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Insider Insights On Essay Writing Services Industry

The industry of essay writing services has always had steady growth. The reason is the constant demand for these services among the students. We have all seen that there is a negative view of these services among the students- those who do not have direct experience with the academic help providers. So, it’s time to know what the industry insiders think about these services.

Why is there a huge need for these services?

In an article published in Huffington Post, Nancy Laws, a content creator, has shared the experience of an ex-professional of this industry. It has been stated that students of all kinds, from those who are extra lazy to those who have a lack of time or knowledge, approach these essay writing services in Australia.

Another reason pointed out is that students who are taking admissions in prestigious universities are in more need of professional assistance because they simply cannot imagine getting failed. Thus, they take help from the best essay writing services to be double sure about getting passed.

Again, often, students get such complicated essay requirements that it becomes impossible for them to comprehend what they actually have to write. At times like this, the essay helpers give them the necessary guidance and support.

According to Christopher Jan Benitez, a freelance writer, there is an immense pressure upon the students nowadays to produce many essays worthy of getting the A grade. And, thus, they have discovered ways to deal with this problem. Hence, the role of these services comes.

Richard Gunderman, a contributor to ‘The Atlantic’ and a PhD degree holder, states that the reason students availing these services is that some may lack the time or have multiple assignments to complete. Additionally, the escalating fees of colleges are forcing students to get jobs either part-time or full-time. Many students have to balance between their school and other responsibilities like marriage or other errands. Thus, they barely get the time to accomplish their academic tasks. In such cases, the professional services provide immense help.

What are the industry insiders saying?

The ethical controversy

An article published on Jittery Monks, an academic service provider, shows an interview with an insider of this industry. According to that expert, not all essay help providing services give sufficient assistance to students. It is suggested by the person that students must always check these services to find a legitimate one.

Furthermore, this expert highlights on the ethical controversy surrounding these professional services. It is said by this individual that this debate over whether availing these services is ethical can go on and on, but the only thing that must be focused on is that the students are in need of help. Higher grades are required for them to get a promising career. So, a practical approach must be taken before judging these services, as without them, the career of the students may completely get destroyed.

The problem of the modern education system

Benitez argues that it should be considered if the fault is in the academic help services or the education system of the modern era. He points out that the overwhelming syllabuses of this age force the students to opt for these services.

The evaluation of students is now largely based on the quality of the writing they submit. Even after giving immense effort to research work, if students submit poorly written papers, they will not get any credit for his/her hard work.

This point has been supported by another writer from Bulgaria in an article, published in He pointed out that our education system functions in a way that demolishes the creativity of the students. The value of dry knowledge is more in this system and not the students’ personal development, personality growth, applicable skills etc. They have set a standard according to which a student’s progress will be evaluated.  The students are taught that writing assignments in a specified way is their duty. And if they fail to do this, they will be punished. And, since getting lower grades is not an option for any student, they take actions to ensure they receive only higher scores.

Another negative point about the education system is that the students are provided with so many essays to complete that are way out of their capability. And this ultimately leads them to seek the assistance of the professional services.

Foreign/International students

Every year, thousands of students go to other countries to take admission in the renowned universities of the world. They have to face cultural difference to living style to the standard of academics. This change becomes very overwhelming for them, and it takes time for them to adjust to this new world. Their difficulties are enhanced by the tremendous pressure from their universities, which becomes unbearable for them.

As a last resort, they go to the custom essay help services. Nancy Laws, the content creator, states in her article that the foreign students get immensely benefitted from these professional writers, especially those who have part-time jobs. The article also highlights that the flaws in the education system that put the students under a lot of stress both physical and mental.

An article published on The Guardian by Simon Usborne, a freelance feature writer and reporter, highlights that up to £40,000 are spent in a year by the foreign students to study in a top notch British universities. And in 2014-15, students who come from countries which are outside the EU spent a sum of £4.2 billion for the fees of the universities. This statistic can show well the need for part-time jobs for every international student.

In the same article, the owner of an academic help service provider says that a lot of students approach them whose second language is English, especially, after they get disappointed with the education system. Also, the international students don’t get equal support from the universities as the native students get. Hence, they took assistance from the essay help services to fulfil their academic requirements.

From the opinions of the insiders, this conclusion can be drawn that these professional academic services ultimately help the students tremendously. And they are valuable, at least for the sake of making the students’ career.

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