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Explain 102102 Children, Families, Communities Assessment Answers

In order to gain eligibility for 102102 assignment answers unit, students must be enrolled in one of the following courses:

  • (1691)- Master of Teaching in Birth-5 Years to Birth-12 Years
  • (1708) - (Bachelor of Arts for defining Pathway to Teaching Birth-5 or 12
  • (6017)- Diploma in Arts, Bachelor of Arts or similar programs
  • (1671)- Bachelor of Social Science from Pathway to Early Childhood Teaching equivalant
  • (1670)- Bachelor of Education
  • (1783)- Master of Teaching

Also, please note: Students in the 1708 or 6027-course code must have completed 100 credit points before enrolling in this unit.

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Since 2020, students have identified that core units are taught in the semester rather than yearly session-based learning to ease learning. Through this specific unit, examination of implications regarding cross-disciplinary research into children's early life experience for developing innovative services as well as service models will be done. Hence, completion of 102102 assessment answers unit will help the learners to understand learning, encouraging as well as strengthening families and careers to create the innovative idea that is required for early childhood.

Considering this way, students will gain an understanding of the complex field of early intervention and prevention, considering national as well as international innovations in policy and service delivery. Apart from that, focus on examining new tools and frameworks for community intervention, analysing discourses associated with family and social disadvantage and considering how communities can best support young children will be provided.

Apart from that, studying this unit will allow the learner to view the nexus between early childhood education alongside child and family services. Furthermore, how these aspects of childhood education management might interact and work together seamlessly and the implications for the kind of knowledge and skills required to work in these innovative contexts. Upon successfully completing 102102 assignment answers course, students will reflect on the complex interrelationship between collaboration, research and practice to identify their role as community leaders enhancing families and carers capacities and children's development, learning, health and wellbeing.

All tertiary education pathways listed on this website from diploma and above include an element of credit. Additionally, individuals will be able to claim their credits using their pathway credit e-form. Upon completion of 102102 assessment answers unit, the individuals will be able to gain an understanding of multi-directional aspects, including:

  • Inclusive practices in communities that can be conveyed to the children
  • Introduction to pedagogical leadership to improve teaching skills
  • Research and professional practices regarding teaching and professional practices
  • Diverse literacies for strategic development
  • Community leadership to enhance the overall process of strategic development
  • Children, community and family-based knowledge in a comprehensive manner

Apart from improving the overall teaching process, this particular unit will help individuals to fulfil the following aims:

    • To enhance the professional comprehension of child care to support children's overall learning process and growth
    • To provide the family, parents as well as friends who care for the children with precise skills and support their needs for creating a nurturing environment
    • To ensure all children, as well as their families, can afford comprehensive health insurance coverage
    • To strive for equitable access to high-quality healthcare and nutrition services for extending the support to children as well as their families
    • To support the complete process of paid family leave policies that allow adults to take out the time they need to care for nurturing young children so that they can grow up healthier

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Unit Details

  1. Location: Western Sydney University offers this specific unit
  2. Study level: 7 (Teacher education-early childhood)
  3. Unit code:102102

Brief of the 102102 Children, Families, Communities Assessment

The assessments covered in this specific context will help to attain the learning mentioned above outcome by providing a comprehensive understanding of the core contexts of the strategic direction of pedagogical improvement. Recent researchers have clearly stated that the early years of a child’s life set the course for the rest of their lives. Therefore, completion of this specific aspect will help to ensure that all the children get the required level of attention from their teacher they deserve to pave the way for future growth. Upon completion of the assessments, the individuals will be able to:

  • Identify and depict in-depth ideas on the concepts of pedagogy as well as early childhood education
  • Analysing and providing clear ideas on family and community management to create a better future for the children
  • Generating as well as communicating analytical results of family and community management followed by depicting their relevance in a child's life

The 102102 assessment answers unit also seeks to define children's strategic development individual resource pool management as well as provide the learners with a psychological idea to assess children's perception through supporting the adults to improve young children's lives with clear resources and information to ensure that all the children can grow up confident, healthy and open towards comprehensive learning. Considering innovative scaling approach, investment in the core paradigm of leadership, advocating for quality as well as transforming communities, a clear orientation of best practices to manage the children, community and families can be developed.

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Weightage of the 102102 Children, Families, Communities course in the semester?

102102 task solution unit adds 10% of the credit in the entire semester; therefore, it can be stated as one of the most critical as well as an important one for completing the research. Moreover, in this unit, two assessments regarding business finance and related aspects will be provided, followed by final examination conduction at the end of the semester. In order to ensure competency in this unit, the learners must focus on the following aspects:

  • Submitting their online assessments in the Moodle after checking the plagiarism score in the Turnitin.
  • The institute’s rule accepts plagiarism of up to 10% of the material. However, learners having more than this level of plagiarism will be treated as per our current policies
  • Any incidents of cheating in the exam, impersonation of the students, seeking help for completing any of the assessments while doing the assignments and not citing accurate sources with the Harvard referencing system will be seen as academic misconducts and will be treated as per the pre-stated mandates of the institute

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