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International Student Guide- Overview

When we think of Australia, wide-open spaces of outback bush, kangaroos, koalas, clean air, and water usually come to mind. But, Australia has much more to offer than the usual expectations. There's almost nothing that Australia does not have- some of the best universities in the world with affordable education, an enviable lifestyle, and beautiful scenic locales with magnificent beaches and spectacular rainforests. No wonder an increasing number of international students tend to choose Australia as their preferred study abroad destination. And, the numbers each year are only growing.

Let's take a look at the crucial reasons why you need to choose Australia to pursue your studies abroad this coming intake-

7 Crucial Reasons To Pursue Higher Studies In Australia

  • World-Leading Universities

If the words of the eminent dissertation writing help stalwarts of Australia are anything to go by, then Australia has the best education system globally. As per the rankings of University Ranking of Quacquarelli Symonds, the University of New South Wales, the University of Melbourne, the University of Queensland, and the University of Sydney are among the fifty best universities globally. Again, out of 42 Australian universities, 8 are in the Top 100 Worldwide, and 10 of its 'young universities' are also in the 'Top 50 under 50' of the same ranking.

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Nationally, the Group of 8 comprises the 8 most prestigious universities in Australia. These renowned eight universities tend to provide students worldwide with a first-class education.

  • Unique Teaching And Learning Process

A look at the top ‘write my assignment’ forums will help you understand that most universities in Australia believe education to be the foundation of progress. Thus, they have developed a unique system that supports transformative ideas for learning. The learning system includes remarkable strategies that enable students to develop critical thinking that helps them become innovative leaders.

  • Diverse Choice Of Subjects

There are more than 40 universities in Australia, and each of them provides huge and varied opportunities to pursue a range of various subjects. Most international students prefer larger universities, where they can choose just as many courses of study as any major American university.

For instance, the Australian National University provides students with a staggering 750 possible course combinations. This implies that you can pursue courses related to your major and broaden your learning spectrum by pursuing offbeat courses that you will not be able to find in the local institutions.

  • Career-Focussed Programs

The education institutions of Australia offers a huge array of short-term and degree programs. These impart extensive knowledge in various subjects and equip students with the essential skills to prepare them for the challenges that lie ahead in the professional world.

Certain world-famous universities like The University of Queensland offer students increasing flexibility to switch from one program to another, allowing students to decide after experimenting. The student-friendly courses, the diverse curriculum of numerous courses and a huge array of extracurricular activities has made Australia one of the most sought-after countries to pursue higher education.

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  • Easy Access To Student Visas

If you are looking to get your hands on a student visa, Australia offers a remarkably streamlined Student Visa process (Subclass 500). There are also various requirements you need to meet for the application to be approved, including being accepted into an educational institution and having adequate financial capacity. Additionally, you also need to have an appropriate level of health insurance for your stay duration.

  • Immense Work Opportunities

The visa authorities of Australia don't restrict foreign students from exploring full-time or part-time job prospects. They also offer simplified work visa procedures for graduates looking for impeccable work opportunities. Students can work for 20 hours during the semester and full time during vacations.

Additionally, Australian universities also facilitate numerous placement sessions to successfully help foreign students find employment at the end of their program.

  • Low Cost Of Living

Compared to other countries like the USA, UK, Germany and Canada, the tuition fees and living costs are reasonably low in Australia. Moreover, numerous scholarship programs are also offered by the academic institutions of Australia to offer financial assistance to deserving students. Like the Australian Government award around $200 million worth of scholarships to numerous international students at regional universities.

Apart from that, some of the major scholarship programs available for international students are the Australian Government Research Training Program, Australia Awards, and the Australia APEC Women in Research Fellowship. For deserving students, the scholarship value also hugely depends on the selected course at the university.

  • Improved Chances On The Job Market After Graduation

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After your studies in Australia, you will have remarkably higher chances of landing a job in the country. If you decide to return to your home country, your employers will surely love your Australian degree. They will also be happy about the excellent education and brilliant skills you have received from your Australian universities. If you decide not to return, you could apply for a Temporary Graduate Visa that allows you to work in Australia for 12 more months even after graduating.

Also, you can apply for the Post Study Work Visa that allows you to work up to four years in the territory. This is an extremely nice prospect if you aim to stay back after graduation.

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