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How do you cite Netflix in MLA format

How Do You Cite Netflix In MLA Format?

Netflix is a subscription streaming service as well as production company of America. The company was launched on august 29, 1997. It provides a huge library of television as well as films series by the deals of distribution and its own production called the Netflix Originals. Netflix can be easily accessible through the internet browser on the computers or through the application software that is installed on the smart TVs, set-top boxes which are connected to the TVs, smart phones, Blue-ray disc players, tablet computers, digital media players, virtual reality headsets as well as video game consoles on the list of the compatible devices of Netflix. It is available in the 4K resolution. In the United States, the organisation offers DVD as well as Blue-ray rentals delivered to people through the United Nations Postal Services from the warehouses of the area.

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The company was founded by Reed Hastings along with Marc Randolph in the Scots Valley, California. They initially used to sell both the sold as well as rented DVDs through mail but the limitation of the sales was done in a year for focusing on the DVD rental business. In the year 2007, Netflix introduced the video on demand as well as streaming media. the organisation also expanded to Canada in the year 2010, then to Latin America as well as Caribbean. Netflix entered into the industry of content production in the year 2013, debuting the very first series House of cards. In January 2016, it grew to an extra 130 nations and then operated in 190 nations. Netflix is ranked 115th on the Fortune 500 and the 219th on the Forbes Global 2000. it is said to be the largest company of entertainment by the capitalization of market. In the year 2021, the company was eighth in the rank for the most trusted brand internationally through morning consult. During the 2010s, the company was the top-performing stock in the market index of S&P 500 with a total return of 3693%. The headquarters of Netflix is in Los Gatos, California and Hastings and Ted Sarandon are the two CEOs of the organisation.

MLA Citation style

The Modern Language Association (MLA) developed values for the acknowledgment of sources which are utilised in a research paper writer. The citation style of MLA makes use of two simple part parenthetical documentation system for the citation of sources. Citations on the paper’s text point towards the alphabetical works list of citation which appears at the end of any paper. together, all these references credit as well as identify the sources which is used in the paper and also allow other people to reach or retrieve thse materials.

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Citing Sources In The text

 In MLA style Writers place references to sources in the paper to briefly identify them and enable readers to find them in the Works Cited list. These parenthetical references should be kept as brief and as clear as possible.

  • Give only the information needed to identify a source. Usually the author's last name and a page reference suffice.
  • Place the parenthetical reference as close as possible its source. Insert the parenthetical reference where a pause would naturally occur, preferably at the end of a sentence.
  • Information in the parenthesis should complement, not repeat, information given in the text. If it includes an author's name in a sentence then there is no need to repeat it in your parenthetical statement.
  • The parenthetical reference should precede the punctuation mark that concludes the sentence, clause, or phrase that contains the cited material.
  • Electronic and online sources are cited just like print resources in parenthetical references. If an online source lacks page numbers, omit numbers from the parenthetical references. If an online source includes fixed page numbers or section numbering, such as numbering of paragraphs, cite the relevant numbers.

This paper is about “Netflix and Research” and not “Netflix and Chill”. Netflix is a service of video streaming which is filled with various educational documentaries, videos of entertainment as well as some original series. There is an option of choosing from thousand of movies as well as shows and it is extremely easy to understand the reason why Netflix has popped up in various citations on the Citation machine. This paper provides an explanation of the way of citing any movie on Netflix in MLA format. The featuring of the Movie: the Ivory Game” have been done in the paper as an example.

In order to cite any video on Netflix, there will be a need of the following piece of information:

  • Title of the movie on Netflix
  • Name of the site
  • Name of the performers, directors, producers or any other person
  • the year in which the movie was realised
  • the name of production or the company of distribution
  • URL

The following structure has to be utilised for citing a movie on Netflix in MLA:

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On a website:

Title of the movie. Directed by first and last name, performance by the first and the last name*, company of production, publishing year. Netflix, URL.

On An Application:

Title of the movie. Directed by first and last name, performance by the first and the last name*, company of production, publishing year. Netflix app.

*Note- It is not always compulsory to include the names of the director as well as performers. The names of the people must be included on whom the research focuses on or the names of the people for helping the readers in locating the exact source by themselves. It is acceptable for including the producers, creators, writers, narrators as well as other positions.

Example Of Citation In MLA Format

On a website:

The Ivory Game. Directed by Kief Davidson & Richard Ladkani, Volcan Productions, 2016. 

On an application:

The Ivory Game. Directed by Kief Davidson & Richard Ladkani, Volcan Productions, 2016. Netflix app.

For the purpose of in-texting or parenthetical citations, people can use the citation The MLA referencing generator is extremely simple as well as easily usab

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