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Explanation of PUBH6003 Principles And Practices Of Epidemiology

The PUBH6003 assignment answers course seeks to establish conceptual and practical education among the students of the course in various terms. Epidemiology is the study involving the practical application and distribution of data-driven, systematic, and scientific distribution of frequencies of patterns of determinants of risk factors and causes involving health-related events that are not just diseases and application among the specified population.

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The study also involves the application of the public health models for preventing and protecting the larger interests of a major chunk of the population. Hence, the PUBH6003 assignment answers course design focuses on proving a clear and distinct approach of studying public health with a prior emphasis on epidemiology. Prior to the completion of the PUBH6003 assessment answers course, the students will feel confident about their approach of seeing any epidemic or pandemic situation as is the case in the present context with respect to the COVID-19 pandemic. Controlled and balanced study the pattern of diseases, application and utilization of the relevant concepts, and harnessing necessary administrative steps will be taught in the course.

Unit Details

Location: - 2121 I St NW, Washington, DC 20052, United States

Study level: - Postgraduate

Unit code: - PUBH6003

Name of the College: Milken Institute of Public Health, The GWU, 950 New Hampshire Ave NW #2, Washington, DC 20052, United States

Name of the University: The George Washington University

Brief Assessment Of PUBH6003 Principles And Practices Of Epidemiology

The assessment of the PUBH6003 course is based on capacity of students to assemble and apply the concepts of epidemiology for the greater concern of public health. Moreover, the PUBH6003 assessment answers course seeks to assess the detailing of health science with prior importance on public health management. Assessment will also cover the way of looking into prior public health issues and their implication vis-a-vis epidemiological terms. In the present scenario, epidemiology is centered on foundational surveillance and activities of investigation.

Hence, major emphasis will be given to learning all necessary determinants, distribution factors, health-related issues, and proper application in the context of specific populations. Every day, public health is increasingly becoming challenging for the entire health scenario of the world. The COVID-19 pandemic has taught a new lesson to the global healthcare workers, policymakers, and concerned people. Challenges were unprecedented, obstacles were unbreakable, and toughness and complicity associated with the situation has not ended with a good level of confidence.

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Distribution of the public health assets and management of the necessary resources have not been marked well as far as the pandemic scene are concerned. It is just the study of determination, frequency-related aspects of evenly distributing various assets and commodities available for the population. Rate of the diseases that play a crucial role in governing present scenario and level of threats associated with any disease or epidemic or even pandemic. Size of the population of a community, area of governance, state, territory, district, or epidemiological area of a country is crucial via its census details and all necessary representation involving the size of different populations and what is the health status of the said population concerned. Determinants are the next factor of epidemiological study which is governed by the search for causes of diseases and other factors influencing the health status of a said population group.

The occurrence of health-related factors depends on the overall infrastructural development and level of initiatives taken by a government of a chosen country or state. However, with respect to the current scenario due to the pandemic, the public health systems of the countries are falling apart and shattering into pieces. The catastrophic nature of the job of epidemiologists are becoming tougher due to a lot of issues. Firstly, there are challenges regarding data management and accurate information of the status in individual health districts or public health sectors. IT and internet technologies are remarkably serving the purpose with impetus on acknowledging the susceptibility of disease and providing distinct figures, statistics, and data to the state or federal health ministries.

Increasing the opportunities and scope of exposure to a larger chunk of the population will not serve the purpose of managing or containing a disease. But, whenever, the whole population will be taken into consideration from an epidemiological perspective, there will be a significant improvement and positive chances of getting rid of a pandemic scenario. Hence, the course will cover all of the necessary areas related to public health and epidemiological context.

What is the Weightage of this PUBH6003 Course Code in Their Semester?

The PUBH6003 task solution course has a weightage of 3 credit points and marked weightage as far as the outcome of the course is concerned. There are methods, application scenarios, outbreak scenes, standardization of diseases and their assessments, and measures of studying frequencies are included in the course with significant weightage. Moreover, studies of the variety of infections, the scope of chronic and acute health conditions, and other factors that affect a population are included in the course. In addition to that, the PUBH6003 task solution course bears special importance on studying various cases studies related to public health concerns and past failures in this direction. Acute, chronic, and terminal health conditions and their effective redressal are included in the curriculum of PUBH6003.

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All of the studies are equivalent to the masters' level of studies and knowledge from the PUBH6003 assignment answers course include judicious use of public health knowledge and application of such studies. Concerning the specified population that are the most affected from a disease is opted out first and isolated as per the legal codes of procedures. During the initial phases of the COVID-19 pandemic, the pandemic was infecting the elderly people more as they have comorbidities and scope of terminal illness form other complicated diseases.

However, the application of these lessons becomes very important as a failure of such application lead to catastrophic results in modulating or moderating the effects of a disease. All such areas are given weightage in the course with marked details and impetus. Moreover, the course also covers who, what, when, and were related to an epidemic or pandemic situation. Application of all of these factors is shuffled in a strategic manner and taught to the students so that they can contribute significantly CDC and the US's greater interests of public health.

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