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How to Write an Essay Plan | Complete Guide

How To Write An Essay Plan?

Systematic essay plan is always appreciated as an act of sincerity and professionalism. If you observe any expert essayist, you can find a strategy in their writing. Strict rubrics keep your flow of writing on track and constantly trigger your stream of thoughts.  

Here you can find a brief illustration on – ‘How to write an essay plan?’

This blog tends to define the stages of essay writing, the necessity of strategic planning, and you can find a solid example of an essay structure.

What is the purpose of planning?

The rationale of an essay is to present an argument with the suitable reasoning in response to definite questions. Your response must be progressive and focused rather than just a collection of jumbled ideas. An essay plan is essential to organize a set of thoughts so that you can convince your point of view to the professors, tutors, or any other academic person.

An effective planning properly unfolds your arguments in front of the readers. You must comprehend how to write an essay plan, and only then, your logical reasoning on the concerned topic modifies the reader’s thought process.

You need to ask yourself a few questions at the beginning of your essay plan. This helps you to relate more to the topic. Here are the list queries:

An important interrogation with self while planning the essay

  • Have you understood the assignment topic?
  • Do you comprehend the expectations of the essay?
  • What is your instinctive response to the theme?
  • What are the pre-ideas you have, in relevance to the subject line?
  • What is the other information do you need to gather?
  • What are the previous researches done on this topic?
  • Do you agree/disagree with them?
  • What is the main point you want to argue on this essay?
  • Why should your readers believe you?

You may have solid answers to some of your queries but, you may not have solutions for all! The answers appear automatically as you proceed strategically with your essay plan.

Stages of an effective essay plan

In order to understand, ‘How to write an essay plan’ know ‘where to start’, ‘how to proceed’, and ‘exactly where to end!’ Here you can find a step-by-step guide for an impressive and appealing essay plan.

Break down your essay question into segments

This helps you to figure out the various sections of an essay like discussion, argument, description and others. Through this, you can comprehend what should be the direction of your writing. If the theme has a broader aspect or very general aspect, you must decide and focus on a specific aspect.

Mind map everything and research!

Decide your instinctive response and take a note of it. Subsequently, proceed for an in-detail research on the subject matter. Make sure you have a track of the sources from where you are drawing the information. You must gather data that are relevant to your essay and include even the minute details in your essay plan.

Identify the key points

From your study and analysis, identify the significant points that are possibly the answers to your questions. Pool all these information in a notepad and then start organizing the key factors. An effective essay plan suggests you distinguish between ‘related-arguments’ and ‘counter-arguments’ and also select the ‘over-arching argument’ for your essay.

Make a logical ordering of your evidence

An essay plan becomes successful the moment you conduct a logical ordering of your key points. Summarizing the aspects in a sticky note is one way to perform this ordering. Once you have done that, try to indulge in your flow of writing. You must be aware of the progression of your arguments.  

Link each of the points with one another

Subsequent to the ordering, check whether each of the points links with each other. Your placing of data in the essay should be logical i.e. it must relate to its prior evidence. Only then, the essay plan comes out to be true in every sense.

Besides the various stages, an essay plan entails an interesting structure. Do you have any idea about the configuration?

The ‘Rule of Three’ in an essay structure

Having a clear introduction, a proper argumentative body part, and a relevant conclusion is an integral part of an essay plan. The paragraph division in each segment depends on the discipline you are working on, the assigned topic, and the number of words you are going to write.

You must remember a crucial factor that is every paragraph must have only one main idea for discussion. Do not encumber the paragraphs with surplus information. 

Here is the Rule of Three that a student must follow in their essay plan:

  • Say what you are going to discuss
  • Say exactly what you want to say
  • Say what you have said in the discussion

Now, some top tips to make your essay plan interesting:

Top Tips

You must recall these effectual and helpful tips whenever you are in a sticky situation concerned with how to write an essay plan.

  • The first sentence must depict something clear and specific about your essay topic
  • The last sentence must give a clear idea about the relevance of the point
  • An essay plan suggests, you must sum up the main reasoning of each paragraph in a definite sentence.
  • Decide the clearest and most convincing line of reasoning through your essay plan

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