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Engineering Universities Of Australia

Top Engineering Universities In Australia

Australia is a prominent study destination for students across Asia, Europe & beyond. According to the data from a survey by the Australian Government’s Department of Education, Skills & Employment, the number of international students in the January-October period was approximately 563,071. Chinese and Indian nationals formed the majority of the international student demographic, with 250,000+ students enrolled across the country.

Engineering is one of the most popular careers in Australia. A combination of several factors makes the country an ideal place to study & pursue a career in different engineering streams.  

Why Pursue Engineering In Australia?

World-class infrastructure, capable & qualified teaching force and myriad career prospects are the most notable features among them all. In addition, Australian academia boasts of the following.

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  • Unparalleled Quality Of Education:

Australian universities offer an exceptionally high quality of education and a wide array of prospects. Every course program in the engineering domain offers well-structured, in-depth and expansive curricula. And, engineering schools & universities possess highly-skilled and competent teaching staff who provide astute guidance to aspirants.

  • Globally Recognised Institutions:

The QS World University Rankings (Engineering & Technology) 2021 ranks ten engineering institutions of Australia in the top 150. The University of New South Wales in Sydney, Australia, ranks top with a world ranking of 36.

  • Career Ready Courses:

Australian engineering institutions provide multiple graduate and postgraduate programs tailor-made for the current job market. The courses focus on developing both practical ideas as well as theoretical knowledge. In addition, summer training programs and projects & application-based learning allow students to gather hands-on experience of their chosen field. Ample industry exposure is one of the most critical features of almost every engineering course offered across Australia.

  • Attractive Career Prospects:

The exceptional quality of academic engineering programs provides substantial opportunities to land a job at high-profile engineering companies. As a result, engineering remains one of the highest paying jobs in Australia.

Thus, a chance to study engineering in Australia is a golden opportunity for developing a bright career in the domain. However, once all eligibility criteria have been met, choosing the right institution is exceptionally important.

To that end, here’s a look at the top 5 engineering schools across Australia.

The 5 Best Engineering Institutions In Australia

Let’s begin right away with the top-ranked university in the QS Engineering University world ranking.

  • University of New South Wales, Sydney

UNSW is the 2nd best university in Australia and considered a powerhouse of the latest cutting edge & innovative research and teaching.

More than 59000 students and 7000+ strong research communities put the university at the forefront of the country’s research. The university has eight different engineering schools, namely, biomedical, chemical, civil & environmental, computer science, electrical & telecommunication, mechanical & manufacturing, minerals and energy resources, and photovoltaic & renewable energy engineering. Over 20 undergraduate degree programs are offered across these eight schools.

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  • The majority of the engineering bachelor's degree programs of UNSW come with 60 days of industrial training. Besides conventional focused courses, the university also offers flexible first-year degree programmes for those yet to decide upon their engineering specialisations.

Coursework in undergraduate & postgraduate courses are at par with semester assessments and play a crucial role in determining student acumen.

  • UNSW offers postgraduate courses in environmental engineering, mechanical engineering, telecommunications and civil engineering. Thanks to copious research grants and funding, a wide range of undergraduate and postgraduate research opportunities are available across multiple engineering disciplines, thanks to copious research grants & funding.

There are also student societies for each engineering school and clubs for robotics, mechatronics & renewable energy.

The University Of Melbourne

One of Australia's leading public research universities, the University of Melbourne is also a leader in world-class engineering research.

Students studying at the University of Melbourne can work with some of the brightest minds in Australian academia and are poised to take on global engineering challenges. The institute offers well-designed curricula that dive deep into every engineering domain and focus upon the biggest challenges in the industry.

Globally recognised, the university emphasises technical skills, innovative thinking, apt communication skills, and the ability to work in collaboration.

  • Undergraduates can choose from a bachelor's degree in science, design or bio-medicine at the University of Melbourne before selecting an engineering major. Aspirants must complete a two-year bachelor's degree programme in a chosen specialisation.
  • UM offers engineering specialisations in biomedical, chemical & biochemical, civil, electrical, energy, mechanical, etc.
  • Students of the University of Melbourne find opportunities to work closely with the Melbourne Entrepreneurial Centre. Students get to discuss and bring fruition to their budding ideas through a range of masterclasses, workshops and pitch nights.
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Monash University

Monash University is the third entry in this list and one of the primary award-winning research universities of the country.

The bachelor of engineering degree is specially designed for students as it offers a common firs-year for all. All students take classes in nine engineering specialisations in the first year. Such a system allows them to decide on the specific area to focus on from the second year.

  • Monash University offers specialisations in aerospace, biomedical, chemical, civil, electrical & computer systems, environmental, materials, mechanical, robotics & mechatronics and software.
  • A two-year master's engineering program is also available in five different engineering branches: chemical, civil, electrical, mechanical, and materials.

Master's students need to complete 12 whole weeks of continuous professional development by gathering industry work experience, volunteering, participating in career sessions and engaging in field trips.

University of Sydney

Ranked 65th globally in the QS Engineering World University rankings 2021 and 4th in Australia for engineering & technology by the Times Higher Education subject rankings 2022, the University of Sydney stands tall as a top-tier engineering school in Australia.

  • The university has seven engineering schools for aerospace, mechanical & mechatronics, biomedical, chemical & biomolecular, civil, computer science, electrical & information technology engineering, andproject management. All seven schools offer both undergraduate and postgraduate courses.
  • The University of Sydney offers excellent opportunities and encourages engineering aspirants to undertake internships and find work placements while pursuing their degrees. The institution boasts of a vast network of more than 1200 industry partners.

Additionally, the university's engineering department offers students numerous avenues to study & research abroad for a single semester or a whole year.

There are many clubs & societies for engineering students where learners come together to discuss, brainstorm, collaborate and solve significant challenges.

The University of Queensland

The final entry in this list is the University of Queensland that offers a highly flexible engineering course program. Students can try out all six engineering specialisation courses on offer before selecting a domain to focus upon.

The University of Queensland requires pupils to complete 450 hours of professional engineering practice. In addition, they also need to submit five reflections on their studies & experiences before graduation. The experienced engineering practice hours involve participating in actual industrial & engineering practices that prepare students for their future careers.

  • Students get the opportunity to study abroad for a single semester or two. The University has partnerships with more than 150 foreign universities across 37 countries.

Furthermore, there are many engineering student societies such as Skirts in Engineering, the Australian Computer Society, etc. The University of Queensland also hosts a branch of the prestigious Engineers Australia.

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