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Sample Essay On Causes And Effects Of Bullying In Education Institutes -

Bullying Essay - Understanding, Impact, Solution

No matter how depressing or overwhelming it is, Netflix’s ‘13 Reasons Why’ shows us a glimpse of the practise of bullying in high schools. It is a serious issue, the consequences of which can be very brutal. This topic is a sensitive one. If your professor asks you to write an essay on bullying, you might feel at a loss. In case you are looking for suggestions, this post will provide you with some insights.

How to Bullying Essay? Step by Step

If you want to write an impactful essay on bullying, you need to plan ahead of time. You need to think about ways to start the essay, proceed with the task and write a comprehensive content. Let us get started with the tips to write a good essay on bullying.

Step 1: Read the Instructions Carefully

Before you begin, you need to find out if there are specific requirements given by your professor.  If you miss out any of the requirements, you can lose marks, or you might need to start over. So, check the word count, the style to follow, the referencing, etc. 

Step 2: Research in Detail

To write a great essay on bullying, you need to find relevant information. Be careful when you are selecting a resource. Your professor might not accept your essay if you use information collected from non-credible sources.

Here are some of the sources you can use:

  • Offline resources - Books, course material, recognised newspapers and magazines
  • Online resources - Peer-reviewed journals, a scholarly database of any academic institution, websites of well-known news agencies

Try to avoid online pages that do not contain the author’s name or date and seem biased.

Step 3: Create an Outline

Next, you need to prepare an outline. This will give you a structure for writing the essay. The general format for an essay would be introduction, body paragraphs and conclusion.

While writing the body of the essay, you can divide the content into 3 to 5 paragraphs. Follow this structure to write a stellar essay on bullying.

Step 4: Write the Introduction

If you have to write an essay on this topic, you need to start with something strong. An example would be something like this,

‘If you have ever been a victim of bullying or if you were directly involved in it, you must know how wrong it is. It not only affects the victim, but it can be deadly for our society. One who gets bullied can develop tendencies to hurt him/herself or other people. Victims feel depressed, threatened, scared and have very low self-esteem. According to a survey conducted by ReachOut Australia, 23% of 1000 people between the ages of 14 to 25 experienced bullying in the past year. This draws concern to the long-term and short-term effects on both the victim and the bully himself.’

Step 5: Write the Body Paragraphs

Once you have written the introduction, start with the body paragraphs. The number of paragraphs can vary depending on your requirement. While writing the body of the essay, go deeper into the subject and discuss the topic. This is how you can write it:

‘According to the Department of Education and Training of Victoria , bullying can be defined as the social, verbal, psychological, or physically aggressive behaviour done repeatedly by an individual or group. This behaviour targets a weaker individual or group in order to make them feel fearful or distressed. Generally, children and teenagers take part in bullying. Bullying can be of various types: verbal abuse, violence, cyber bullying, racial discrimination, sexual harassment, etc.

What makes a student bully others? There can be many reasons behind that. It is widely agreed that there can be no excuse for such behaviour or actions. In case psychologists and school authorities are able to find the reasons that motive students to become bullies, it might welcome appropriate solutions to curb the issue.’

Some causes of bullying can be:

  • Insecurity - Those who bully others happen to feel insecure and might suffer from a lack of confidence. Bullying provides the attention they crave. At times, they cross the mark to impress their classmates. They target weaker, unpopular students in order to feel powerful.
  • Poor upbringing - Bullying is more common in people who had troubled formative years. Most of the times bullies were brought up by abusive parents or never had a good parental example. Other than this, they might have felt neglected, received a cold treatment or were taught to handle a problematic situation using violence. When they show violence or aggression, they might see it as normal behaviour.
  • No supervision - Another reason that backs up bullying is the lack of supervision. Many schools fail to treat bullying as a serious issue. Most victims do not report incidents of bullying because they are afraid of making things worse.

What are the Effects of Bullying?

Bullying is a very serious problem and can affect both the bully and the victim. It can also have a far-reaching impact on the families involved.

  • Emotional effects - Victims of bullying constantly live in fear. They can even skip school to avoid bullying. In order to miss school, they come up with plenty of excuses. Other than this, they get frustrated, irritated, moody, or act tired. They can also behave aggressively at home or with friends. According to an article posted on ‘Pediatrics in Review’, the victims of bullying feel powerlessness to such an extent that they opt for self-destructive acts like suicide, self-harm, etc.
  • Physical effects - Constant bullying can lead to health issues. Some of it can be depression, headaches, anxiety, and sleeplessness. Apart from this, victims can also suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder.
  • Effect on the bully - The act of bullying affects the bully as well. These effects can be in the form of poor academic results, enhanced risk of substance abuse, trouble in keeping social relationships, increased risk of getting into criminal acts, etc. Bullies are likely to turn abusive to their child or spouse in the future and can lose employment opportunities.
  • Impact on the family and society - Bullying can trigger victims to hurt their own family or their loved ones. It can also lead to divorce, separation, loss of livelihood or career. As the victims of bullying tend to hurt others, he/she can become a threat to society. It increases the chances of terrible incidents like shootout inside the school premises.

This is how bullying can severely affect the lives of the students. It can not only stunt their academic success, but it can also ruin the chances of enjoying a bright career ahead.

Step 6: Write the Conclusion

After you complete the body paragraphs, you should proceed to write the last section of the essay. In the concluding paragraph, you should write about possible actions to stop bullying. You can create an impact on the readers by giving appropriate suggestions to tackle a serious issue.

The conclusion can go like this:

‘As a child’s mental and physical health gets severely affected, it is important to take appropriate actions to avoid situations that involve bullying. Families, schools, and communities should come together and figure out ways to stop bullying. Teachers and parents should observe the behaviour of the children. If they notice any irregularity or strange behaviour, they should directly talk to the children. Parents and teachers can suggest them to share their experiences and directly talking to the bullies. They can contact other victims and make the victim opt for counselling. Such gestures can make the victims feel that they are not alone, and deliver results that negate the impact of bullying.’

You can write a stellar essay on bullying using the points mentioned above.

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