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5 myths and myth busters before choosing Academic Writing Services

Choosing The Best Online Academic Writing Services: A Checklist

In this blog here, we will discuss the golden rules of choosing an online academic help service provider. Many students strive to meet the desired results because they fail to curate assignments the way they should be. The spine-chilling word ‘assignment' takes away the entire siesta from the students’ lives, and they move on to look for an all-in-one solution. Online academic help services can be the answer to their dilemmas.

Many students undermine the importance of an effective online academic help service to their final grades. Well, we do not blame them. With a sea of myths, it’s normal to get confused. Nonetheless, we insist that a good online academic help service can make or break your grades. Do not squander your chance of getting the coveted results and be the class topper you have always aimed for by writing a shoddy assignment if you are not confident. Instead, save up a bit of time for researching, and invest it in looking for a reliable and trusted online assignment writing service provider. Your teachers will reward you for that, and you will end up with the grade you deserve. Here is a list of myths to unfollow and avoid if you want to bag an impressive result soon:

Myth 1: Online help services are fraudulent

Myth-buster: This one’s the most popularly believed myth of all. Students, as well as their parents, blatantly doubt the authenticity of online academic help services. They think that the assignment help agencies will charge high rates for help, and if you pay they will run away with the money. Doubts over the quality of the assignments also pertain. This indeed is a misconception among the students. All the online academic help services are registered companies. As they do not guide the students following the conventional methods, the misconception continues.

Myth 2: They will copy-paste content

Myth-buster: No they will not. There’s no point in accepting it as real that online academic help services will deliver copied content. Some like to believe that the documents offered by online academic help services must be imitated from some other source. The online assignment help services strictly follow the rules of plagiarism. They also use plagiarism-checking software and ensure assignments are drafted afresh, information gathered from trusted sources, and written by eminent and qualified experts. ‘If any relevant information needs to be taken from some authentic source, proper referencing is done for the information,’ states an academic expert negating the myth of adding unoriginal content in the assignment by academic help services.

Myth 3: Professors will not accept assignments

Myth-buster: Jake wasn’t at all sure if he should take help from the online academic help services to write his dissertation. Are you in doubt too?  Do you think that the professor will find out that instead of you someone else has written the assignment for you? However, it is not true. The online academic help services are careful with the student's requirements. Plus, as they are in the industry for many years, it’s not difficult for them to follow the professors’ specifications and university rules for writing assignments. Many of these online academic paper help services also provide the option to their clients to connect with the in-house experts directly so that they can clarify their doubts and specifications accurately.

Myth 4: Delayed assignment delivery

Myth-buster: Universities never accept assignments that are not submitted within the due date. As students are often allotted strict deadline assignments, failure to meet the quality within the stipulated time is not new. To chuck students from these situations, the online academic help services are strict with the assignment submission. Students have the wrong notion that these companies will not be able to meet tight deadlines. The fact is that the assignment writers are subject-oriented experts who are competent in delivering quality articles and write-ups on time.

Myth 5: Over-priced when compared to the conventional method

Myth-buster: It is often believed that online academic help services will charge more rates for writing assignments from students. However, the truth lies far from this. The online academic help services set assignment rates keeping the students’ budget in mind. Assignment rates are always affordable for students. Plus, the facility of time-to-time offers and discounts for the clients from these online service providers is always enticing.

Well, if we continue discussing the myths, the list will be never-ending. But again, the students alone cannot be held responsible for this. With thousands of industry players targeting the students and telling them that they can avail help from them in academics, it is easy for the pupils to get confused about effective choices. So before you make a decision, watch your steps! There are a few thumb rules to follow.

Want to be acquainted with those? Let us do the noble task for you.

We will call those fundamentals as golden rules here.

These will facilitate you in making an informed choice and make your academic years better. Take our words for sure - leave these myths behind and you will see your grades soar high with the help of these academic help service providers:

  • Keep an eagle eye before you choose

Spending a little time researching before you choose any online academic help service is like taking a stroll in the past of that site, absorbing its reputation, and then putting them into action accordingly. We can term this as an assessing process or a pre-writing process to judge if the website is worthy of paying at all. If it's a reputable academic help service, you will find many positive testimonials. If there’s no information available, you know what to do.

