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How To Write A Book Report

Basic Guideline On How To Write A Book Report

If your professor gives you a book report assignment, the first question that'll pop into your mind is how to write a book review. You won't be the only one to ask that question. While your professor will give you enough guidance to develop something good, you can always go through this guideline to get a better idea.

There is a vast difference between writing an essay and writing a good book review. There are many steps to writing a book review that you might not be aware of. You need to figure out how to write a catchy introduction to grab the reader's attention while also keeping a perfect balance between reviewing and criticising.

When writing a book review, you need to keep in mind that your audience is both people who have read the book and people who have not. Therefore, your writing has to appeal to both. Keeping your target audience in mind, let's look at some of the tips you should follow.

How To Write A Professional Book Review?

The first thing that readers look at before buying a book is the book reviews. It gives them a better idea of whether they should buy the book or not. You can figure out how to write a book review by going over some good book review examples. However, you can also look over the following basic guidelines for a better understanding.

1.Keep Your Review Opinionated

In an essay, you're supposed to present facts objectively and draw conclusions based on those facts. However, writing a book review means expressing your honest opinions regarding the book itself. It would be best if you didn't shy away from writing what emotions you felt reading the book, the positive and negative parts, and how much you liked the book. 

2.Summary Does Not Mean Book Review

When students learn how to review a book for the first time, they make the mistake of writing the summary in place of the review. It would be best to keep in mind that the readers are not looking for an overview of the story. They can get that off the Wikipedia page quickly. What the readers look for are your thoughts and opinions and a critical evaluation of the book. Make sure to keep the summary brief and focus on the crucial aspect of it so that the reader can view the work from your perspective.

3.Keep The Narcissism Away

When you're figuring out how to write a critical review of a book, you'll see that many people will advise you to keep the "I" sentences to a minimum. This will help you keep the narcissistic tone in the review to a minimum. It would be best if you remembered that the book review's focus isn't you but the contents of the book itself. It is challenging to balance your opinions as a reviewer with the narcissistic tendencies that can slip through. Avoid this by framing your words in such a manner that will benefit the readers the most.

4.Don't Make It Too Grandiose

When writing a book review, students make a common mistake of using elegant language and obscure references to show their knowledge. This practice can cause a lot of harm to your book review. You cannot expect all your readers to understand the flowery language. It makes your book report unreadable and undesirable. While it is tempting to show off your knowledge, make sure to reign it in and keep your review public-friendly.

5.Don't Hesitate To Criticise

Many students forget the most crucial part of how to write a book review- and that is to criticise. You'll see many students merely praising every aspect of the book without giving a single form of criticism. However, no text can be perfect without a single flaw. Therefore, your review must be a good mixture of both the positives and the negatives to keep a good balance.

These tips will go a long way to help you figure out how to start a book report. The best way to grasp the concept is to look at a lot of book review examples. These will give you a clearer idea of how you should go about the task. Your professors will check your work for critical analysis, see what part of the book struck you the most and whether it improved your understanding of the subject. So make sure to include these points as well.

Commonly Asked Questions Regarding How To Write A Book Review

As a student writing a book review for the first time, you will indeed find yourself with too many questions. These are some of the frequently asked questions that give you a better understanding of the topic:

1.How to get book reviews?

If you're looking for places to get good book reviews, you'll find a lot on Amazon's Meet Our Authors forum and top reviewers under each book's review section; LibraryThing& Goodreads, as well as from various social networking sites.

2.What to include in a book review?

You need to include a catchy introduction to hook your readers. Follow it up with a summary of the book, your opinions, and criticism. Make sure to include your recommendation and rating of the book.

3.How to write a good book review introduction?

A good book review introduction should have the topic and name of the book and the name of the author. It should also state the purpose of the book and your reason for reviewing it. It should be brief yet catchy to make sure you grab the reader's attention.

Now that this guideline has answered your burning questions about book reviews, you'll find yourself well-equipped to handle the assignment. Make sure to read the book thoroughly, spend some time with it and form your own opinions. Writing a good review means being true to your own beliefs. So, try to avoid being influenced by others.

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