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How to Survive Writing Your Beowulf Essay -

Master Beowulf Essays: Expert Tips

It goes without saying that literature is truly an interesting subject to read and pursue, and epic poems like Beowulf makes the study of literature even more interesting and engaging for many students. Well, it is to be noted that reading the poem and cherishing the imagery and literary devices used in the composition is one thing, and jotting down the matter in the form of an insightful essay for your upcoming semester is another.

Tips for Beowulf Essay Writing

In case you are currently stuck with an essay topic that deals with the poem Beowulf, then take some time out to read through the following lines and know how to come up with an impressive essay about this epic piece and make a striking impression on your professor.

  1. Figure out an interesting angle to start with

First things first, you need to find out an interesting angle to start with your essay about Beowulf. You need to know what you are about to write and what writing styles and tones to be used in order to frame the paper with perfection. If you are not working on the preliminary framing of the easy idea and starting with the task in an organized manner, the paper might turn out to be somewhat confusing, lacking clarity and the inclusion of vital points.

  1. Come up with a detailed analysis of the poem

You can consider justifying the fact and explaining how Beowulf falls under the category of an epic poem with relevant details, referenced citations with a proper comparison, and contrast with other contemporary literary works. This can prove to be helpful for students as they will have the technical aspect in store to demonstrate and include in the paper.

  1. Focus on the protagonist

If you are planning to pen an essay that would be informative and insightful in nature, then consider focusing on the protagonist, Beowulf. You need to talk about him and his heroic deeds, the amount of courage this character has shown, and so on and so forth. Deviating from the topic and including lesser information about the main character of the poem is a big NO-NO!

  1. If you are writing about perspectives, then come up with proper reasoning

It is to be noted that potential students writing certain perspectives and picking up points of view to add to the paper shall also consider signifying the importance of holding that particular perspective. Unless you are justifying the perspective being used with absolute clarity and reasoning, coming up with a convincing essay paper with in-depth information might seem to be somewhat difficult. The idea is to be expressive in a logical way so that the reader can understand your perspective without any confusion.

  1. Consider the importance of using symbolism

Students of literature are well accustomed to the concept of symbolism and its significance of the same. The poem Beowulf has also used this device in various ways. For example, while fraying the paper you can talk about “The Cave” and “The Mead Hall”. The cave has significance and symbolizes the lives of the monsters as pariahs. They are isolated from society and stay in that cave which serves as a safe place for them as they feel secure staying there, away from the world. While the cave symbolizes safety, the Mead Hall in the poem is a place where warriors gather, share bonding and friendship, and boast about their achievements. Thus, the place is an indication of unity, bonding, and friendship. The cave and the mead hall are contrasting elements as one signifies complete isolation and the other one symbolizes community and gatherings. So, you can always choose to come up with such symbolisms and explanations of contrasting elements in your paper while framing the essay.

  1. Lay stress on the theme of the poem

If you are aiming to frame an essay on Beowulf which would look truly impressive in the eyes of your professors, then consider laying stress on the theme of the poem and refer to the actual idea behind the composition. Though you will get a sufficient amount of themes to talk about and write on, it is suggested not to write all of them in one single essay, otherwise, the copy would appear to be unnecessarily lengthy. You can talk about the theme of courage which has been brilliantly shown in the poem. Beowulf, the hero of the poem has been portrayed as courageous. He has shown brilliant courage on the battlefield and was always ready to lose his life-fighting. So, this can certainly be a nice theme to work on in order to come up with an elaborative copy.

Secondly, the theme of good and evil is also an interesting concept to elaborate on and include in your essay. It goes without saying that the protagonist of the poem, Beowulf is fighting against evil on behalf of humanity which makes him a warrior with a good heart who thinks for the world and fights out everything that is evil. Now in order to express these themes and include the content in an explanative tone, you are also required to come up with proper referencing and citation of evidence in support of the notion you’re trying to project. Failing to do so might hamper the entire paper's quality, thus ruining the chances of scoring decent academic grades in the long run.

  1. Consider writing about the characters in your essay

Apart from the protagonist Beowulf, there are other significant characters in the poem like the monster Grendel, the wise old ruler Hrothgar, the strong and confident Wiglaf, the jealous Unferth, and more. Each of these characters has different sides, nature, and perspectives towards life. So, one can definitely choose to write about the characters and elaborate on their features, nature, and unique attributes in the copy. However, you have to be quite careful while writing about the characters and describing their nature so that the points added and words you would choose to describe them seem convincing and logical.

  1. Choose to frame your essay at a place away from disturbance

If you are struggling to make your Beowulf essay perfect and insightful, then a nosey ambiance or a place that is not an accurate one to work at might be a reason. This is just not another school essay that you can manage to complete in an hour or so. Such informative and thoroughly descriptive essays require time and peace of mind. If you are lacking either of the two, then chances are there that things won’t work well in the long run. So, choose a peaceful place, make up your mind to work on the topic, and commence the task of writing. Surviving the entire process of essay drafting will be much easier that way.

  1. Seek expert help if stuck

Last but not the least, this idea can always come into play. If you think that the pressure is impossible to handle and there are not enough resources and ideas to be implemented in the paper, then consider seeking help from people who are experienced in this matter. They can be college seniors, professors, friends, parents, or even online academic experts. It’s always better to take advice from others and implement ideas in your paper accordingly than trying the entire exercise on your own being unsure of certain facts and figures and ending up ruining the essay paper quality.

The points mentioned above and ideas shared can either be used as a reference by the prospective students looking for effective ways to come up with descriptive essays about Beowulf and its significance or students can even consider developing further insights on the ideas given and do the needful to make literary essays on Beowulf in-depth and interesting.

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