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Evaluation Essay Topic

100+ Evaluation Essay Topics For All Academic Level Students

When it comes to an evaluation essay, what matters most is how well you assess a matter and every facet to it minutely. But even before it comes to writing, the evaluation essay topic that you choose has a huge role to play.

While writing an essay can be a tricky task, choosing a befitting topic can be a different ballgame altogether. You need to research well to come up with an issue that has not been evaluated until now. But do you really have the time? Well, to save you the hard work and the time, we have come up with a list of 100+ evaluation essay ideas to spoil you with choices. Read on to know more.

What is an Evaluation Essay?

An evaluation essay aims to offer a judgement about a particular subject and assess whether the matter meets a set of criteria. In an evaluation essay, you are supposed to put across an argument along with evidence to justify your opinions about a subject. Since your essay depends largely on the relevance of your essay, you cannot afford to choose a weak topic for your piece.

In what follows, we bring you a treasure trove of more than 100 evaluation essay topics to choose from – categorised under relevant headings to find easily.

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100+ Evaluation Essay Topics for Students of Different Levels

To make your search an easier one, we have segmented the list of some of the best prompts for your evaluation essay. Choose one and kick start the essay on the right note!

Evaluation Topics for College Students

  1. How has college life changed and given way to anxiety disorders in young adults?
  2. How does a long-distance relationship survive as opposed to a live-in relationship?
  3. Evaluate how abortion and adoption are interlinked.
  4. Evaluate the effect of boomers reaching retirement age on the economy of Australia.
  5. Evaluate why so many children are affected by the Autistic Spectrum Disorder.
  6. Evaluate the impact of studying abroad on a student’s employability prospects.
  7. Evaluate the existence of religious oppression around the world and the reasons behind it. 
  8. Evaluate your choice of subject and what made you want to pursue the course in your current college.
  9. Evaluate the efficacy of online education programs as opposed to traditional campus classes in light of the pandemic.
  10. Evaluate the way social media has affected our social relationships.

Evaluation Essay Topics for School Students

  1. Evaluate the role of a healthy diet on human mental health.
  2. Evaluate the causes of rivalry stemming between siblings.
  3. Evaluate whether the parents of a Gen Z kid should be restricting or more easy-going.
  4. Evaluate the importance of vacations on relationships within a family.
  5. Evaluate the measures taken by the country to help people with special needs.
  6. Evaluate the effects of regular exercise on our bodies.
  7. Does technology in classrooms help students learn better? Evaluate.
  8. Evaluate the impact of the technological revolution in terms of e-waste.
  9. Evaluate a teacher at school and how he or she has helped you or undermined you in your academic life.
  10. Evaluate the contributions of your best friend in your life.

Persuasive or Argumentative Evaluation Essay Topics

  1. Depression and anxiety can numb our artistic senses – evaluate.
  2. The feminist movement has altered how people dated – evaluate.
  3. Evaluate the reasons behind pay disparity and why men and women should earn equally.
  4. The use of cell phone in class is a bane. Evaluate.
  5. Evaluate the ways of eradicating the problem of homelessness in Australia.
  6. Chemical weapons and global peace – evaluate.
  7. Evaluate the implications of today’s youngsters not wanting the get up early in the morning – is it important or not?
  8. Video games and violence have become synonymous – Evaluate.
  9. Is being in a relationship better or being single better? Evaluate.
  10. Was Thanos right in wanting to wipe away half of the human lives from earth? Evaluate.

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Funny Evaluation Essay Topics

  1. Evaluate why do people spend more on online shopping than while visiting a store.
  2. Evaluate the qualities that have made Google the undisputed search engine.
  3. Evaluate how Gen Z is different from Millennials.
  4. Evaluate which is better – texting or calling?
  5. Evaluate between the two – Marvel or DC?
  6. Evaluate the social trends that have gained popularity despite being menial.
  7. Evaluate life with and without a roommate.
  8. Evaluate your theories for or against the flat earth belief.
  9. Evaluate what will happen if there is an alien invasion in your country.
  10. Evaluate how sit-coms have changed how we want to live.

Controversial Evaluation Essay Topics

  1. Evaluate the status of Australia under the Crown’s sovereignty.
  2. Evaluate how political parties manipulate social trends.
  3. Evaluate how can business advertisements aggravate certain social issues with examples.
  4. Evaluate how linguistic barriers have an impact on the employment chances of minority groups.
  5. Britain vs Australia – which country pronounces English words accurately? Evaluate.
  6. Evaluate the relationship between anxiety and stress eating.
  7. Evaluate why certain people believe that the earth is flat and not spherical.
  8. Do you think family values have anything to do with pessimism and cynicism? Evaluate.
  9. Why do you think people from privileged families become kleptomaniacs? Evaluate.
  10. Evaluate feminism over the years and assess why the third wave is the most important.

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Evaluation Essay Sports Topics

  1. Soccer vs Cricket: Evaluate which game is more successful globally and why.
  2. Evaluate the Rugby World Cup of 2019 as an event.
  3. Choose a top cricketer from the world over and evaluate why he or she is the one.
  4. Evaluate how sports impact young adults’ personalities during the university years.
  5. Rank Andre Agassi’s techniques and assess whether the play is overestimated or underestimated.
  6. Evaluate the considerable role that fans’ have to play in a player’s performance during a game.
  7. Evaluate the role of the National Junior College Athletic Association on a college team’s performance in an Australian state.
  8. Assess the impact of coaching on high school sports students.
  9. Every student should know one sport at least – evaluate.
  10. Should women teams be allowed to play against men teams? Evaluate.

