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How to Write a Reflective Essay

How To Write A Reflective Essay?

Do you like to interact with people and depict them in your stories, experiences, understandings, opinions and feelings? Then composing reflective essay is certainly your forte! But there are certain technicalities and tricks of the trade that can help you master the real skills of composing brilliant reflective essays. Check them out here and grasp masterly proficiency and knowledge on how to write a reflective essay.

#1. Focus on the format of your reflective essay

When it comes to composing impressive reflective essays, the format of your composition is what you need to concentrate on. Your format may vary according to the readers targeted. Based on the audience you are composing the essay for, you need to work on the format. Reflective essay can be based on literary interpretations; personal aspects and experiences so on and so forth.

Thus, you need to choose a stance and continue with the paper based on the expectations of professors. If it’s based on literature, provide a nice summary and continue with the paper. If it’s more of a personal aspect, then try using life experiences, talk about yourself and bind the essay accordingly to make it reflective.

#2. Choose an intriguing subject if you’re not provided with one

If you are supposed to pick a topic for a reflective essay by yourself, then make sure to choose something interesting, which can keep your readers intrigued and glued to your composition right from the very beginning till the end of it.

The topic can be anything. It can be your personal experience, an imaginary one, about a special person in your life, educational and more. But remember, mere writing about your personal experiences isn’t really what a reflective essay is all about, you also need to explain the consequences that followed.

#3. Jot down everything that comes to your mind

Take some time off and sit for a brainstorming session before you actually proceed to compose the reflective essay. Never miss a chance to write down each of those thoughts on a paper.  That’s how you will be able to know how to write a reflective essay, with a constructive plan and drafted thought process within your reach.

A written draft is any day better than an unplanned approach with an undefined and unclear thought process. Here is an example attached on how you can compile your thoughts constructively:

As I passed by the countryside, the view from train appeared to be quite serene and comforting. But I really did wonder how every non-movable object was moving in a synchronized flow along with me. That very moment I realized the fundamentals of life. Although there are few things in our lives which may seem to be stagnant or static, with each passing day they also are moving and adapting to changes.

#4. Keep answering questions as you compose the reflective essay

There are certain questions which when asked and answered can actually make the entire process of composing reflective essays seamless. If you are bothered how to write a reflective essay perfectly, then here are few questions that you must answer as you proceed with the composition further.

  • What have I seen?
  • What feeling did it invoke within me?
  • What should I have done during that moment?
  • What I actually did?
  • Did anybody else in the past encounter a similar experience?
  • Did the experience change anything in your life?
  • How do you wish to counter such similar experiences in the near future?
  • Did the experience change your perspective?
  • Did the experience add significant values to my life?

Once you have proper answers to the questions mentioned above, voila! You already have developed the knowledge on how to write a reflective essay.

#5. Never miss out on revising the reflective essay thoroughly

Last but never the least; revising your reflective essay paper before submitting it to the examiners is necessary. We tend to commit several silly errors and grammatical flaws while writing in a flow.

If you leave the paper unrevised, then those minute mistakes can actually give rise to bigger trouble in the near future, as far as submitting quality essays is concerned. So, the idea is to revise the essay paper before submitting the copy finally.

Well, the next time you would be bothered about how to write a reflective essay and ensure result-driven paper qualities, refer to this helpful list of simple yet effective ways, which can bring perfection in your paper.

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