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How To Write A Leadership Essay - A Complete Guide -

How To Write A Leadership Essay?

Leadership is defined as the art of influencing people to such an extent that they strive willingly and enthusiastically towards achievingspecific goals.The ideal leaders are also symbols of honour, friendship, trust, security, confidence, and love, among others. So, when it comes to preparing leadership essays for college, you will need to frame a narrative that highlights each of these leadership qualities, while touching upon some of your personal experiences and beliefs as well.

Want to stand out from your peers by submitting a brilliant leadership essay paper? Bid adieu to your woes, as today we are going to guide you through each of the steps of preparing an outstanding essay paper on leadership.In this blog that follows, we have provided an intricate guide of leadership essays.

What Makes an Effective Leader Essay?

Not all great leaders are born but are made. Some writers prefer to hone their leadership skills through extensive practice. Leadership does not fall under the norms of a typical academic essay. Leadership skills are essentials for both personal and professional growth as a writer. Students require good leadership skills at the personal, social and professional level. Leadership is all about the ability to see a clear way towards the goal and knowing how to deal with unwelcomed challenges or obstacle in the path of success. For your query regarding “What makes an effective leader essay?” it is necessary that you get to know qualities of a leader essay as well as characteristics of an effective leadership essay.

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Leaders ship essays aim at explaining, in brief, the main concepts of leadership and showing its application to real-life situations. Your first step while dealing with leadership essay should be evaluating researched information and applying them to human behaviour and attitude. The goal of leadership essays is to communicate in a written form about traits a true leader should possess.

Your leadership essay needs the fuels that help the reader see how you are planning to lead an individual or an organisation. The goal of a leader is not only to inspire others but understanding the strengths of each member of his/her team.

Here are the few things which make an effective leader essay:

  • Getting to know the team

You must get to know the strengths and weaknesses of your team. Leaders tend to have a great vision and use all the resources at hand to solve problems. Understanding the strengths and weaknesses of the team will help in making proper decisions. 

  • Painting a clear vision

The mark of a great leader is to pose a clear vision in front of the readers. You must be a strategic planner to guide the followers or employees into fulfilling a common goal.

  • Building confidence

Even in the worst situations, leadership must carry on building confidence among its team members. The leaders must promote teamwork to develop a good human relationship.

  • Providing feedbacks

Leadership essay requires feedbacks to get a room for improvement. The feedbacks will guide others in improving their results. Getting feedbacks on target tasks will help in elevating their academic performance.

  • Encourage changes

If it is about benefits, leaders will have to convince the team members to make organisational changes. The leaders must be flexible to make changes if the change brings benefits to the organisation.

  • Motivating employees

Each employee has specific abilities, skills that make them better from the rest. It is your job to identify those special skills and motivate them to channel those abilities in the right way. Your role will be to convert their desire into performance. Small rewards are also a great way to motivate employees.

  • Build team spirit

As a leader, you have to develop a team spirit among your employees. They need to encourage the employees to work collectively and coordinate the activities with organisational activities. You are required to resolve individual and organisational conflicts harmoniously. It will be your job to convert the individual output into collective output. 

These are some of the factors that what make an effective leadership essay. If you want to write a compelling leadership essay, you need to consider all the factors mentioned in this section. It is not possible to write an effective leadership essay without learning the characteristics of an effective leadership essay. If you still have trouble with understanding the concept of leadership essay, experts from can assist you in writing a top-notch quality leadership essay.

Further, we will explore how to outline the essay perfectly and see a few suggestions of leadership topic ideas.

How to Create a Perfect Leadership Essay Outline?

When you create a perfect outline of a leadership essay, it will reveal the depth of your writing. When you create a logical essay structure, it simplifies the writing process. Planning is the key to perfection when it comes down to writing a perfect leadership essay. Your leadership essay prompt will include all the detailed information of everything, from rules of creating titles for leadership essay to how you should format the paper.

The outline of the leadership will include an introduction, body paragraphs and a finding-based conclusion. In this section, we will show you in brief how to create a perfect leadership essay outline.

