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Explanation of 15325 Negotiation And Conflict Management Course Code

The course code 15325 Negotiation And Conflict Management is concentrated on negotiation and conflict management. The subject aids in the development of the skills of the student for the process of dispute resolution. This involves conflict and negotiation management, arbitration, and mediation and its application in dealing with the escalation of the conflicts in the projects. Students need to work on various scenarios within an intensive workshop mode supported by the online materials of learning while integrating the knowledge gained on the different aspects of dispute resolution learned as part of the individual final assignment.

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On the successful completion of the subject, students should be in a position to demonstrate effective communication with regard to conflict management within the project environment. This also involves understanding the motivations and the triggers for the conflict and the different stages of the conflict process. Understanding and applying a range of mediation, negotiation, adjudication, and arbitration process for the management of conflict. Critically analyzing the situations of conflict and the suitable methods for the management of conflict. This 15325 assignment answers course code also involves the adjustment and the reflection of the approaches to conflict management for suiting the context and enabling effective levels of interactions.

The 15325 assessment answers course code also takes into account the understanding and application of the key criteria for the design of the process of dispute resolution and conflict management for inclusion in the contracts. When it comes to the proposed learning outcome of the 15325 assignment answers course, the subject contributes to the ability to effectively using then written communication in the projects at the professional level. Ability to apply and extend the knowledge of the advanced level of project management. The 15325 assessment answers course also involves the ability to actively reflect on and improve the project practice along with an ability to think critically and synthesize complex data.

The 15325 assessment answers course code is associated with Victoria University which is a university that allows public research and is located in Melbourne, Victoria. It is one of the dual sector universities across Australia that provides courses both in Technical and Further Education (TAFE) and higher education. The year 2016 is marked as the centenary year for this university. The university has various campuses across the central business district of Melbourne, Sydney, and the region around Western Melbourne and comprises six research institutes, an academic college, seven centers for research, and the Polytechnic of Victoria provides vocational training and education. It also seems to offer courses at partner institutions across Asia. The university has a campus which is located across the western region of the Melbourne and City Centre. The new City Tower of Victoria University represents one of the tall vertical campuses which is yet to be completed. The university also has one of its campuses located across central Sydney.

Unit Details

The 15325 assignment answers unit happens to describe the knowledge along with the required skills for the establishment of the standards for the production and the design of the organizational documents and in managing the document design as well as the production process for ensuring the meeting of the agreed standards. It holds applicability for the individuals who remain employed within a range of work environment that requires well-oriented skills. The skills are generally used for documentation, establishment, and implementation of consistent standards related to the design of a document in an organization.

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Location: Sydney

Study Level: Vocational and Further education (TAFE)

Unit Code: 15325

Brief of the 15325 Negotiation And Conflict Management Assessment

The assessment task is generally designed for extending and reinforcing the skill and knowledge competence within controlled and set parameters according to the learning outcome of each unit along with the criteria for performance requirements. This also includes the setting of the practical task of the work-based application that is designed for providing evidence of the competence outcomes within the scheduled and periodic timelines. Students are generally expected in demonstrating the necessary skills like identification of the organizational needs, capabilities, and requirements of information technology relevant to the production and the design of the documents. This also involves establishing documentation for meeting the requirements of the organization related to the test, design and amending of the document templates. Students are also expected to implement and develop the training and documentation for supporting the use of the standard templates while making improvements to the requirements of the organization.

Weightage of the 15325 Negotiation And Conflict Management Course Code in Their Semester

The 15325 task solution course code is part of the curriculum with grades depending on it and hence holds a weightage. The delivery of the 15325 task solution course code shall include the lectures on the key concepts, presentation by the lectures on applications of the concepts as well as opportunities for active learning through the targeted activities. Such activities seem to be integrated throughout sessions of the group work and the in-class presentations by the groups of students. In addition to this, there is the application of certain flipped strategies of learning to comprise of the use of the pre-readings, content related to multimedia, and the assessment tool that should be completed before the first season.

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The pre-readings will result in the assessment of the pre-workshop for accessing the preparation and understanding of the business. During the sessions of the class, students will be put in groups for facilitating peer learning. Drawing on the lectures and the readings, the students shall explore pre-decided topics and work on the group task. To demonstrate the understanding of the student an exercise containing a presentation is used for assisting and summarizing their understanding. There exist various sources for supporting the learning objectives of the subject.

These are usually available in the learning Canvas on the system of learning management put across by the university. The online resource includes recommended and essential readings which supported the lectures by providing the students with an overview of the issues related to the content of the subject while highlighting the ideas and concepts that are crucial.

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