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How To Do A Peer Review Of A Research Paper?

As the name suggests, the peer-reviewing process is the process of reviewing scholarly papers, research files or academic documents and scrutinizing them and adding essential tips that can enhance the quality of the work. Most of the work involving review are always high end work. This means that it should be flawless without any scope of error which can be declared as faulty.

 Peer review is always done by peers who are considered experts on that subject matter. Most of the peer reviews are based on research papers.  A research paper is quite lengthy, and being a thorough judge can be pretty tough. So here, we have mentioned five easy steps which can make the peer review process easy and hassle-free.

Peer review should be done by experts who are skilled in that particular field. Even scientists and researchers have their area of specialty. Taking up areas that are out of one’s genre does not fully justify the process of peer review. The peer-reviewing process should be done by one who has expertize in the area to give genuine reviews, which can upgrade the quality of writing. One who is a part of increasing their credibility will not be a fair judge to the writer.

Tips to Peer Review of Research Papers 

A good peer-reviewing process consists of the peer going through the paper and researching similar topics to add or suggest changes that can make the writing excellent. A good reviewer should analyze the paper as if it is their own paper, to do a justified and satisfactory job.

Identify Writers Contribution

Research papers are written on existing topics or about discovery or thoughts. When talking about the latest updates on old topics, it is the reviewer's job to identify what new contribution the writer has bought to the paper. Reviewing correct information, analyzing the data and validating the further information is part of the peer-review process.  There should be an innovative value with a realistic approach to the matter.  Obscure writing can make the quality poor, which does not serve the purpose of writing a good research paper.

It is the work of the reviewer to highlight and suggest the writer ways to achieve this point. Without any contribution, the paper can be mere duplication without bringing something new to the table.

Check Your Schedule

Most of the reviewer’s take up the job of reviewing the work without checking their schedule. This is a significant loss on the writer’s part as their work is not prioritized. A peer-reviewing process should be slow so that the persons can grasp the topic and give their opinions. However, busy reviewers do the job for the sake of it.

Professional peer assessment is done under the complete jurisdiction of the reviewer, who is entirely focused on it. Therefore, the decision of undertaking peer review affects the writers part and is not done sincerely. Hence, peers should only take up the job if they are free and willing to dedicate their time, to be honest with the job.

Write Down Specific Comments.

While giving Peer review, it is mandatory to provide review comments. Most professionals go through the paper twice or thrice to add specific comments. The comment's need to be specific so that the writer can make the necessary changes. One of the peer review examples would be that instead of writing " write a lengthy introduction", a reviewer can write the exact things included in the introduction to make it lengthy. Adding specific comments adds value and helps the writer do the needful.

Follow Constructive Criticism

Finally, the last tip is to take constructive criticism. A peer-review process is not a place for fight club. Even if the writer has written their thoughts and opinions which are not relevant to the reader’s personal belief, they still need to be rational about it. Being logical and giving constructive criticism without being rude or unfair makes the peer-reviewing articles flawless.

Even when a specific disagreement has to be bought to the table, it should be done politely and professionally, which helps the writer understand the drawbacks. Any kind of offensive communication is unprofessional and makes the process biased. The process can only be successful when the reader is helping the writer with a sound decision.

These are the few steps that make a peer-reviewing process quick and easy. However, we know it is not always as easy as it sounds. For future help, you can connect with our peer review team to get expert assistance.

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