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11332 Management, while the university the course code is associated with is the University of Canberra. The students after the successful completion of the course will be able to critically analyze the theoretical and conceptual frameworks for negotiations in different cultural settings while comparing and evaluating the effective negotiations and sales strategies in a variety of business settings. In addition, the course also helps in developing high-level persuasive oral and written communication skills, which is helpful in sales and negotiation settings. Moreover, relevant evaluation and critical reflection are conducted on the key tools of successful negotiators, while including the relevant measures and reviewing the approaches to sales force management including the use of digital platforms.

The special assessment requirements are for the students who get 50% or more will pass the unit, as the relevant academic integrity is required for each student. The students have a responsibility to uphold University standards on ethical scholarship, where the student with good scholarship involves building on the work of others and use of others' work. Moreover, at least once during their course of study with access to the module within UC Learn through the Academic Integrity. Thus, relevant avoidance needs to be plagiarized for the student.

The available teaching periods are provided to the student, where the location is in UC - Canberra, Bruce, while the delivery mode of the course is Flexible. In addition, the EFTSL is required to have 0.125, while the Credit points are at 3. Moreover, improvement in understanding of academic integrity, where the software matches submitted text in student assignments against material from various sources, where the internet, published books and journals, and previously submitted student texts.

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Unit Details Of 11332 Management

Unit details of this course include the following:

Unit code:- 113322

Location:- UC-Canberra, Bruce

Study level: - Graduate Level

Negotiation and Sales Management examines the theoretical and conceptual frameworks and provides you with the skills required for effective sales and negotiation management. You will examine the theoretical foundations of negotiation and sales management and develop a comprehensive negotiation and sales plan for an organization of your choice. You will also enhance your interpersonal and communication skills through practical exercises such as negotiation simulations and sales force planning exercises. You will be able to critically analyze, evaluate different negotiation and sales strategies, and reflect on your own strengths and weaknesses as a negotiator. This unit may be co-taught with 11177 Negotiation and Sales Management.

The UC graduates are professional, as they employ up-to-date and relevant knowledge and skills, communicate effectively, use creativity, critical thinking, analysis, and research skills to solve theoretical and real-world problems and work collaboratively as part of a team, negotiate, and resolve conflict. In addition, the course helps students to think globally about issues in their profession, while adopting an informed and balanced approach across professional and international boundaries. Moreover, the students are able to understand issues in their profession from the perspective of other cultures, which helps them improve their business performance and reduce the level of issues faced in the organization.

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Brief On 11332 Management

11332 assessment answers aim in evaluating the successful completion of the unit, where the students are able to detect the criticality to analyze the theoretical and conceptual frameworks while understanding the relevant negotiations, while the comparing the negotiations and sales strategies. In addition, the variety of business settings is developed with a high-level perspective, as the overall and written communication skills need to be required in the students.

The relevant evaluation needs to be reflected on the key tools, where the negotiators to salesforce management, as the digital platforms while understanding the criticality of evaluating the ethical issues. Moreover, sales management is evaluated on contemporary case studies, which can be calculated by the students over the course period.

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Weightage Of This 11332 Course Code In Their Semester

The Weightage of this 11332 Course Code in Their Semester is relevantly at the level of 3, as the course needs to be studied by the students to improve their negotiation measures. There is relevant participation from the requirements, where it is highly recommended that students attend all classes and actively participate in the discussion. In addition, relevant IT skills are required from the students are expected to have sufficient word processing skills to enable them to submit work for assessment in accordance with the specified requirements, and to be able to access and use the Internet for research purposes, including the Library's databases. There is relevantly no Work placement, internships, or practicums provided to the student within the course.

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