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42908 Engineering Project Preparation

Published : 23-Oct,2021  |  Views : 10


What the project is about, what the main content will be, what the main aim or objectives were, and what the main findings could be. It is nice to end with a strong sentence that highlights the significance of the work to be undertaken and any long-standing contribution to the body of knowledge. Remember that this is a proposal of work to be done and so you might also say something about the motivation and feasibility.

Introduce the general area of interest of the project, setting out any advancements and challenges of interest. What is the relevance of the work at an academic and applied/industry level? Then introduce more fully the specific investigation addressed in the project proposal and perhaps even set out the main goal of the work (Note: different to the research question!). Say very briefly what is then to come in the layout of the proposal. Note: the intro should include general references to back up the points made.


Heartbeat oximeter is a therapeutic instrument that can recognize heart - rate and oxygen immersion as marks of our level of wellbeing condition. It can be executed as a little gadget, and subsequently, has been utilized generally in various applications. The center hypothesis behind  pulse oximeter is the changeability of the assimilation coefficient of photons experiencing human tissues at various wavelength. Since individuals are thinking about the measure of oxygen immersion in our blood, the particular wavelength district ought to be settled which is the touchiest to the oxygen in our blood. In our blood, oxygenated hemoglobin (Hb) as well as deoxygenated hemoglobin (deoxy - Hb) , which can be utilized to gauge human blood oxygen level, have more grounded safeguards of light with wavelength in the scope of 650 nm - 1000 nm  .

In this wavelength go, different layers of human body, for example water as well as fat, have a low ingestion coefficient contrasting that of oxygenated hemoglobin along with deoxygenated hemoglobin. Additionally, the light assimilation of Hb as well as deoxy - Hb at the two unique wavelengths is extraordinary. At the point when the light of around 650 nm wavelength is produced to our blood, deoxy - Hb ingests more than oxy. Also, the other way around , if the wavelength is around 1000 nm, a larger part bit of photons are consumed by Hb. In this way, the proportion of assimilation at the two distinct wavelengths can be utilized to decide the oxygen immersion level in the blood.

State-of-the-art/Literature Review

This wrist band pulse oximeter extend in applications from restorative to fitness. Customers will expect comparable highlights as well as these should be adjusted with the emphasis getting the correct measure for the user pulse rate (Forget P,2010). The three prerequisite regions wrist band pulse oximeter picked are utilitarian, execution, along with interface. Useful prerequisites list how the gadget ought to work (G. Ingram, 2011). Execution prerequisites list what ought to be quantifiably expected of the wrist band. Interface prerequisites list what the client ought to anticipate from connecting with the wrist band (Safeer  , 2015).

Practical prerequisites

  • The band of the gadget ought to be agreeable to wear for 24X7 hours. This implies it's sweat/water safe, ought to be made of a skin benevolent material, as well as be movable to fit most wrists (Adochiei , 2011).
  • The LEDs as well as photodiodes should lay as flush to the skin as conceivable to limit clamor to the photodiodes and keep them from rubbing in an awkward way (Debas H,2006).
  • The gadget should show exact and auspicious information in view of real estimations.

Execution prerequisites

  • The battery life should be sufficiently long so the wrist band endures through out the day .
  • The equipment ought to have the capacity to process at a rate of 40 Hz to show convenient and precise information (Watthanawisuth,2010).
  • The precision of the information showed ought to be inside 3% . As a result of the commence for building the wrist band to keep a condition which has a little resistance for blunder, anything under 3% would put the person in danger (Rekha Chandra  R,2015).

Interface necessities

  • The interface ought to be instinctive to utilize so the person doesn't need to spend excessively mental aptitude working it. The objective of the gadget is to anticipate accident so if the interface cautions the pilot of low blood oxygen level however the pilot crashes since he's upsetting the interface, the gadget isn't achieving its’ objective (Pang,2014).
  • Content ought to be as substantial as conceivable. Cases needs to limit diversions and the bigger the content, the less time the pilot needs to spend endeavoring to peruse what the content says (Cannesson, 2008).

Research Question, Aim/Objectives  and Sub-goals

Inquiries regardless we have:

Is there a less complex approach to direct a heartbeat oximeter? How might we better see a portion of the parts and gadgets we intend to utilize? What materials do we as of now have that we won't have to represent in our aggregate cost?