  • Introduction

Introduction is the gateway to show your unique writing ability. Add punchy opening words to grab the reader’s attention. The leadership essay introduction will consist of a thesis statement that tells the purpose. This is where the readers shape their expectations. You must make the introduction informative, appealing and persuasive. You can also add a glimpse of the background of a story that will reveal details throughout the rest of the essay.

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  • Body paragraphs

The number of paragraphs to include in a leadership essay depends on the topic you choose and the goal of your writing. Leadership body paragraphs mostly include three paragraphs. Elaborate on the concepts of leadership and make sure you add meaningful interpretation of the subject. Your essay will include your leadership philosophies and experiences. The readers will mostly like to hear about your personal experiences. They will be enough to sustain the reader’s attention. In each of the body paragraphs, you will try to relate your points to the thesis.

  • Conclusion

The purpose of the leadership essay conclusion is to create an impression on the reader. The conclusion serves to summarise the important points, restate the thesis and present the findings. Make sure to not add any new information in the concluding paragraph of the leadership essay.

Leadership essay is where you put the ideas into the paper. Follow the outline, as mentioned above to write an outstanding leadership essay. The outline will push your written work into extraordinary content. You can check out a few samples from the website of where you can have a visual interpretation of how to create a leadership essay outline perfectly.

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How to Write a Winning Leadership Essay?

Writing a proper leadership essay is easy and will secure you excellent scores if you follow certain guidelines. The first element of a well-written leadership essay is explaining the concept of leadership. Then the following paragraphs must reflect on your understanding of the fundamental leadership concepts. Borrowing historical narratives and building on them also helps create an impactful argument.

Follow these tips to prepare inspiring leadership essays that will fetch you the accolades from your professors every time:

Draw Inspiration from Notable Leaders in the Society

Knowing about the lives of great leaders helps a lot in the drafting stage of leadership essays. Leadership is born from doing the right thing against all the odds and humanity has faced many such tough situations where the importance of a leader was felt. It need not always be related to wars and historical battles.

Galileo, the inventor of the telescope, proved to be a great leader and inspiration after he declared that the earth rotates around the sun opposing the church. Reading on such inspiring historical figures will help you a lot in understanding the facets of leadership.

Elaborate on the concept of leadership

Besides the dictionary meaning, various factors distinguish a great leader in society. The definition of leadership is dynamic, and it will be essential to develop a strong understanding of all its elements before you proceed with writing a paper on leadership. You can try to incorporate the following points in your essay paperto put forward your opinion on leadership:

  • You can stress on the fact that leadership styles vary according to situationsand circumstances.Sometimes situations demand not only asteady nerve but a controlled and composed mind as well.
  • You can look at people you consider to be leaders in your own life. Observing good leaders will help you to understand the key traits of leadership and help you in the drafting stage of your essay.
  • You can choose to elaborate onthe socially accepted characteristics of a good leader, (excellent listener, patient, virtuous, understanding, optimistic etc.)and how you intend to leverage them in achieving your life goals.

Build on your own concept of leadership

After a thorough study on leadership characteristics, you must try out your hand at building your concrete definition of leadership. Build on the observations you made on the people around you todevelop your essay.You can structure your essay based on your answers to the following questions:

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What quality makes a particular person stand out from the crowd?

  • Can this quality inspire strong leadership abilities?
  • How these abilities help him/herto achieve his/her goals successfully?
  • Is the path he/she takes inspiring in nature?
  • Are his/her visions and ideas trustworthy and commendable?

The bottom line of any leadership essay can be summed up by this famous quote, “With great power come great responsibilities”. Needless to say, a great leader is someone who has total command and control over his/her words, his/her deeds his life, and takes responsibility for his/ her actions. Just keep this in mind while framing your essay and you will be all set to grab the best mark sheet of your dreams.

A Comprehensive Leadership Essay Example

Leadership essays for colleges demand a meticulous take on the various aspects of leadership. You will have to write on a situation that is attention grabbing and inspirational. Here’s a brief example on how you must gradually proceed with your narrative:

It was one of those deadliest winter nights when Andrew decided to walk into that forbidden, lonely island that looked right into his eyes. Ever since he was a child, Andrew had heard about the dark magic of the island and never tread that path. But exactly six days ago, at around this time on Christmas, Branda, his best friend vanished after a miserable shriek. And three days later, his father.

