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How to Write My Essay -

How To Write My Essay?

Every great writer in the history of literature is known to have written compelling essays which had (and still has) many takers.

And if you’re in a constant dilemma over ‘how to write my essay’ without making it look too dull, then you must know that your essay paper doesn’t always have to be a five paragraph of dullness.

Well, contrary to what the prevailing norms of education lead you to believe, it’s possible for you to prepare essays that people find compelling. Read on to find out how to write my essay that captures the readers’ attention.

1. Understand That the Essay is Supposed to be Read

Write your essay in a way that would address general readers and not your teacher. So feel free to unleash your creativity.

Both regarding your writing styles and content, prepare kind of paper that you’d be interested to read. Keep the readers in mind; you want your tone and style to appear engaging to your readers. Don’t write the essay assuming that your teacher's the only one who's going to lay eyes on it.

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2. Select a Topic That You Feel Comfortable Discussing

If you don’t feel comfortable writing about a topic, your readers will also find it hard to engage with your essay. You cannot fake enthusiasm in this case, and good writing always results from sincerity.

If you are not interested in a topic, then you’ll never be able to present an appealing essay on it. You can consult with a credible online service on how to do my essay properly.

So, the bottom line?

You must focus on the areas that you find interesting and work on them. What gets you thinking? What are fascinated about? Ask these questions to yourself to figure out what you should be writing about.

3. Present Your Insights Through Your Essay

When you set out to write your essay, you must have a lot of things to convey. Something that has not been approached by anyone before.

Good essays are often the ones that encourage a reader to think. If you don’t have anything authentic to contribute to the subject, you should probably consider a new topic. Or you can always seek the assistance of a good online service on how to make an essay.

If in case, you can’t produce authentic details in your essay, you can consider making your paper arguable. Don’t write about vague topics and or the topic that is too common. For instance, it’s pointless to argue over the evils of racism, because people are already aware of it. Always go for a topic that people can argue over.

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4. Apply Active Verbs

Solid, active verbs infuse certain vitality into an essay. However, a common practice in academic essay writing is to restrict the use of creative verbs.

But verb choices shouldn’t be limited when it comes to academic write-ups. And essays, where the verbs tend to be dull and passive, needs to be presented with more evocative, action verbs.

Create your sentences using more lively verbs. Limit “be” verbs and avoid passive voice unless they are necessary. Play around with verbs and watch your writing flourish.

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5. Set a Tone and Follow it Throughout the Paper

In a majority of the cases, the safe option would be to maintain a professional and distant tone, but professors today have a more tolerant approach to contradictions and first-person references.

The crucial thing to remember, in this case, is to maintain consistency throughout the paper.

6. Make the Essay Vivid

Don’t employ the supporting arguments that seem vague or abstract. Don’t restrict yourself to giving the readers something to ponder over. Show them. Paint a vivid picture, narrate an anecdote.

Back your thesis statement with coherent, concrete illustrations. Don't state that the families of militaries make great sacrifices. You can narrate a story of a friend who lost his uncle or brother to a bomb blast in Iraq.

Instead of just talking about courage, highlight an act of courage. Never let your ideas turn abstract. Elucidate on your ideas with real, vivid, tangible pictures.

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7. Avoid Overstating a Detail or Generalizations

If you want to take a firm stance on an idea, you shouldn’t resort to ridiculing the opposing arguments. For instance, a statement like, “there’s nothing worthwhile on television today” is too generalized and broad.  They are therefore easy to dismiss by any rational person. Learn the art of subtlety when you’re making a statement.

 State your opinions in a way that can be defended logically. “Television programmes these days offer little of value” is a comparatively credible alternative that can be debated or argued upon reasonably.

8. Pay Heed to the Little Things

Make you write-up as compelling as it can be. This means you have to keep a close watch on the glaringly obvious errors in spelling, grammar, and punctuation.

Proofread thoroughly and feel free to cross-check when in doubt. One tiny error is enough to ruin the competency of your entire piece of writing. Be cautious to remove these inconsistencies before you present your essay.

Even though there are other more important rules to follow while writing an essay, but these are some of the most efficient ones, to begin with. So when you’re presenting your essay the next time, you shouldn't have to follow the tried and tested, drab style of writing. 

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