As a rule, nonstop oximetry detecting is required so as to assemble enough measures of information so a legitimate examination can follow. This implies the client ought to be furnished with a gadget he can wear ceaselessly, that can quantify beat oxymetry, with least distress amid every day exercises, therefore diminishing relinquishment rates. My objective will be to attempt and utilize the MAX30102 sensor, which is a little and lightweight heartbeat oxymetry sensor offered by the organization Maxim Integrated, to ideally create a wristband prepared to do continuously observing oximetry levels in the patient. The initial phase in this venture is to distinguish the exactness of the sensor, how splendidly lit conditions affect it (since light may diffuse the red and infrared light from the sensor), how the position of the sensor influences comes about, and in addition the impacts of skin temperature.


A pulse oximeter is used to gage the level of submersion in a man's blood. A sensor is put over a bit, periphery part of the patient's body which non-rudely sends light waves through, for instance, a finger to a photodetector. It is most consistently used as a piece of clinical settings, and was first for the most part used as a piece of 1964 and sold by Hewlett-Packard. Regardless, its usage was to a great degree limited by size and cost. Starting now and into the foreseeable future, it has been made to be considerably more diminutive, more affordable and more successful. The beat oximeter gives the level of blood doused by oxygen and can relate such regards to hemoglobin drenching. We are both enthused about how it capacities, as we were involved with the social protection field. Progressing creative headway along these lines propels understanding outcomes. The "mystery" of this advancement is the way the oximeter can distinguish differentiates in a human finger or blood obsessions and volumes to give dependable results about oxygen submersion. Speaking to these abberations is in every way the most complex bit of the technique, as the data amassing from light wave control seems, by all accounts, to be more speculatively and physically fitting.

Research technique

The examination for this task was finished utilizing different on the web and diary sources. Different colleges as well as universities have distributed papers handling a comparative gadget and moving toward it in various ways. This exploration yielded thoughts for arrangements and testing.

Group specialized strategy

The groups' primary type of correspondence is through week after week gatherings where the arrangement for every week is set. Present and future deterrents were likewise talked about amid this time with the objective of guaranteeing that each colleague was a la mode on the undertaking.

Outline Method

The group explored the beat oximetry industry and contrasted the present items accessible with buyers. This examination incorporates look ing into plan options. This is additionally when the select particle of which segments to use for the distinctive parts of the task happens .

The group concentrated on getting all the individual segments of the task working. This include s constructing a seat top transmittance oximeter model . This model demonstrated that the majority of the parts cooperated. This stage is a change al organize in the vicinity of one and three.

The group progressed the seat top model of a transmittance oximeter into a reflectance show. The group built up a lodging unit and experienced emphasess or plan change. The group built up a realistic UI and cautioning framework. This stage is a transitional stage in the vicinity of three and four.

The group incorporated the diverse parts of the band top model, lodging unit, realistic UI, and cautioning framework into one working model. This model and alongside this report were the last deliverable s for the venture.

Testing Method

Cases utilized an iterative testing strategy. The approach was to build up an objective and break it into littler sub - errands. Each subtask was looked into and an answer was composed, actualized , and tried. In the event that the arrangement actualized is effectively tried, at that point the following undertaking is begun. On the off chance that the arrangement actualized doesn't tackle the issue, at that point the procedure is rehashed.

Experimental Set-up

The motivation behind this task was to plan and assemble a model of a reflection oximeter framework. From the expectations in this report future work will have the capacity to be finished to create a market prepared gadget. The expectations for this report are recorded underneath .

Transmittance Oximeter Prototype

This was the main model created to show the practicality of a heartbeat oximeter framework. This framework is exceptionally simple and utilized for framework tests and s oftware advancement.

Reflectance Oximeter Prototype

This is the principle deliverable for this undertaking. This is the blend of the greater part of the diverse frameworks that chipped away at for this undertaking. This model could be taken and formed into an attractive item.

Oximeter Circuit Design

The equipment for this framework shall be consolidated into one schematic utilizing CAD framework. A circuit was then made from this record so a created circuit board could be printed.Using the estimated size of the last plan hardware if fabricated on a PCB and the sizes of other comparable gadgets, the group utilized Inventor to make an idea outline of what the last item would look like on the off chance that it was produced completely and conveyed to advertise.

