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What Are The Best Regional Areas To Study In South Australia

What Are The Best Regional Areas To Study In South Australia

Moving to a new city, whether interstate or internationally, can be a life-changing decision. Even the most well-adjusted and balanced individuals experience anxiety and nervousness when moving to a new location. International students are increasingly choosing South Australia as their study destination. There are numerous reasons why South Australia has emerged as their preferred destination. Continue reading to learn why.

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What makes South Australia one of the best places to live and study?

South Australia is one of the fastest-growing and most vibrant regions in the country, with a phenomenally strong local economy and an astoundingly beautiful natural setting.

South Australia attracts a large flux of international learners in part due to its high-quality housing and affordable lifestyle. The region's stable political and economic climate also makes it a safe option for international students to travel.

With numerous and frequent festivals held throughout the year, including the Tour Down Under (a cycling event), Adelaide Festival (cinema), Adelaide Fringe (arts), and WOMADelaide (music, arts, and dance), the region is well-known for its dedication to art and culture.

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Capital City: Adelaide

Adelaide is a vibrant and pleasant city with spectacular beaches, lush green parklands, and breathtaking blue skies. It is home to hip cafes, restaurants, and everything else that a bustling and modern Australian city has to offer.

Adelaide has direct flights from almost all major Asian airports and all Australian capital cities. Adelaide is served by coaches and trains, including the Ghan transcontinental train, which connects the south and north of Australia, a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Adelaide offers a plethora of activities to enjoy: Indulge in retail therapy; stroll along North Terrace Boulevard and take a trip to the art galleries and museums; or pay a visit to the Adelaide Zoo's giant pandas Wang Wang and Funi. And if you're ever in the mood to push your boundaries even further, the Adelaide Hills and beaches are just a 20-minute drive from the city.

Adelaide---A great choice for academic options

Adelaide is home to two long-established universities, Flinders and Torrens. These universities have long been extremely popular with international students and contribute significantly to the university's high international rankings. Additionally, Adelaide is home to a number of other well-known and reputable institutions, including ICHM, Kaplan Business School, Le Cordon Bleu, IIBIT, and Tafe SA.

South Australia has a plethora of options for international students seeking English language schools or classes, including the South Australia College of English, the Intensive English Language Institute at Flinders University, the English College of Adelaide, and the Flinders International Study Center.

Best places to live in Adelaide

Here are the top picks for the best international student neighborhoods in Adelaide:

North Adelaide: North Adelaide, located just two kilometers north of the central business district (CBD), is an excellent location for students looking for housing. It takes approximately 25 minutes by public transportation and 13 minutes by private vehicle to reach the city center from the suburbs. According to experts who can ‘edit my essay’, the following are the closest universities and colleges in the area:

  • Adelaide University
  • South Australian University
  • Lincoln University
  • College Aquinas
  • St. Ann's College
  • Lutheran College of Australia

Seacliff: Every day, once you've settled in Seacliff, you'll see ocean views and golden dunes! It's a little further out of town (approximately 14 kilometers) and takes approximately 31 minutes to drive or 61 minutes to commute via public transportation. Due to the longer travel time, you may have to leave home and school earlier than you would if you lived closer. However, if you believe that long rides are a worthwhile trade-off for a scenic beach view, this arrangement should work for you. Flinders University is the only prestigious institute located close to this area.

Black Forest: Due to Black Forest's proximity to the city center, rental prices are slightly lower, ranging between AU$135 and AU$385 (PW) for a one-bedroom apartment. The following colleges and universities are the closest to the Black Forest:

  • Adelaide University (Waite Campus)
  • South Australian Bible College
  • Adelaide Divinity College
  • Adelaide's CQUniversity

Kensington: The most alluring aspect of Kensington is its Victorian-era architecture, which transports residents to another era and time. In contrast to the rest of Adelaide, Kensignton's streets are all laid out diagonally rather than in a grid. This results in a slightly more than 11-minute drive from the city center to the suburbs — significantly less time than in other areas.

Due to its location four kilometers east of the CBD, commuters taking public transportation may have to wait a little longer to reach their destination (around 40 minutes). On the plus side, you can use your lengthy bus ride to catch up on reading or listen to an interesting podcast.

Kensington's house rental fees are approximately AU$345(PW) for a one-bedroom apartment. In the words of professionals who can ‘write my assignment’, the following colleges and universities are located in close proximity to Kensington:

  • South Australian University (Magill Campus)
  • College Mary MacKillop
  • Adelaide University
  • Adelaide's Lincoln College
  • Adelaide International College in Australia
  • College of the University of Adelaide

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Glenelg: Glenelg rental rates are slightly higher than those in Seacliff, ranging between AU$300 and AU$400 (PW) for a one-bedroom unit. However, if you're the exploratory type, you're certain to find plenty to do in this area. The following colleges and universities are located near Glenelg:

  • Catholic University of Australia
  • College Immanuel
  • International College of Plympton R-12
  • College of the University of Adelaide
  • Australia's Torrens University
  • Adelaide International College in Australia

North Brighton: North Brighton is located 13 kilometers from the Adelaide central business district. Rental prices range between AU$295 and AU$425(PW) for a one-bedroom apartment — the price may change depending on the type of accommodation chosen. The following colleges and universities are located nearby:

  • College Immanuel
  • International College of Plympton R-12
  • College of the University of Adelaide
  • Australia's Torrens University
  • Adelaide International College in Australia

Henley Beach: Henley Beach rental rates are comparable to those in Glenelg, ranging from AU$288 to AU$625 (PW) for a one-bedroom apartment. As the name implies, it is another seaside suburb renowned for its long stretches of sandy beach and vibrant food scene. Additionally, they have a variety of parks and entertainment centers within walking distance. The following colleges and universities are the closest in the area:

  • College de Saint-Michael
  • Adelaide University
  • Adelaide's Lincoln College
  • Adelaide International College in Australia
  • South Australian University
  • Bringing Leadership and Theology Colleges Together
  • College Aquinas

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The takeaway

When you move to a new city, it can be both exciting and terrifying. However, as long as you follow this guide, you won't have any problems. Always remember that the key to a successful operation is preparation. Conducting due diligence on the various student housing options available in Adelaide is critical. Apart from being aware of the various types of lodging options available, you must also consider your budget, the timing of your move, and the services you will require to facilitate your transition.

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