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What is BUSN20016 Research In Business Assessment Answers course code?

BUSN20016 Research In Business is the process of acquisition of all data that is related to the business or industry. The data can be both external factors and internal factors. This data is later processed and analyzed to find out various managerial solutions to challenges or growth planning. Based on the data the business will decide on its ultimatum. The business is an ongoing process that has the aim of sustainability, while pursuing this goal many decisions are to be made, and many questions are needed to be answered. These answers and decisions are based on research and analytics. In modern-day business and competition, every industry puts extreme priority over business and information management.

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There are various types of business research and the aim is to make sure that the right category of research is chosen for the specific action and on top of that based on the category of research different purposes will be fulfilled. The BUSN20016 Research In Business Assessment Answers unit will teach the students and make them job-ready so that can conduct business research of all kinds and also draw up conclusions.

This BUSN20016 Research In Business unit provides the essential skills and techniques for designing, implementing, and evaluating research in business contexts. It provides an in-depth introduction to the critical thinking and planning required in the initial stages of a thesis or research project.  The importance of BUSN20016 Research In Business Assessment is immense and there is no doubt that in modern-day business competition the company will have better research on the background, this code or rather BUSN20016 unit is taught extensively at the CQ University Australia.

Unite details

Location – Australia

Study level – Post Graduate

Unit code – BUSN20016

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Brief of BUSN20016 Research In Business Assignment Answers Course Code

The students in BUSN20016 Research In Business Assignment course are not only taught the basic theoretical principles of business research but also taught the importance of research. They will be taught not only the research methods and how to conduct them but also how to draw up conclusions from the research. How they can reach a decision or prepare a business research report which will help in decision making. This is taught in the BUSN20016 Research In Business unit and is extremely important in building a proper management system.

There are various types of research and some of the most popular ones that will be extensively taught in the BUSN20016 Research In Business Assignment unit are survey research, correlational research, casual-comparative research, experimental research, focus groups, interviews, case study research, and many more. The students are made to understand the necessity and are taught in such a way that they can read the data and after analysis has the mindset and skill-set to draw up a solution with recommendations to make the business better.

The idea is to make sure that students are familiar with all the various popular methods of business research which are conducted both on qualitative and quantitative methods. Because for various projects or for different scenarios and industry the company may ask for different research methods that are when students must be ready to follow the accurate research methods to deliver the desired outcome.

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When it comes to the delivery of the BUSN20016 Research In Business Assignment course due to the recent pandemic the university has made available both options for offline as well as complete online digital methods of study. However, the most recent development has stopped the ongoing offline classes for BUSN20016 Research In Business and made all courses fully online teaching.

They have developed a special simple to use student portal that has the frameworks of social media hence the user interface is simple and easy to use. Students and teachers can access their own using the university-provided credentials. All online lectures will be live and students’ attendance is to be expected. The online lectures have a system of live feedback and query solving where students will have the option of raising their hands or asking any questions or doubts during the live teaching sessions.

They also have the portal active on a 24*7 basis so that students can ask questions or clarification at any given point in time. There are students' common forums and notice boards for important discussions and important news updates. Examinations and reports or other assignments are to be online submitted using the same portal. Also to make sure that students are learning properly they help students by providing all relevant study materials so that they can go through them and have access to those materials at all times for their benefit.

To make sure that students are properly learning they provided extra classes and remedial classes for those who are lagging helps them to keep up the pace and make up all the lost study hours.

In terms of methods instead of selecting case studies and data that are fictitious the university has chosen to go ahead with real-life companies and situations along with practical real case studies so that the students are used to the real data handling mentality and they have the idea of what they might have to do professional terms.

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The Weightage of BUSN20016 Research In Business Task Solution courses

The BUSN20016 Research In Business Task Solution course has a total of 6 credits out of which a single whole credit is dedicated towards attendance. For BUSN20016 Research In Business the university wants the students to be disciplined and responsible and that is why attendance is marked online and taken very seriously.  2 credit points are given to the research project where they have to make a report filled with sufficient data that will have research on a specific function of a real company, also the report must contain recommendations for the company that can lead to a positive outcome. 1 credit will go to the group PPT that is to be made based on the research theories and understanding of the whole BUSN20016 Research In Business unit that will be graded on the team performance and not individualistic performance. The last 2 credit points will be given to the final examination that is to be conducted online which will have questions and answers along with case studies that are related to the principals and other practicals of the unit.

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