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100+ Controversial Debate Topics That You Can Explore

100+ Controversial Debate Topics

Debates and discussions are often the most common form of classroom activities that many of you are encouraged to indulge in, as students. This means that you need to devote a considerable amount of time putting together arguments they will have to present in class. But even before that, they need to find the right topic to work with. Now, in case the teacher has specifically asked you to work on a controversial topic, you need to be careful about which topic you choose.

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List of Controversial Debate Topics

Now, if you're out of ideas to work with, then you've got nothing to worry about. That's because we have prepared an elaborate list of controversial debate topics.

Controversial debate topics for adults

  1. Does imposing censorship violate the right to information?
  2. Religious fanaticism is a growing threat to our society.
  3. Gender-neutral parenting helps children think beyond gender stereotypes.
  4. Violence is in the second nature of human beings.
  5. Have human beings become more intolerant with the use of social media?
  6. Developing a sustainable corporate culture contributes to the mental well-being of the employees.
  7. The code of ethics and transparency of AI is to be regulated.
  8. The
  9. impact of alcohol advertising on young adults.
  10. For most women, there's no shattering of the glass ceiling.

Controversial political debate topics

  1. We prefer democracy not for its advantages, but for its difference from tyranny.
  2. Are election campaigns a waste of monetary resources?
  3. Are governments in the developing countries extending reasonable efforts to contain the spread of Covid-19?
  4. Politics has become more about long-winded rhetorics about different actions, and less about executing them.
  5. Can mass protests influence the decisions of the government?
  6. The pro-life stance on abortion laws of the government is absolutely problematic.
  7. Should the immigration policies adopted by the governments be more lenient towards the immigrants that move to different countries for work?
  8. Are political leaders always held accountable for indulging in corrupt practices?
  9. Has the United Nations been successful in resolving some of the major conflicts between countries in recent times?
  10. Should governments allow the widespread implementation of cryptocurrencies?

Controversial debate topics on education

  1. The politicisation of education and the government’s role in it.
  2. Will the use of technology fill in the absence of the quality administration and management of the education sector.
  3. Is the Bell Curve method justified in connecting race with intelligence?
  4. Are alternative education programs effective in terms of helping students at risk of failure?
  5. Should schools do away with the uniforms for students?
  6. The teaching standards in schools have been deteriorating in recent times.
  7. The need for maintaining cultural diversity in college or university campuses.
  8. Are teachers in the developing countries better equipped to adjust to the new learning methods pos-pandemic?
  9. Has online learning system been successful in terms of offering meaningful education to students?
  10. Is the standardised testing system the best way to assess the abilities of students?

Controversial environmental debate topics

  1. Does veganism have a significant impact on the environment?
  2. Should there be government impositions for reducing the carbon footprint on the businesses?
  3. Are the efforts of reforestation enough to counter the damages caused to the forests?
  4. The importance of building sustainable communities to save the environment.
  5. Has the ‘Fridays for future’ movement initiated by Greta Thunberg been successful in dealing with the major environmental issues?
  6. Do corporate organisations take environmental sustainability seriously?
  7. Widespread consumerism has doomed our environment.
  8. Is the free market environmentalism effective in conserving the environment?
  9. The impact of nanotechnology on the environment.
  10. Should there be strict regulations imposed on intensive farming?

Controversial business debate topics

  1. There should be a minimum wage system so that organisations don’t take advantage of their employees.
  2. Corporate organisations shouldn’t be allowed to make large campaign contributions to political candidates.
  3. A flexible work culture boosts the productivity of the employees.
  4. Companies
  5. The gender disparity when it comes to offering equal opportunities in the workplace is still present.
  6. Every company should provide free health insurance to all the employees working them.
  7. Should there be proper laws to regulate the unpredictability of part-time work schedules?
  8. Is it better to have a workforce working remotely or under the same roof?
  9. Should men be allowed to take paternity leaves?
  10. Should every organisation conduct proper medical tests of their employees to keep tabs on medical history?