Notice how these few introductory lines inspire suspense as well as the idea of being a leader for one’s own sake, for winning over the fear of something. One can continue building up the suspense and disseminate it with the qualities of leadership. But the pitfall of writing such narratives involves making the rigorous outline for the proper execution of the story.

Here is another leadership essay sample that details on the layout of an essay.

Most students fail to score well in leadership essays because they proceed without a well-structured outline. Make sure you prepare a mind map or a crisp and concise overview of your story at first to stay within the scope of the topic.

Wide Range of Leadership Essay Topics

Choosing good leadership essay paper topics can be very confusing at times. While choosing a perfect leadership essay topic, you must ensure that the topic you are choosing is short, captivating, and it should reflect your area of interest. How your leadership essay will turn out will depend on the leadership essay topic you choose for yourself.

Here is a suggestion of leadership essay topics that you need to write about:

Educational leadership essay topics

Here are a few suggestions on education leadership essay topics:

  • Role of women in current leadership positions
  • The role of politics in organisational leadership
  • What are the qualities of a good leader?
  • Problems faced by leaders while running an organisation
  • What are the possible solutions to resolve a dispute?
  • Are leaders born or made?

Argumentative leadership essay topics

Here are some of the argumentative essay topics on leadership:

  • Is job satisfaction is all about employees, or it is for employers too?
  • Which is better- authoritative managing body or leadership thought?
  • Are compensation packages enough to motivate the employees to work enthusiastically?
  • Are HR managers solely responsible for preserving cultural diversity?
  • Which is more effective- business leadership or political leadership?
  • Can leadership techniques increase productivity with great time management?

Persuasive leadership essay topics

Here are the following persuasive essay topics about leadership:

  • Should the leaders be unbiased in an organisation?
  • Should a leader be empathetic or not?
  • Do you think selfish leaders can bring positive changes?
  • Are emotional people legible for leadership?
  • Is there any difference in leadership between men and women?
  • Is confidence enough to become a true leader?

Nursing leadership essay topics

Here are the following nursing leadership essay topic ideas:

  • The role of a nurse manager in a clinical lab
  • Which is the better nursing leadership style- Democratic nursing leadership or transformational nursing leadership topics?
  • What is clinical leadership?
  • What is the characteristic of a good nurse leader?
  • State gender issues in nursing practice.
  • Explain in detail the peculiarities of medical home services.

Army leadership essay topic ideas

Here are the following army leadership essay topic ideas:

  • Explain how computers will play an important role in future warfare?
  • Discuss how military weaponry impacts the environment.
  • State the causes and effects of alcohol abuse in military combat.
  • Explain the role of navy seals in US counter-terrorism.
  • Explain the duties of an American soldier.
  • Explain the effects of military drones on counter-terrorism.

These are some of the best suggestion of leadership topics to write about in the future. If you need any more topic ideas, consult our expert writers. Our writers can share more interesting leadership essay topic ideas. Contact our customer support executive of who will give you a prompt answer to your queries related to leadership essays.

Quick Tips from Experienced Leadership Essay Writers

We consulted the expert essay writers on Leadership in Australia to come up with a comprehensive list of all that is necessary to craft a balanced leadership essay. The following points must be duly followed to score A+ in your leadership essays and assignments:

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Most Popular Leadership Essay Questions Searched By Students

#1. What is a leadership essay?

A leadership essay compels you to analyse and reflect on the various aspects of a leader. Though the definition of leadership is quite dynamic, your leadership essay will follow one basic rule; you will need to discuss the intrinsic qualities that define a leader.Touch upon the points like what are the various personality traits that exemplify a leader.

#2. How to write a leadership essay?

Like any other essay, leadership essays follow a basic narrative structure.

  • It begins with an introduction that gives a brief summary of the event.
  • Then follows the body paragraphs, which gradually lead the readers through the entire storyline.
  • Finally,the essay concludes by summarising deeds and actions of the leader and how his/her skills helped in overcoming a difficult situation.

#3. What should be included in a leadership essay?

Your leadership essay must include the following elements:

  • It must demonstrate the process of being a leader
  • It must discuss the essential qualities and core personality values of a leader
  • It must conclude with aninspiring message
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