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pursuing nursing in Australia

How Much Does It Cost To Study Nursing In Australia?

Nursing has always been one of the most popular majors among international students. Aside from the high salary and excellent benefits, a career in nursing opens many doors in various nursing fields such as hospital, education, neonatal care specialization, community health nursing, elderly care, and much more. For more information in this regard, connect with experts offering assignment help services. If you plan to study nursing in Australia, it is an excellent place for education. The country is internationally recognized for specializing in nursing for its quality education.

Due to a shortage of healthcare workers, there are many job opportunities in Australia if you want to work there. Most people take advantage of this opportunity to obtain permanent residency in Australia. To work in the country, you must have a bachelor's degree in nursing and be registered with the government.

What are the steps involved when it comes to studying nursing in Australia?

If you intend to study nursing coursework in Australia, it’s a superb choice, but in that case, you have to be aware of the dos and don’ts to get a concrete picture.

  1. Know the requirements to study nursing in Australia

The first level of qualification is a bachelor's degree in nursing, which can be completed in three or four years, depending on the university and whether it is taken full-time or part-time. This program is available at most universities and colleges, with various specialization courses.

After earning a bachelor's degree in nursing, international students can pursue a master's degree in Australia. Most universities and colleges offer a variety of specialization courses, including Palliative Care, Critical and Emergency Care, Mental Health Care, Community Health Nursing, Psychiatric Nursing, and others.

International students can complete a 96-credit-point Master of Nursing degree in two years full-time. In addition, students can pursue postgraduate degrees in nursing for additional education and career advancement. After completing any of the degrees listed above, you can begin the process of becoming a registered nurse in Australia.

  1. Look for top nursing schools in Australia

It is critical to conduct preliminary research on the school of your choice. Several universities and colleges in Australia offer this program, so finding a nursing school will not be difficult. The school's websites are simple to navigate because they are written in English, and you can find all of the requirements on them. Each nursing school has specific requirements that you must meet to be admitted to their program.

When studying nursing in Australia, you should also consider the school's location. If the school's location is not important to you, you can learn more about the curriculum and reputation of the school. If you believe the school is a good fit for your personal preferences, you can prepare your application by gathering the necessary documents.

  1. Arrange your finances

According to professionals offering essay help services, the easy part is preparing the course requirements. This, however, does not guarantee acceptance to nursing schools. It is necessary to present sufficient income to gain admission to an Australian university or college and obtain a visa to study nursing in Australia. In addition, these schools must ensure that you can support yourself throughout your stay in the country. Preparing for the cost of tuition is also an important consideration when deciding which school to apply to, regardless of whether it fits within your budget.

Some Australian universities, including Australian National University (ANU), the country's highest-ranked institution (24th in the QS World University Rankings® 2019), publish official fee estimates.

  • An international undergraduate degree from ANU costs between AU$36,400 (US $26,150) for some Bachelor of Arts programs and AU$43,680 (the US $31,380) for Bachelor of Science or Medical Science programs per year.
  • Annual fees for graduate degree programs range from AU$36,480 (US $26,200) for a few master's programs to AU$45,600 (the US $32,760).
  • Ph.D. programs are similarly priced, beginning at the low end of the scale and rising to AU$ $41,280 (US$29,650). However, ANU's Doctorate of Medicine and Surgery degree is in a class of its own, costing AU$80,136 (the US $57,800).

Tuition in Australia is typically higher for international students than for local students. Depending on the type of school and location, it can range from $20,000 to $35,000 per academic year. For example, at the University of Technology Sydney, the cost per credit point is $833, which equates to about $119 952 for a total of 144 credit points.

  1. Fulfill English requirements

Australia is a country that speaks English. As a result, to live and study nursing in Australia, you must be fluent in English. Furthermore, as part of the course requirements, all nursing schools usually require a certain level of English proficiency. If you are from a country where English is not your first language, and your previous school's curriculum was not English medium, you will be required to provide proof of English proficiency.

  1. Start your application

Before you begin your application, you must determine whether you are eligible for the program. The course requirements for most nursing schools are similar. However, it is still best to visit their website for more detailed information. The most common requirement is an English certificate coupled with a high school diploma, proof of financial documents, a passport, and a motivational letter.

  1. Apply to nursing schools

When you have completed the needed entry requirements, all you need is to submit them to the nursing institute in Australia. Suppose the school believes you are a good fit for their program. In that case, you will receive an acceptance offer letter and an electronic Confirmation of Enrollment, which is required for a student visa application.

  1. Acquire a student visa in Australia

This is the final and most important step in obtaining the opportunity to study nursing in Australia. You must meet the requirements for a student visa and pass the interview. Visit the Australian Government's Department of Home Affairs website to learn more about which specific visas and documents are required. However, you must first obtain an electronic confirmation of enrolment (eCoE) from the university before applying. Once you have paid the initial tuition deposit, you will receive the eCoE.

International students must generally provide a valid passport, electronic confirmation of enrolment (eCoE), financial proof of documents, an English proficiency certificate, Overseas Student Health Cover, and a certificate of completion of year 12 or equivalent. Finally, to keep your student visa while studying in Australia, you must be acquainted with the conditions that are expected of you, such as studying full-time rather than part-time, maintaining a satisfactory grade, working only part-time (up to 40 hours), and so on. Failure to comply with these conditions may result in the cancellation of your student visa.

The Takeaway

Nursing is a course with huge career opportunities in Australia. Also, the pay scale is lucrative, along with an excellent work-life balance. Yes, the charges are a bit high for international learners, but proper handling of finances will help them things to get sorted. Moreover, remember to undergo all the above seven steps while applying for the nursing course in Australia.

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