Controversial medical debate topics

  1. Does nature have a cure for every health condition that people grapple with?
  2. Can a lack of social interaction have an adverse impact on an individual’s overall health?
  3. Is proper rehabilitation enough to deal with suicidal tendencies?
  4. A healthy lifestyle never guarantees a long life for anyone.
  5. Are psychological conditions often overdiagnosed?
  6. The Covid-19 situation has exposed the lack of attention of the governments towards healthcare.
  7. Will we live healthier if we remained in close contact with nature?
  8. Will the implementation of telemedicine system simplify the process of providing healthcare facilities?
  9. The unrealistic standards of body image often trigger eating disorders. 
  10. The consumption of dietary supplements does more harm than good.

Controversial debate topics on relationships

  1. Maintaining a healthy student-teacher relationship is essential for students’ achievements.
  2. Authoritative relationships between the boss and his/her employees result in lower productivity than friendly ones.
  3. The millennials have a tendency to complicate their relationships.
  4. Loyalty in relationships is slowly becoming scarce.
  5. Are the relationships today too influenced by materialism and consumerism?
  6. The global pandemic has helped bring harmony in people’s relationships.
  7. Do people today seek instant gratification from relationships as well?
  8. Parents have a major impact on the character development of a child.
  9. Do men find it difficult to keep their ego in check when it comes to conflicts in relationships?
  10. Communication gap or a lack of communication ruins most relationships today.

Controversial social debate topics

  1. The consumption of the internet should come under censorship.
  2. Corporate organisations should consider employing an equal number of men and women in the workforce.
  3. The social stigma around drug addicts prevents them from leading a normal life.
  4. Are we already a part of a dystopian society?
  5. The exercise of free will is only exclusive to the privileged section of the society.
  6. Do children today succumb to peer pressure too easily?
  7. The beauty industry needs to be more mindful of the environment while manufacturing the makeup products.
  8. The fashion industry has been more inclusive in terms of the representation of diverse communities.
  9. Was the #MeToo movement as effective in developing countries as it was in the USA?
  10. The false sense of nationalism often leads people to commit heinous crimes.

Controversial debate topics in sports

  1. Can sports survive without extensive media coverage?
  2. Should sportsmen/women be aggressive with their actions on the field?
  3. Diego Maradona should have been penalised for the “Hand of God” incident.
  4. There shouldn't be an imposition on the dress codes of women tennis players.
  5. Have sports become too commercialised these days?
  6. Children should be encouraged to take up at least one sport in their growing up years.
  7. Alcohol advertisements should be restricted during sports.
  8. People attending sports events in another country should be respectful of local customs.
  9. There should be frequent medical tests of student-athletes to keep track of their fitness levels.
  10. Playing a sport involves much more than just physical fitness.

Controversial debate topics in psychology

  1. Is using hypnosis the appropriate way to treat mental illnesses?
  2. Information overload is one of the leading cause of psychological disorders.
  3. Imagination and reality tend to have the same value for our brains.
  4. Does our uniqueness as individuals allow finding universal treatment for psychological disorders?
  5. Have we been successful in destigmatising mental illnesses?
  6. Psychological therapy isn't a perfect solution for dealing with mental or psychological disorders.
  7. Are children from dysfunctional families more prone to mental illnesses?
  8. Have we forgotten to draw the line between self-love and self-obsession?
  9. Our education system needs to be more accommodating towards students with learning disabilities.
  10. Is committing a crime as a way of coping with past trauma justified?

Controversial debate topics about food

  1. Creating fusion food preparations is disrespecting the culture and origin of a particular dish.
  2. Peer pressure is the root cause of eating disorders.
  3. Many renowned chocolate brands still indirectly promote child labour.
  4. Are all processed food manufacturing brands honest about the Nutritional details mentioned on the pack?
  5. Do consuming dark chocolates improve brain functions?
  6. Does the low-calorie or low-fat options of many processed food any good at preventing obesity or diabetes?
  7. Will the widespread practice of organic farming prompt the food processing and manufacturing industry to go out business?
  8. Can breakfast cereal help people lose weight?
  9. Do schools always follow food safety guidelines while providing meals to students?
  10. A person's eating habits have a lot to do with their level of self-esteem.

Final thoughts,

Whenever you find yourself wondering, “What is a great controversial debate topic to prepare for class?" you can always refer to this elaborate list to find something suitable. Finding the perfect controversial debate topic for your next classroom activity will be hassle-free as well.

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