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Living Costs in Australia for International Students

Accommodation Costs For International Students: A Comprehensive Guide

Students have always had a gut-twitching (not in the literal sense) craving to fly for hours and land in Australia only to fulfil their study goals.

Australia- the educational hub, has always held a soft spot for multiracial students and fascinated them with its beauty.

Studying costs are relatively cheap in Australia as compared to America- it was and always will. And to ensure that international students in Australia can conveniently manage their stays in the country, Australia has decided to keep its expenses pretty low. 

So, students' online and on-campus studying options, quality of life, entertainment options, and the pocket-friendly expense collectively have added to the popularity of "the Land Down Under". 

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So, what does staying in Australia look like? What is the cost of living and studying there? Let us all traverse through the answers together. 

  • Living Costs In Australia

According to statistics from October 2021, the twelve-month living costs range in Australia range:

  • Guardians or students: $21,041
  • Dependents (Child coming with you): $3,152
  • Dependents (Partners accompanying you): $7,362

These are vital for the financial requirements students are supposed to meet to be granted a student visa in Australia. The Department of Home Affairs always requests proof that students can cover during their stay in Australia. This is a good initiative taken by the Australian government.

  • Accommodation Costs In Australia

 Australia offers a wide variety of accommodation options. Considering that over eighty per cent of the population stays near the coast in Australia, a high proportion of students will probably like the accommodation options they are offered. However, the accommodation costs are not consistently kept constant since it depends on people's preferences- the place of living, the size of the flat, the location, whether they will stay in sharing or single, etc. 

And accordingly, we have listed the average pricing options below. So please take a look at it:

Type of Accommodation

Average Cost


$90 to $150 weekly

Shared flat

$95 to $215 weekly

Rented flat

$185 to $440 weekly

Campus accommodation

$110 to $280 weekly


$235 to $325 weekly

Boarding school

$11000 to $22000 weekly

Monthly Rent In Australia

Type of Apartment

Average Monthly Rent

1- Bedroom apartment in the city centre


1- Bedroom apartment in the suburbs


3Bedroom apartment in the city centre


3-Bedrrom apartment in the suburbs


  • Additional Living Costs In Australia

Apart from paying the rent and tuition fees, students will also need to consider the additional living expenses that students will face after moving to Australia. From paying bills to buying groceries, just add the following to your budget list: 

Additional expenses

Average cost


$140 to $280 weekly

Electricity and gas

$10 to $20 weekly

Public transport

$30 to $60 weekly

Monthly ticket public transport


Phone or internet

$15 to $30 weekly

Other activities

$8 to $150 weekly

  • Food Cost In Australia

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Basic lunch menu- $17 per day

Here is a list of food items matched up with their costs that you will find in Australia. These food items are listed in Australian dollars, so mark them up to make grocery shopping easier. The food options are affordable and satisfying to the taste buds. No wonder international students return to Australia to live their forever. 

  • Entertainment Cost In Australia

Tying yourself to books for an extended period can make your days boring. The long-drawn, acrimonious hours can squeeze out the life inside you. And when staying in a country that pays equal attention to overachieving hyper-actives and mere leisure seekers, it is impossible to ignore the fun the country serves you. Studying in Australia means you will get to experience the sun and enjoy the authentic amusements that this coastal country offers. So, whether you want to take part in an after-college party or enjoy your solitude, watch a movie or go to the gym, below, you will get the average pricing that could be easily included in one's budget.

Entertainment type

Average cost

Basic dinner for two


Two movie tickets


Two theatre tickets


1 cocktail drink downtown


A cappuccino


1 month of gym membership


1 package of Marlboro cigarettes


  • Educational Cost In Australia

The cost of studying attracts students in Australia as much as it is an island country. Some of the top universities and colleges globally are in Australia. Therefore, Australia is becoming the new favorite among international students. The Australian education system is pretty a considering factor that adds to its attraction. Owing to the country's proximity to the Indian sub-continent, even Indian students prefer to study in Australian universities rather than the western countries. But how much does education cost in Australia? 

Level of study

Average yearly cost

Undergraduate degree

$20,000 to $45,000

Postgraduate degree

$22,000 to $50,000

Doctoral degree

$18,000 to $42,000

Vocational education and training

$4,000 to $22,000

English language studies

Around $300 per week


$7,800 to $30,000

The education costs change in different levels of study and qualification types. See below to gain an insight into the average costs of education:

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Working while Studying – Is That Possible?

Australian immigration laws are comparatively convenient to grasp for students who wish to work while studying. This is a broad mindset shown by the government, which keeps attracting students far and wide. A slight request would often make students eligible to work in Australian job sectors as international students. Though the regulations might vary students are permitted to work for up to 40 weeks in a year.

As an international student, you are protected by the same labour rights as the domestic student populace. As a student, you can expect $17 per hour by working in any of the firms in Australia.

The kinds of jobs are also varied. There are both local and on-campus jobs available, and universities have an office that would help you find the right position. The kinds of industry students are employed in vary from hospitality to retail to teaching jobs. So, as a student, you can expect an excellent work-study balance if planning to study in Australia. 

Education Loan

To apply for international education in Australia, one must start planning as soon as possible. Another vital step towards this dream is preparing your financials. Nevertheless, not everyone is fortunate to have a solid financial background. But, of course, one should not lose hope to achieve their goals.

Banks and financial institutions offer students a handsome amount of money termed educational loans at minimum interest rates. One can easily apply for the required loan amount and get approval within days. Also, all your loan documents should be unerring and precise for loan approval. 

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