Results, Outcome and Relevance

The proposed gadget isn't planned for restorative applications yet rather for competitors to pilots and drivers. Pilots and drivers specifically need to know when their blood oxygen level starts to drop. Lamentably, most business, versatile heartbeat oximeters are implied for spot checking and are too unwieldy to wear . This heartbeat oximeter will be a genuine - time gadget intended to be worn by the client and equipped for notice the client when his or her blood oxygenation dips under a specific point. This notice will ready pilots, drivers to the beginning times of hypoxia. Competitors can likewise make utilization of this element to better comprehend their execution. In the event that their blood oxygen level starts to plunge, they will realize that it is their cardiovascular framework that is keeping them down. The final product design shall look like this:

Project Planning and Gantt Chart

Task Name




Wrist Band Pulse Oximeter

104 days

Mon 10/23/17

Thu 3/15/18

   Iteration Stage

30 days

Mon 10/23/17

Fri 12/1/17

   System Design Stage

30 days

Mon 12/4/17

Fri 1/12/18

      Scope of project

10 days

Mon 12/4/17

Fri 12/15/17

      Architecture design

10 days

Mon 12/18/17

Fri 12/29/17

      Testing & Finalize system design

10 days

Mon 1/1/18

Fri 1/12/18

   System Development

18 days

Mon 1/15/18

Wed 2/7/18

      Software coding

7 days

Mon 1/15/18

Tue 1/23/18

      Develop Prototype

3 days

Wed 1/24/18

Fri 1/26/18

      Test and Update Prototype

2 days

Mon 1/15/18

Tue 1/16/18

      Finalize Development

2 days

Mon 1/29/18

Tue 1/30/18

      Document Development

6 days

Wed 1/31/18

Wed 2/7/18

   Final Integration

20 days

Thu 2/8/18

Wed 3/7/18

      Integration Testing

2 days

Thu 2/8/18

Fri 2/9/18

      User Acceptance Testing

16 days

Mon 2/12/18

Mon 3/5/18

      Maintenance and Deployment

2 days

Tue 3/6/18

Wed 3/7/18


6 days

Thu 3/8/18

Thu 3/15/18


While making gadget like this wrist Pulse oximeter which requires the procurement of  signs such as PPGs, it is hard to guarantee the respectability of the signs that are obtained. This causes the arrangement of the sensor on the wrist to be imperative. This would help us to acquire genuinely solid result from the wrist due to the more grounded motions because of the abnormal amounts of bone as well as ubcutaneous tissues in these areas around wrist. Our outlined System is Considering Switch on, on Putting switch on we can hear the beep of caution from the wrist band. The fundamental discoveries alluding to development standards of this framework might be compressed as following.

  • The pulse rate gives the side effects of languor. Pulse can be measured through the wrist.
  • Our investigations archived that time area highlight subsets yielded every one of the points of interest and drawbacks of innovations had been utilized for pulse rate location.
  • We found that before systems utilized are exorbitant the same number of expensive types of gear have been utilized.

As proposed framework is wrist band, issue may emerge of thickness of the skin of the individual. As both red and Infra - red LEDs will go the light through the skin.

 The future research should address the point of expanding force of light beams went through the Skin. Heartbeat sensors are utilized as a part of this framework to identify the expansion in beat rate .If the recorded heartbeat rate is more than the limit esteem an alarm is raised for the person. In this way the we can avoid mishaps can be dodged however much as could be expected if such a framework is utilized.


Adochiei   F.,   Rotariu C.,   Ciobotariu   R.,   Costin   H., May 12-14, 2011 A Wireless  Low Power  Pulse  Oximetry  System  for  Patient Telemonitoring,   The   7th   International   Symposium   on  Advanced  Topics  In  Electrical  Engineering, 

Cannesson, M.; Desebbe, O.; Rosamel, P.; Delannoy, B.; Robin, J.; Bastien, O.; Lehot, J.-J. (2008). "Pleth variability index to monitor the respiratory variations in the pulse oximeter plethysmographic waveform amplitude and predict fluid responsiveness in the operating theatre". British Journal of Anaesthesia. 101 (2): 200–206.

Ca i  Q.,  Sun  J.,  Xia  L.,  Zhao  X.  Implementation  of  a  Wireless  Pulse  Oximeter  Based  on  Wrist  Ba nd  Sensor ,  Biomedical Engineering and Informatics (BMEI), 2010 3rd  International Conference, 2010.

Debas H, Gosselin R, McCord C, Thind A. Surgery. In: Jamison D, Breman JG, Measham AR, et al.,  eds. Disease Control Priorities in Developing Countries, 2nd ed . New York: Oxford University Press and  Washington, DC: The World Bank; 2006: 1245 – 1260.

  1. A. Ashley and J. Niebauer, “Conquering the ecg,” 2004. Retrieved on 21st October, 2017.

Forget P, Lois F, de Kock M. Goal-Directed Fluid Management Based on the Pulse Oximeter-Derived Pleth Variability Index Reduces Lactate Levels and Improves Fluid Management. Anesth Analg 2010.

Pang, GKH  Chao, M “ A Neo - reflective Wrist Pulse Oximeter”  IEEE Access, 2014, v. 2, p. 1562 - 1567.

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