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Academic Assignment writing and its effect on students

The Pros And Cons Of Assignment Writing In Student Life

Assignment writing is an integral part of our academic life and is beneficial in several ways, from getting good marks to enhancing our knowledge. It is one of the most significant parts of studies that contribute to our lives, especially in the academic phase. Irrespective of this fact, the majority of students aren't fond of the practice of writing academic assignments. They do it for grades and do not understand the learning process underneath this tedious work.

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However, for the betterment of the students, it is a must that they should be aware of both positive and negative aspects of assignments writing. It would help them judge what is best for themselves.

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Writing assignments has many advantages. some of the most prominent ones include:

  • Helps in focusing the mind

Brainstorming provides assignment help to develop unique ideas and is undoubtedly a helpful activity. Often your academic assignment needs a brainstorming session to generate new ideas and gives a novel approach to the problem. In addition, the habit of writing down our daily thoughts and ideas makes our mind more focused, clear and increases our thinking power. Altogether, the practice of writing may be helpful in this process.

  • Time Management

Time management is one of the essential parts of managing multiple works simultaneously. It is crucial to set specific goals and work towards them to live a meaningful life. When you have selected a goal for yourself, you should work in that direction to accomplish it. To reach your goal and fulfil the task, managing time properly is quite significant.

Assignment writing is such a learning process that helps you accomplish goals in a given time frame as it is a deadline-oriented task. To meet this deadline, you set some goals, which ultimately help you to finish the task in the given time.

To do my assignment, you get familiar with the deadlines and the process of managing time to complete the tasks in the given time frame. Assignment writing indirectly helps manage time, which helps in every step of life and can help lead a successful and blossoming life.

  • Enhances general knowledge and increases awareness

In this world of global competition, general knowledge and awareness for events around us are crucial. Therefore, students should always be prepared to present themselves with in-depth knowledge on various topics. Professors frame Academic writing in such a way that the knowledge of the students can be judged.  

Henceforth, to secure high grades on a particular assignment, you must present a well-written paper with good quality and acceptable content. Therefore, before writing an assignment, it is crucial to gather adequate knowledge on that topic.

If you have a habit of assignment writing, you develop a routine to learn in-depth details of various issues. 

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  • Impeccable writing skills

To sustain in this competitive world, you need to develop impressive writing skills. Writing academic assignments regularly makes this process easy. Moreover, it can improve a student's writing skills by several folds and help attain better grades.

This regular writing practice will gradually improve your writing skills whether you are a native English speaker in Australia or other English-speaking countries or an international student returning to Australia from a non-English speaking region. Fine and well-versed writing skills can help you well in your academics.

Besides, these impeccable writing skills can also help you to pursue your career as these skills will add to your qualification and get you applause in front of your peers.

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However, there are many drawbacks to assignment writing. A few that you always come across are: 

  • Affecting college life and other activities

Right from college days, student life brings a lot of responsibilities apart from the excitement. The responsibility for transforming yourself as a professional from an amateur and the excitement of having a fun time with friends comes all at a time. However, in this crucial phase of students' lives, they have to do various tasks in a single time frame.

Being a student, you must know how demanding a student's life can be. Students have to turn into a midnight owl or become an early bird to complete the task depriving themselves of the much-needed sleep, which adversely affects the student’s attendance in the classes and other extra-curricular activities that are a vital part of academic life. 

  • Lack of time for other activities

During college life, social activities also have equal importance, and students want to invest ample time in increasing their social contacts. Students who are highly inclined towards activities like drama and art are barely left with any time to manage so many things unless they hire experts from assignment writing services.

The frequent assignments and other academic tasks leave you limited time and cut you off from your social life.

  • Lead to stress and anxiety

Usually, assignment topics are handed over to students a few weeks before the term-end exams. Students who stretch their assignment writing till the deadline often leave their term-end preparation midway.

Unfortunately, like assignments, exams form a crucial part of a student's academic life. Every student wants to fare well in the exams to proceed to the next level or get a decent job. But on the other hand, the assignments may hamper the final preparation.

So, at times, it is pretty tricky for the student to give proper justification to the assignments and exams. Such situations, in general, put a lot of mental and psychological pressure on the students.

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