students justify their points, help students to collect data, analyze and interpret it in order to investigate and implement solutions. This will also enhance their ability to recommend ways to mitigate the issues and improve the management structure in future for better functioning.

The students in this MGMT6002 Management Perspectives Assignment course will get an opportunity to learn about the elements that have the biggest influence on organizational structure and various perspectives and elements associated with it. Organizational Structure and various perspectives associated with this have an impact on everyone in a company, from managing people to understanding group dynamics to managing conflict, initiating change, and determining managerial roles.

Additionally, students in this course will also be able to analyze the roles and functions of the managers and along with that also discuss the challenges and risks they face in contemporary organizations. Along with that MGMT6002 Management Perspectives course will also emphasize on the impact of values, diversity, and ethics and also discuss its role on the culture of any organization. The performance of the managers and their behavior will also be analyzed under this course. MGMT6002 Management Perspectives Assignment Answers course will prove to be helpful for students and will be a stepping stone for a successful career.

Unit Details

Location- Baltimore, Maryland, in the United State

Study Level- Post Graduate

University: Laureate International Universities

Unit Code- MGMT6002

Brief of MGMT6002 Management Perspectives Assessment Answers Course

The MGMT6002 Management Perspectives Assessment task will be designed in a way that will help to reinforce and increase knowledge and the skills of the students along with a set of controlled parameters in regard to the learning outcome and the criteria required for performance. Provisions will also be made so that the knowledge gained can be used for practical application with the help of specially designed tasks so that the outcome is positive, in a stipulated time period and timelines.

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A variety of topics has been dealt in this MGMT6002 Management Perspectives Assessment course managing people to understanding group dynamics to managing conflict, initiating change, management theories, ethics, diversity, organizational structure, behavior, and determining managerial roles. A very brief introduction of the MGMT6002 Management Perspectives course will be provided as it will help to understand the overview of the course in a nutshell and based on that student will understand the importance of the course and how to apply it.

The assessment in the MGMT6002 Management Perspectives course is intended to equip students with a framework for understanding organizational behavior, politics, and business environment dynamics. The assessment is designed to provide students with the knowledge and skills they need to comprehend the constraints that managers and rising leaders confront while formulating strategies to utilize advantages and overcome organizational limits and barriers.

For the purpose of effective assessment, each student will write a case study report on their own company or another company of their choice. Organizational theory, including organizational ethics and ethical practice, will be demonstrated through the case study. A critical examination of the role of ethics and ethical practice relevant to the chosen organization, a discussion of the role and legitimacy of the management function and how it is impacted by politics and the social environment, a critical examination of the role and legitimacy of the management function will also be assessed in students in order to ensure that they have acquired adequate knowledge.

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Real-life situations will be given to students for the purpose of assessment understanding gained by the students where they need to successfully strategize on the steps that may be taken to initiate change and determine the managerial roles. They also have to portray their knowledge as to how they will utilize theories within an organization.

The students should also have to showcase their understanding of the structure of a few organizations that they wish to work for and how they will adapt themselves to the culture of the organization and manage things for example change. Humans are difficult to manage and hence the students will be assessed as to how successfully they can manage change and people. This is how the students will be assessed in the MGMT6002 Management Perspectives course in order to ensure that they are taking maximum knowledge from the course provided to them.

Weightage Of MGMT6002 Management Perspectives Task Solution

The Weightage Of MGMT6002 Management Perspectives Task Solution Course has been decided 40% by the Laureate International Universities.

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