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Who Am I: Tips to Write Essay for Students with Examples -

A-Z Guide For Writing An Impressive Who Am I Essay (with Examples)

If you want to write stellar papers, you need to have a creative mind and a flair for writing. Are you wondering how to face the challenge of writing a self-analysis essay? Not many of us understand ourselves. Therefore, writing a personal statement becomes quite a difficult task.

Chances are high that if you are about to apply for a college scholarship, an internship or a summer job, you might need to write a “Who Am I” essay for a bio on your application form.

Who am I?

So, first of all, you need to know about yourself. If you want to write about ‘who am I’ essay, it is based on your character and personality. It is not supposed to who you are or where you come from or where did you study etc.

The person can not be judged by individuals marks, how rich he or she is, but their personality that makes them good or bad.

At times, your selection can depend on this self-analysis piece. This is precisely why it becomes imperative that you learn the tricks of writing an inspiring Who am I essay. Now, when we talk about tricks, you must remember that there are no hard and fast rules to abide by while writing a personal essay. All you need to do is keep a few tips in mind when you need to compose a moving personal essay.

6 Tips to Write a Winning Who am I Essay

We have gone through the best personal essays and have come up with a few tips that can help you write a splendid “Who Am I” essay.

1. Be honest

Do not resort to lies to make your essay impressive. Professors and employers are seasoned enough to detect false claims. So, stick to what has happened. Before you lie about your achievements and qualifications, you might want to remember that you have to submit documents to support your claims. So, be true to your conscience and be your honest self.

2. Make it passionate and positive

The person reading your personal piece must get a positive vibe from it. The essay should be stirring enough to communicate how passionate you are about pursuing a course in the said college or about getting a chance to work in the company you have applied for. Use your essay to write about how eager you are to get the opportunity and how you would make a change with your efforts.

For example, if you are applying for a course on Greek literature, do not just write about getting a degree on it. Write how you would cherish exploring a spectrum of literature and become a better person.

3. Make it personal

A “Who Am I” essay is all about you – a piece that should give the reader a close peek into the person that you are. Use anecdotes to keep it interesting. You need to understand what to include and what to omit in the contents of your essay. Do not include your childhood memories. Start from the higher education phase, which can be interesting to the admissions officers. You could write about your past work experiences if you have the experience of being a job holder.

4. Learn to camouflage

It is necessary that you talk about your mistakes and shortcomings in the Who am I essay to make it a balanced piece of writing. When you write about your weaknesses, take a positive slant. Do not stress on the weaknesses. Instead, write it a way that you highlight your strengths. Write about how you have overcome the flaws. Mention how you have learnt from your past mistakes and how they have shaped you to be a more competent person.

5. Make it more than degrees

When you are applying for a college scholarship, you are anyway going to send in your report cards and cover letter to the admission committee. The board will have a track of your academic qualifications already. So, do not repeat them as your achievements in your Who am I essay. Give them more than that. Use your paper help to include more than numbers and facts. You can write about the trials and tribulations that you had to face while pursuing a course. You can also include the extracurricular activities you engaged in.

For example, if you are applying for management studies mention how many group projects you have headed before or talk about business ideas that have fared well. This will give the committee an idea of how well you can manage a group or head a business.

6. Strike a balance

Yes, we know that we have advised you to be honest while writing your self-analysis piece. But that does not mean that you get more candid than needed. You must learn to strike a healthy balance between openness and diplomacy. Do not give out more than what you intend to and keep a check on your emotions while writing. Do not go overboard with your feelings. Talking about the tone - although there is no specific rule about it, yet you should aim to write an essay, which is a blend of the formal and casual tone.

In the end, your essay should demonstrate the potential you have. It should give the reader an overview of your plans. You can mention how your skills would help the company to prosper. It should reflect how you would bring about a positive change to improve the working process.

Components of a Who am I essay

When you compose a self-analysis essay, you should be careful with what you write in it. Wrong choice of words could mean a rejection from the admission board. If you do not want to miss out on the chance to make your way through your dream college or job, you must do things the right way.

If you are looking for the points to mention in your “Who am I” essay, then here are a few things that you can consider:

  • Achievements

Adding a significant accomplishment and writing how you made through the ordeal can make your essay click. But for that, you have to think outside the box and go beyond the numbers.

  • Mistake

Writing how you faced defeat and then emerged victorious out of the situation like a phoenix can help you score some brownie points. As mentioned earlier, write how the situation has influenced your perspective and how you have evolved as a character.

  • A striking title

Giving a dramatic heading can help you attract the attention of the admission board. The board is likely to get hundreds of applications, to say the least. You cannot expect them to read every essay sent to them. A good title can give the impression that your piece is worth a read.

  • Real experience

If you want to highlight your leadership qualities, then you must include instances from your life that reflect your abilities. Include real-life situations where you have brought people together and directed them.

Note: Do not write about your school level achievements. Also, steer clear from mentioning political and religious beliefs.

If you are confused about the application of the above tips in your Who am I essay, then here is a sample of a winning personal writing for your eyes.


More than 7 billion people walking the surface of the earth and I am one of them. The question boils down to this – Who am I? What makes me stand out among the rest? What are my idiosyncrasies? How we think and what we do when put to test; sets us apart from one another.


(Personal element)  Being the eldest daughter in the family, I have always been used to taking up the mantle on my shoulders – ready or not. Be it giving away my share of cookie to a younger sibling or sacrificing a trip with the friends to pay a bill – taking responsibility has always been a constant in my life. It is through these trials and tribulations that I have learnt how to take the lead. (Past mistakes camouflaged as qualities)  But like every human, I am also flawed. I feel that I am too critical of myself. I also have the habit of worrying too much about meeting deadlines. As a result, I end up taking a lot of unnecessary stress. Over the years, I have been training myself to handle the pressure. I have also learnt to embrace myself for the person I am. While studying in high-school, there were several instances when I was appointed as the team lead for a group project. And every time my team won, I realised how different each of us is and how we fit together like a puzzle to make a complete picture.

(Real experiences) It was through an interschool literary contest that I had the chance to interact with an exchange student from Greece. While talking to her about mythology, I realised the vast spectrum of literature that awaits me. (Element of passion)  I was fascinated by the stories she narrated. I was frustrated when I failed to resonate with them. Also, for my love of imbibing cultures, I look forward to this opportunity to communicate with people beyond my orbit.


(Futuristic plan)  The question “Who am I” is never a definite one because as a human, I am bound to evolve with each passing day. Tomorrow I am sure I will be a better version of myself. And like myself, I aim to improve the community I thrive in too.

‘Who am I Essay’ Examples

1. I am very aspirant person having big dreams.
2. I am naturally quiet and very shy and never talk to strangers.
3. I am a kind of alone wolf in social.
4. When a person approaches me, I am very friendly and nobody can think that I can’t live in social.
5. I like to think for myself and love to stick to my own decisions.
6. I love and care those people that I love most.
7. I have patience and tolerate the things most of the time.
8. I love to listen music and visit monuments worldwide.

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