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Explaining the 11550 Master Of Social Work Course Code

The 11550 Master Of Social Work course code is associated with the masters of social work. The Master of Social Work (MSW) refers to an accredited program that offer increased level of professional opportunities in the direct phase and paves ways towards becoming the licensed social worker clinically (LCSW).

Earning a MSW makes the candidate increasingly competitive within the job market where they are able to pursue increased level of lucrative programs while exploring the opportunities of advancement. An MSW takes a minimum of 1 to 2 years to complete. Those receiving the advanced degree in the social work might work as the mental health, medical and the education fields providing support as the therapists like social workers of healthcare, school and clinics. Obtaining the MSW will help in opening the door to the exciting and new career opportunities.

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The 11550 assignment answers course code is associated to Victoria University which is one of the reputed public research universities of Melbourne Australia.

Unit Details

The 11550 assessment answers unit describe the knowledge and skills necessary for establishing the standards for the production and design of the organizational documents and in managing the document production for ensuring production and design of the organizational documents and in managing the document design as well as the production process for ensuring meeting of the agreed standards. It is applicable to the individuals employed within range of the work environment who requires well-deserved skills for using them in establishing, documenting and implementing consistent standards of the document design within the organization.

Location: Werribee, Footscray Nicholson

Study Level: Vocational and further education (TAFE)

Unit Code: 11550

Brief Of The 11550 Master Of Social Work Assessment

Assessment task shall be designed for extending and reinforcing the skill and the knowledge competence within controlled and set parameters according to the learning outcome and the requirements of the performance criteria including setting of the work-related task of practical application designed for providing evidence to the competence outcomes within the scheduled and periodic timelines.

In 11550 assessment answers students are expected to demonstrate the necessary skills like identification of the needs of the organization, capabilities of information technology and requirements which is relevant to production and design of the documents, establishment of the documentation standards for meeting the requirements of the organization including testing, designing and amending the document template. It also involves implementation and development of the training and documentation for supporting the use of the standard templates and monitoring the implementation of the standard documentation of the template and undertake improvements according to the requirements of the organization.

Students are also expected in demonstrating process of document production, identification of the cost involved with implementation of the standard documentation. It also involves identification of the key provisions of the relevant regulations and the legislations, standards and codes affecting the production of the document outlining the procedures and policies relating to production of document.

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Weightage of the 11550 Master Of Social Work Course Code in the Semester?

The 11550 task solution course code is the part of the curriculum with grades dependent on it. A master degree in the social work can aid the student in earning a higher salary in addition to the providing of the other advantages. The other reasons for earning the MSW degree include offering of better services and support to the client, job security and the opportunity for the personal fulfillment.

The knowledge gained through the course code enables the student in gaining an opportunity of serving the others. It helps them in identifying the people who need help, assess the situation and develop plans for addressing the needs. It also provides opportunity and resources for working with the people from the vulnerable populations like immigrants and the people who happen to be homeless, victim of abuse and the members of LGBT community. As social workers social workers also hold the desire of serving others, fighting for then social justice, making difference in the lives of the people and in acting with integrity.

They happen to be compassionate, kind, caring, generous and connected directly to nature of the work. A career in the social work also provides the students job security as there shall be communities that requires advocates and resources. The reports of the Bureau of the Labor Statistics indicates that job growth for the social workers is expected towards increasing by close to 12 percent by the year 2024 that is almost double of the growth in the average growth in the job rate which is only 7 percent. The 11550 assessment answers course code also provides the students massive career options. Depending on the demand, having master degree aids in more competitive candidate for job which allows a person in advancing the career.

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Social workers having more credentials and experience get the positions whenever they make bigger impact on the lives of the client. This degree also enhances the chances of getting a higher position with bigger responsibility earlier in the career.  Students through this course code also get an insight to the advanced level of training and education. The programs of MSW combines the academics with the practical thinking within the field allowing a person in demonstrating the ability in doing the work even before a student graduates. In addition to the fieldwork a masters in the social work program seem to offer an advanced level of training in the research and statistics, psychotherapy, politics and the social welfare. Thus, students can play a key role in changing the world through helping people in escaping poverty, in finding the jobs or overcoming the addiction.

As the social worker, students can bring about a change to the world through improving lives of individuals. It is also to be noted that social workers are allowed to choose between the various employment fields and hence skills will be required everywhere. This implies that jobs can be found easily. While as social worker, the students shall have higher work load but they will also be flexible relatively with regard to where they work and the type of work they seem to do. There are various opportunities of advancement and growth in this field.

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