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MGT723 Research Proposal

Published : 23-Oct,2021  |  Views : 10


  1. What is the theory that the proposed research is testing.
  2. What methods will be used to undertake the research What does the author say are the advantages of the proposed methods over existing studies
  3. What are the data sources used
  4. Does the proposed research involve primary or secondary data collection Explain your answer.
  5. What ethical considerations has the researcher taken into account in designing the research
  6. Are there any ethical considerations that they have failed to consider
  7. What are the main variables to be used and how are they to be operationalised
  8. What are the sampling frames for the different data collections and what is the sampling method for each.
  9. How might the study be used Assess the limitations of this study What are the implications of this.


The research paper that has been taken into consideration deals with the relationship between neighbourhood public disorder and child conduct problems. The following research paper aims at explaining the relationship between the two mentioned aspects with the help of Broken Window Theory.

             Broken window theory is the method that would be applied in this research paper to conduct the research that has been framed. This method would be beneficial in analysing the listed structure  of higher physical and social disorders of higher overall neighbourhood crime rates (Engel, et al., 2014).

            The following research proposal aims at utilising the data to be retrieved from three sources of data. The three data sources could be listed as follows:

  • Data obtained from the sub sample of children participating in the Longitudinal Study Australian Children (LSAC)
  • 2006 Australian census that deals with the structural characteristics study of child census collector district (CD) neighbourhoods
  • Systematic social observations of study child neighbourhood cds obtained through a new approach involving the use of Google maps street view.

            The research process has used secondary data in order to analyse the case. It has retrieved its data from three sources. These data are then subjected to statistical analysis with the help of tools like geo-coding and ordinary least squares. The secondary data that would be derived from the sources mentioned above would be helpful in achieving the aims of the research paper.

            The researcher in the research proposal undertakes two ethical considerations. Firstly, in order to retrieve the data from longitudinal study Australian children. Secondly, in order to analyse the data of the Australian consensus, permission had been taken from the government library to analyse the data to be used in the formulation the broken window theory.

            An ethical consideration, which the research paper could have included is that they should have taken the permission of parents before questioning them regarding their children (McMillan & Schumacher, 2014).  

            The dependent variables of the research paper along with the operational measurement technique could be listed as follows:

Chid Conduct Problems: the child conduct problems would  be analysed among the children in the kindergarten cohort of lsac as measured in the primary parent wave 3 questionnaire and will be measured in the wave 4 primary parent questionnaire.

Neighbourhood Location Data: the neighbourhood location data would be analysed aiming the children in the kindergarten cohort of lsac as measured in the primary parent wave 3 questionnaire and will be measured in the wave 4 primary parent questionnaire

Physical Disorder: physical disorder in studying child neighbourhood would be analysed through a systematic social observation protocol scale that consists of ten forms of physical disorder.

Social Disorder: the social disorder prevailing among the children would be analysed by a 6 item scale in the systematic social observation protocol.

Neighbourhood Concentrated Advantages: with the help of Australian census of the year 2006, index of relative social economic disadvantages would measured using concentrated disadvantage in each cd.

Neighbourhood Racial Heterogeneity: he Australian census o 2006 would help in assessing the racial heterogeneity in the neighbourhood cds by measuring the amount of people in each cd neighbourhood belonging to non-English speaking background.

Neighbourhood Residential Mobility: the Australian census of 2006 would be assessed for the mobility of the residential people by tracking the people who have changed their addresses in the span of five years.

            The research design of the proposal that has been taken into considerations consists of three sampling frames. First sample fame would be acknowledged by describing the study of children longitudinally. In this aspect, the student’s sub sample from the LSAC investigation has been taken under consideration research work and the data of LSAC used in this study (Welsh, Braga & Bruinsma, 2015). In this following analysis, the second sample that would be taken into consideration is the 2006 Australian census data. Coding the neighbourhood physical and social disorder could be done with the help of Google map street view (Ten Have, et al., 2014). Main emphasis is laid on the systematic social observation protocol that would be analysed to record the signs of social and physical disorder in the study of every child in the neighbourhood collector district.  A detailed description of the variable measures is used in the present study with the help of all the sample data listed.

            The following research analysis that has been taken into consideration would be helpful in analysing the signs of physical and social disorder on the children of the neighbourhood using the theory of broken window. This research work would be one of a kind because, broken window theory has not been used to analyse the child conduct problems earlier in any kind of research works. This would be one of a kind and original in nature.

            The research work faces two limitations that could be stated as :

  • Google street view map do not support the street view of all the areas in Australia (Kelly, et al., 2013)
  • Lack of appropriate information to be retrieved from the parents on the questionnaires provided.

The implications of such limitations would state that the analysis of the street view would not be as appropriate as aimed for and the malfunctioning of the appropriate information from the parents would lead to certain conclusion that would be against the reality.


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Kelly, C. M., Wilson, J. S., Baker, E. A., Miller, D. K., & Schootman, M. (2013). Using Google Street View to audit the built environment: inter-rater reliability results. Annals of Behavioral Medicine, 45(1), 108-112.

McMillan, J. H., & Schumacher, S. (2014). Research in education: Evidence-based inquiry. Pearson Higher Ed.

Ten Have, M., De Graaf, R., Van Weeghel, J., & Van Dorsselaer, S. (2014). The association between common mental disorders and violence: to what extent is it influenced by prior victimization, negative life events and low levels of social support?. Psychological medicine, 44(07), 1485-1498.

Welsh, B. C., Braga, A. A., & Bruinsma, G. J. (2015). Reimagining broken windows: From theory to policy. Journal of Research in Crime and Delinquency, 52(4), 447-463.

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