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Explanation of 10904NAT Social Media Marketing Assignment Answers

In 10904NAT assignment answers course you will learn numerous strategies and features, digital marketing has developed as among the most essential strategies for growing a company, business, product, industry, and so forth. Nearly every single sector, including entertainment and media, banking, content marketing, and corporations, has begun to employ digital marketing techniques to expand its digital footprint.

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In terms of the fundamental concepts of digital leadership empowerment, digital leaders play an important responsibility in clearing the way for digitalization and therefore should strongly cooperate and interact with relevant parties (internal and external to the organization) in trying to decide, customize, and deliver products to the digital organization. Every digital leader must set standards related to their costs, potential risks, mitigation approaches, and benefits of the digital transformation and engage in types of change management interventions that are required for deciding their respective organization throughout the journey.

Alongside the concepts of digital marketing and digitization of commercial activities, the entire approach is enhanced more with the intervention of social media and its relevant platforms. Through these platforms, the paradigms of social media marketing have grown comprehensively. Also, these have indeed become a convincing career path for students who look to pursue their professional career in marketing and management. The most important aspects that students need to learn to achieve the skills of social media marketing necessitates in 10904NAT assessment answers is the factor on how to create content to engage consumers within the relevant website or the brand.

Digital marketing is a broad field that spans a wide range of academic courses and themes. Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Website Creation, Content Strategy, and other vital topics will be covered in this training unit. The 10904NAT assignment answers course breakup will gradually cover up specific topics related to social media and digital marketing such that learners can apprehend sufficient knowledge required for being a digital manager for an organization.

Unit Details

Location: Australia

Study Level: Undergraduate

Unit Code: 10904NAT

Brief of 10904NAT Social Media Marketing Assessment

The 10904NAT assessment answers course module will help the students in attaining the perspective required for being a social media or a digital marketing manager. The entire 10904NAT assessment answers course unit will cover the aspects where the learners will be able to learn about the theories related to management, roles, and responsibilities of a manager, and what specific techniques and skills are required for being an effective manager of an organization.

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Since the advancement of technologies and equipment have emerged significantly resulting in a change in commercial activities the upcoming students need to understand change management and what particular standards they need to attain for sustaining with the shift of business activities. This diploma of 10904NAT assignment answers course in Social Media Marketing is the perfect course for learners who seek to work as digital managers and handle other responsibilities related to social media marketing. The primary objective of this course is to provide social media and digital marketing knowledge and skills necessary for performing the operations associated with their roles.

The relevant job opportunities that the learners will be able to achieve upon completion of this course include digital or social media coordinator, digital marketing assistant of an organization, communications assistant, digital manager, and social media marketing manager. The subjects and subsequent evaluation of the learners will be based upon the listed topics:

  • Content Marketing The students will get to learn in this subject about how contents are created and how they can be utilized for promoting a product or a brand for an organization.
  • Social Media Marketing Completing this subject will let the students learn how social media marketing can be done and how those operations can be handled without hindrances.
  • Social Media Advertising Completing all the assignments related to this subject will make the student confident enough on how to promote subsequent products or ideas through social media platforms.
  • Personal Brands and Conversation Strategies Communication is the key for any role, and in this subject, the learners will get to know how to establish a meaningful conversation as a manager.
  • Marketing Communication Plans - Learning the fundamentals of this subject will make the students confident enough on how to create marketing plans.

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Assignments for assessing the learners of this Course

For this entire course unit, three assignments will be provided to the students.

  • The first assignment will be a group task where they will be engaged in a discussion for preparing content and marketing strategies for a particular product.
  • The second assignment will be an essay where the students will be provided with a topic on social media or digital marketing. The students need to write a critical essay on a given situation or topic where they will explain the theories and strategies covered within the entire module. The critical essay will also let them achieve the quality of evaluating strategies and theories required for social media marketing or establishing content.
  • The last assignment will be a case study-based report writing. The assessor will select case studies that will be provided to the students. They need to evaluate the case study organization and highlight their issues and lag in context to marketing and promotion of their services. The students need to recommend the organization's valuable strategies on how they can market their products, how they can effectively manage their employees, and relevant social media platforms. Completing this assignment will make the students capable enough in creating marketing plans and also will be confident enough on how to create content to increase the search engine optimization rate for the respective organization.

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Weightage Of The 10904NAT Social Media Marketing Task Solution

10904NAT task solution course unit is mandatory for every learner in this semester as social media marketing and digital marketing concepts are emerging rapidly and professional careers in the future for management and executive positions will necessitate knowledge and skill regarding digital marketing. 10904NAT assignment answers course includes 40% marks out of the entire course marks. The first assignment will consist of 10% marks since the group discussion will make the assessor evaluate the communication skills of every learner. Subsequently, the second and third assignments will cover 10% and 20% marks respectively. The third assignment is the final assignment for this 10904NAT course and students need to pass this specifically.

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