Evaluation Essay Topics on Movies and Music

  1. Write an essay on the evaluation of the boy bands across the last two decades.
  2. Evaluate the impact of fictional stories portrayed on screen and how they affect the lives of viewers.
  3. Evaluate the movie 1917 and discuss how it addresses current beliefs about war and peace.
  4. Write an evaluation essay on the impact of the music charted by the band Guns’ and Roses’ on a generation.
  5. The Beatles or Pink Floyd – evaluate by considering lyrics and band members as the focal factors.
  6. Evaluate the theory of books vs movie adaptions using one particular example, like The Hobbit or Harry Potter franchise.
  7. Evaluate a foreign film that aligns with the national characteristics of Australia.
  8. Evaluate the difference between recorded music and live performances on a listener.
  9. Evaluate the role of Tom Hanks’ character in Saving Private Ryan.
  10. Do you think movies on historical events or real-life adaptions do justice to the real events?

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Critical Evaluation Essay Topics

  1. Analyse a classical book and evaluate the factors that make the book exemplary?
  2. Evaluate the tonal differences between classical writing and modern literature?
  3. Evaluate and review a theatrical play or a musical from the point of direction and acting.
  4. Evaluate the most critical points of an art movement and its influence on the society.
  5. Analyse a recent movie that was remade with the original film on the plot and execution.
  6. Evaluate two movies that were directed by the same person.
  7. Evaluate a literary movement and assess how it influenced the literature of that time as well as modern literature.
  8. Analyse a book that you read and didn't like and mention what could have been done better.
  9. Speculate on the impact of social media on social relationships.
  10. Write an evaluation essay on how people from different generations treat and use technology.

Performance Evaluation Essay Topics

  1. Assess how does mental health impact a student’s performance.
  2. Speculate on the interrelation between a teacher’s as well as a student’s performance.
  3. Evaluate the power of verbal praise in motivating high school students.
  4. Critically reflect on the education structure of Australia for children with special needs.
  5. Evaluate the efficacy of the teaching methods used to teach students with social behaviour difficulties in Australia.
  6. Write an essay on the evolution of the Australian education system.
  7. Evaluate the role of incentives in an employee’s performance.
  8. Evaluate the effectiveness of the motivation strategies followed by MNCs as compared to small-scale offices.
  9. What can be done by school and college authorities in helping students with depression cope with studies? Evaluate.
  10. Should elementary education be made free? How will that change the economy of the country? Evaluate.

Ethical Evaluation Essay Topics

  1. Evaluate the process of adopting a child of different ethnicity.
  2. Human Cloning – a genetic miracle or debacle?
  3. Should a prisoner get the Death Penalty? Evaluate.
  4. Should teens be allowed to abort without the approval of their parents? Assess with examples.
  5. Home Schooling vs Public Schooling: evaluate which one is better.
  6. To vote or not to vote: evaluate how one vote can make a difference?
  7. Evaluate the short-term and long-term effects of bullying on a child’s personality.
  8. Assess the role that Social Media has played in the evolution of human socialisation
  9. Money cannot buy happiness – do you think a person of privilege has said this? Evaluate with reasons.
  10. Instagram and body issues – evaluate how these both are related.

Comparative Evaluation Essay Topics

  1. Compare and evaluate between homoeopathic vs allopathic medication.
  2. Psychiatrist vs Therapist: What is the difference?
  3. Which is better – conversing with human agents on a website or chatbots?
  4. Which is better - e-learning or classroom learning?
  5. Compare public and private colleges and assess which is better with robust evidence.
  6. Evaluate how not picking the right discipline for your career can usher in professional doom.
  7. Compare and evaluate how the economic growth of a country is related to political unrest.
  8. Economy vs Economics: assess how these both are similar and different.
  9. Capitalism vs communism: compare and assess which is more harmful.
  10. Compare and evaluate the laws related to freedom of expression and restraints on freedom in Australia.

Situational Problem-Solution Evaluation Essay Topics

  1. Evaluate how society can change to help people with eating disorders.
  2. Assess advertisements that use people's fear to manipulate them and mention how consumers can be less vulnerable.
  3. How can parents and teachers help teenagers who struggle with depression? Evaluation with clear directives.
  4. How can people’s everyday actions break gender roles and stereotypes? Evaluate.
  5. What can Australia as a country as well as a part of this world do to solve the problem of climate change?
  6. How can we reduce food waste and conserve the energy of our planet? Evaluate with examples.
  7. Evaluate what can people do to get in the habit of following a new exercise routine.
  8. Movies and magazines send across messages about female body image that affect young girls’ self-ideologies. How can we change this?
  9. How to get a good job while in college? Evaluate the necessary skills a student would need.
  10. How can college students balance their academic demands and enjoy a personal life?

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Business Evaluation Essay Topics

  1. Evaluate why every company should grant paternity leave to its male employees.
  2. Do you think businesses should restrict workers from smoking by imposing legal measures? Evaluate and answer.
  3. Social networking is an effective platform for recruiting young genius minds – evaluate.
  4. Assess how ineffective management and ineffective leadership can lead a company to bankruptcy.
  5. Why should every business adopt green principles? Assess.
  6. Academic degrees do not guarantee success in business – evaluate.
  7. Why should employers build a positive culture for their employees? Evaluate its role.
  8. A positive working environment leads to better productivity – evaluate.
  9. How can the recruitment process be used as an effective productivity tool? Assess and answer.
  10. Evaluate how the productivity of a business can be enhanced using tools such as brainstorming.

There you go! You now have 100+ evaluation essay topics to consider and choose from. While making your choice, always choose a topic that you connect with. Also, make sure that you give a personal spin to the topics mentioned above instead of using them word to word.

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