  • Flip through testimonials and save yourself from getting cheated

No matter what the promotional content says on that particular website of an online academic help service, always go and check the testimonials. But make sure that you have considered reviews published in genuine review sites. There are thousands of ways to fake a website and deceive students, so always play safe with what you read. How to know if the website has published only genuine reviews? There will be an amalgamation of all types of opinions. So consider that one site that has posted all kinds of reviews. 

  • Keep a tab on excellent writers

Many online academic help services provide the option to choose their in-house writers. If you have got your hands on something like that, you are lucky. Genuine academic help service providers do not hide the writers’ qualifications. Each writer, along with their ratings and reviews, are presented on the website. There's one thing in common in every online help service- all of them will claim to be the finest. But these are the few fundamentals that can genuinely decide your fate.

  • Compare the samples

Save yourself from making bad choices. Before you take the final decision of placing an order and enjoy your time instead, compare the samples uploaded by online agencies. You can take as many as you want and make the best choice.

  • Don’t forget to compare the rates too

Apart from comparing the samples, there is also a necessity to compare the price or assignment rates claimed by these service providers. Think of this as a hectic task. But it's not. Just type the category of help service you are looking for in the search engine. Press the enter button, and you will have hundreds of websites hailing from your country to choose from. Here's a secret get your job done with the hand-picked website. Always go for the websites available on the first page of the search because those are popular, trusted by thousands, and have the least cases of cheating. Rates charged by these websites are always put on top of their homepage for quick assessment with other sites and convenience for students. Don't waste your time anymore. If you do not compare, then you can be fooled so finding the average cost can help to crack the best deal.

  • Check if the payment options are valid

You don’t want your money to be in the wrong hands, right? So just go and check the payment options available with the online academic writing website you are eyeing for. Websites, these days, always go for multiple payment options, of which online payments are mandatory for most. Also, check if collaborations with PayPal or other such e-payment options are available. Many also accept credit card and debit card payments. Consider the more, the merrier. 

  • Precision and research go hand in hand

Coming on to the minute parts, one should conduct scrutiny and see how precise the writers are in writing your assignment. Do not forget that a student’s assignment should always be precisely written and presented and in most cases determines the grade. ‘Don’t forget that expert editors have extensive knowledge in SAS or Statistical Analysis System and hence can help you with your research related to social science, clinical fields, business, law, and other such industry-targeted subjects. They not only help you with the development of your research questions but also assist you in data interpretation, analysis, and design methods,’ says a veteran professor when asked about what students should look for before deciding.

  • Compliance with all types of referencing styles

APA, MLA, Harvard, Chicago, and Vancouver are to name only a few of those popularly used citation styles. Each of these styles requires certain guidelines to follow by the user. If you are a student, a precisely cited assignment can determine your grades.

Coming on to following the golden rules, when you hire an academic writing service, make sure that they are qualified enough to meet the requirements of referencing styles of writing including spelling, grammar, usage of words, style of writing, usage of appropriate voice in the text, etc.

  • Data presentation

Let's break this very important part of writing academic papers into two sections - a. Collection of authentic data, and b. Properly presenting those data. It is because much depends on the organization and presentation of factual information in the assignment. So when it's time to place an assignment order to online academic help service, consider checking reviews and consult with your peers and university seniors about this aspect.

Promotional content is never to be believed and you know what are the consequences if you submit an assignment that has zero or fake information, wrong data, and incorrect statistics usage. So be sure to go with those help services that delve deeply into the details of an idea to be able to establish and thoroughly support the overall viewpoint or thesis statement. The flow of logical ideas supporting the thesis statement is also an unavoidable feature. You may ask how to be sure of that until I order an assignment.  Go and check the sample assignments to be sure of that.

In this conclusion, we would like to advise you that use these strategies. We have pointed out the myths, and myth-busters and at the same time, we brought together all the rules to alleviate chances of bad selection and poor grades.

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