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Explain 102507 The Gothic Assignment Answers Course Code

In literature Gothic is one of the unique aspects. Gothic literature is actually termed for explaining something which describes horror or mystery or gloom. It can often be referred to as something which is rude or barbaric. Gothic is a term that originated in the medieval age. Gothic Arts were found during the 1200s some of the noble examples of the same is inclusive of the Abbey of St-Denis, Sens Cathedral.

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In the 18th century, Gothic Literature started growing in the European countries for describing the literary moment that is romantic. It is literature that lays strong emphasis upon strong emotional artefacts and club up the terror with pleasure, romance with death and more. One of the most common aspects of the Gothic genre is picturesque scenery dark in nature and eerie stories surrounding the same.

In the twentieth century, Gothic Fiction is often regarded as a Gothic horror Story, however, it is basically considered to be a Victorian fashion Horror Genre. They are mainly the literature that covers pain, horror, death and at times romance associated with the same. The early contributors of this genre are inclusive Ann Radcliffe, William Thomas Beckford, Clara Reeve and more. The gothic genre aims to make people feel pain, emotion and pleasurable terror all at the same time while going through that set of literature. This also contributed to the expansion of the romantic genre in literature during that time. The common pleasure aspects which were used in Gothic Literature were considered to be sublime. It is the piece of literature that refers to the usage of languages and expressions which helps in exciting thoughts of the people. These helped in expressing an unexpressed feeling which is beyond an individual's thought process. There were certain precursors of Gothic Literature and they are inclusive of Medievalism, Mysterious imagination, Macabre and morbid, Emotional aesthetic and lastly Political influences as well. Gothics helped in explaining mysterious aspects and demonstration of dark literary artefact which shall excite a mind and impel them to dive deeper into the subject.

After completion of the 102507 assignment answers coursework, the students shall be able to understand the ways in which Gothic Literature can be developed in future. They shall study some of the early gothic novels and writing patterns and shall be able to compare the modern-day gothic with the Victorian times gothic. Horace Walpole was the first one to introduce this genre in 1764, with his incredible creation, The Castle of Otranto. The aim was to combine medieval romance, which was in pandemonium at that time. After which the genre was unique and became some of the most intense pieces of literature when the authors like Clara Reeve wrote The Old English Barron in 1778 and soon after numerous other authors started writing the same. These books let an individual understand the custom trends and values of medieval society and how courtship and romantic relationships were deemed to be too fanatic for the people.

102507 assessment answers coursework aims to revisit the Gothic literary genre. The aim is to determine how the gothic forms help in the process of negotiation with the cultural anxieties of the society. This includes the usage of cultural aspects like race, gender, sexuality, scientific behaviour, religion and class. This shall make use of the books and films from the twentieth century as well.

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Unit Details

Location: Western Sydney University, Sydney, Australia.

Study Level: Bachelors

Unit Code: 102507

Brief of 102507 The Gothic  Assessment

As mentioned above, 102507 assessment answers course code circulates gothic literature which is a unique genre in the world of literature. The students shall be able to learn the ways in which Gothic Literature have changed the literature or the horror genre. They can understand the steps and stages that must be taken into consideration while studying and understanding gothic literature. They shall thus be able to differentiate between the modern Gothic Literature to the 18th or 19th Century Gothic Literature and artefacts. In the twentieth century, Gothic Fiction is often regarded as a Gothic horror Story, however, it is basically considered to be a Victorian fashion Horror Genre. They are mainly the literature that covers pain, horror, death and at times romance associated with the same.

In fact, they shall be able to collect knowledge and demonstrate their understanding of the Gothic Literature and gothic Novels that has been written back in the 18th century and be able to understand the social and cultural aspects of the European countries during the Medieval age.

All these shall the students for understand the changes that the society have made and the aspects which are in desperate need of amendments even in the modern world or the society.

102507 assessment answers is however for ensuring that the students portray their knowledge and understanding of Gothic Literature, the rich culture, romanticism, horror, terror and pleasure and their combinations in the literary work.

In the following section, certain guidelines are provided which should be followed by the students for ensuring completion of the work.

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Weightage Of 102507 The Gothic Assignment Course Code

There are 40 credit points that are allotted for the completion of 102507 task solution course. The students shall be able to demonstrate their writing and analytical skills such that they can cope with the analysis of gothic literature.

The word count of the assessment should not exceed more than 2000. The 102507 assessment answers comprises various parts which shall be discussed with the professors later on. Another important part of the assessment shall be followed while conducting the assignment references. Here the references shall be provided in Harvard style. Students shall not make use of any unfair means for completing the assessment. Each student should make use of the Turn It In software for the completion of the assessment. Plagiarism shall be checked and the percentage of plagiarism should be provided with the report. A constant font and style shall be maintained in the assessment. That is, students should make use of readable fonts, like times new roman, Georgia, Arial, or Calibri body and the font size should be standard which is 11 or 12 font size.

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