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How to Write GRE Essays Easily with This Excellent Guide -

How To Write GRE Essays? Overview

GRE or Graduate Record Examination can be considered as the general test for almost all grad schools. If you are preparing for this exam and wish to score high, then this GRE essay guide will help you the most. The GRE consists of an essay section where you need to showcase your analytical writing skills as well as critical thinking skills. If you want to boost your admission chances, scoring well in the GRE essays is your best bet.

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In the GRE essay section, which is also called the Analytical Writing Assessment (AWA), there are two parts: the Argument essay and the Issue essay. Since you will get only thirty minutes or so to finish the essays during the exam, you need to be well prepared. You must know each of the following points thoroughly for writing a good essay:

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  • The GRE essay length
  • GRE essay format/structure/outline
  • GRE essay score
  • How to write the different sections, including the GRE essay introduction
  • The information to include for a given topic

This guide will provide you with some great GRE essay tips that will help you write an exceptional paper.

GRE Argument Essay

The GRE argument essay evaluates your capability to compose a coherent thesis statement that you have to defend or back up in the coming paragraphs. In an argument essay, you need to scrutinise the logic behind your position on the main topic.

How to Write a GRE Argument Essay?

Here are some GRE argument essay tips that will make writing this paper easier for you:

  • Don’t agree with the given argument and come up with your own argument
  • Make the introduction short and simple
  • Brainstorm your ideas before you start writing
  • Use the correct GRE argument essay format, including an intro, body paragraphs, and conclusion
  • Maintain the right balance between pointing out particular misleading notions and building a thoughtful argument for taking apart one of the notions.

GRE Argument Essay Samples/Examples

Find below a helpful example of a GRE argument essay:


GRE Issue Essays

In an Issue essay, you will have to respond to and examine a general statement that is related to education, culture, or politics. Here, you need to take a position on a complicated matter.

Just like the argument essay, you also need to practice to get better at writing a GRE Issue essay. If you are wondering how to write GRE Issue essays, then the following tips can help you out.

  • Practice a lot- In order to practice, you need to find out some good GRE Issue essay topics. Here are some excellent topics you can work on:

Source -

  • Choose a side to defend- You won’t get much time to argue both sides of the given issue. Also, it is more important to effectively present an argument that backs up your evaluation of the problem.
  • Use direct and strong statements- You can avoid all sorts of confusion or miscommunication by using direct statements.
  • Introduce the opposing viewpoint in conclusion- A great way to end your essay is to include the opposing viewpoint and refute it.

Other than the above tips, you should also use the correct GRE Issue essay structure in the paper. You should also view different GRE Issue essay samples/examples to get an idea about how to write the paper.

GRE Essay Writing Examples

There’s no denying the fact that GRE essay writing samples can help you get started with your practice. Also, you will get to learn about different GRE essay topics/prompts, different aspects of writing the essay, information about the topic, and much more.

Here are two more useful GRE essay writing examples from where you can take reference:

Source -

Source -

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Most Popular GRE Essay Questions Searched By Students

Question: Is GRE essay important?

Answer: Yes, GRE essay is important. Doing well in the essay section of the GRE will help in boosting your confidence. It is also not that easy to get a perfect score in the essays. So, you should give much more importance to GRE essays.

Question: Does the GRE essay matter?

Answer: GRE essay matters a lot. The essays provide a first-hand report on your organisation skill and how lively your thoughts are. Through argument essay, the examiners evaluate if you can discover sophistries in the author-made claims. On the other hand, Issue essays examine if you stay updated with the things that are going around you. Thus, you can understand that GRE essays do matter.

Question: How to write GRE essay?

Answer: If you can get a perfect score in your GRE essay, your chances of getting admitted to a good graduate school will boost largely. Here are some tips on how to write a good GRE essay:

  • Practice by writing at least three essays. This will help you finish your essay within thirty minutes during the exam.
  • Make sure that you use only particular real-world examples only in the essay.
  • Only if you are using personal experience in the essay, should you use ‘I’ in the essay.
  • Always maintain clarity in the essay

Question: How to structure GRE essays?

Answer: The structure is an important element of the essay. Using the correct structure is essential in enhancing the readability of the paper. You must break your GRE essays into different paragraphs, which will have their own distinct meaning and context. Also, maintain a smooth transition between two paragraphs. Generally, the essay should begin with an introduction, followed by three to four body paragraphs, and end with a concluding paragraph. Hence, you should ensure that there is a minimum of five to six paragraphs in the essay. This will ensure that you get a good score in your essay.

Question: How long should a GRE essay be?

Answer: There is no specific length for a GRE essay. However, if you want to keep the essay on the longer side, you can write down five hundred to six hundred words long essay. You must remember that your scores will not depend on the length but on the quality of the essay. Hence, you should focus on making your essay of the highest quality.

Question: What makes a good GRE essay?

Answer: To make your GRE essay a great one, you must consider the following factors:

  • Clear ideas- The reader should be able to make sense of the entire essay without having to give too much effort.
  • Correct structure- You must also structure the essay accurately to increase its readability.
  • Variety in sentences- Bring variety in the rhythm and flow of the sentences to avoid monotony in the essay.
  • Proper use of vocabulary- Although it is not necessary to use heavy vocabulary to draft an excellent essay, you must use your vocabulary properly to convey the message effectively.
  • Accurate usage of language and grammar- Another thing that will affect the score of your GRE essay is the accuracy of grammar. Hence, you should check your essay for grammatical errors before submitting it.
  • Reasoning- You should also include logically compelling reasons to back up your position or claim.

Question: Can you see your GRE essays?

Answer: After the GRE essays are submitted, they are reviewed by trained analysts and experienced essay raters. In the test centre, when you take a computer-delivered test, if you choose to report scores, you will see the scores of the verbal reasoning and quantitative reasoning. However, you won’t be able to see the scores of your analytical writing section at the test centre.

Question: What is the average score for the GRE?

Answer: The score range of the GRE Analytical Writing Assessment (AWA) is 0.0-6.0. The parameters that are followed while grading the essays are as follows:

  • Outstanding- 6.0
  • Strong- 5.0
  • Adequate- 4.0
  • Limited- 3.0
  • Seriously Flawed- 2.0
  • Fundamentally deficient- 1.0

So, the average score will range between 3.0 and 4.0

Question: Can you retake just writing section GRE?

Answer: Usually, you can take the GRE tests multiple times. However, before skipping any section of the test, you should check with the admission committee how they will view your scores. Although it may be possible to mix and match scores from different tests, it might not be the typical scenario for every grad school.

The guide provided above will help you to practice for your GRE AWA section.

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