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Explain 102037 Perspectives in Criminology Assessment Answers

The perspectives in Criminology are generally referred as the course which allows the student to have the detailed idea and knowledge in the field of crime. Unless the other courses, 102037 assessment answers course is said to be the most critical and preferable for the one those who have interest in bringing the justice and protect the victim of the crime. The field of criminology is the study generally in crime as well as several agencies of justice as they react and operate to the victims, crime, and criminals.

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The main mission of the Criminology Program is basically to provide the entire community with morally upright and professionally competent graduates who will be able to deliver some effective and efficient services in investigations, crime detection, and crime prevention, rehabilitation and custody of offenders, and law enforcement among others. For 102037 assignment answers course the student must need to start from the beginning to the core as it involves the risk of life and being caught in the place of accident sometimes. 102037 assessment answers course will help the student of the university to be confident about how to deal with such critical situation, and laws are appropriate to be abiding by.

There are some higher education institutes those who provide program of Criminology which are envisioned as the important educational institutes that are continually and actively incorporate in making the graduates those who have the skills and knowledge. These skills and knowledge are useful in addressing the issues which arise in criminality, as well as the competence in order to meet the globalization challenge in the Criminology field. For any graduate student having the knowledge in this field will bring several opportunities where they can explore various new aspects and learn many new things.

In criminology, the Bachelor of Science has 165 units in totals which are comprise of all the essential aspects required for gain the expertise in the field of criminology. The program of criminology consists of Professional course, Practicum that includes community immersion/on-the-job training, and general education components. The course of general education is based on the requirements of CHED Memorandum Order No. 59 of the series of 1996 which is GEC (General Education Curriculum). The main feature of this course is that the student their ability to the police visibility.

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The 102037 assessment answers course focuses to develop the responsibility, accountability, integrity, and leadership values among the students of the university while serving their country, community, and fellowmen. It also helps to prepare the university's student for the career in law enforcement, correctional administration, scientific crime detection, and crime prevention. This course also encourage them to inquiry and research on the causes, nature, punishment or treatment of the behaviors of the criminal, as well as how the agencies of the criminal justice respond to the victims, criminals, and crime. For the completion of this course there are many other major field that the student need to study such as Practicum 1 and 2, Correctional Administration, Criminal Jurisprudence and Law, Criminalistics, Crime Investigation and Detection, Law Enforcement Administration, and Sociology of Ethics and Crimes.

The course of criminology has several competencies which the student of the university must follow such as:

  • The thorough knowledge and cultural background and the understanding of the constitutional guarantees.
  • The values, skills, knowledge, and attitudes required for the practicing the criminology in the of the defensive tactics, Community Relations and Ethics, Correctional Administration, Procedure and Criminal Law, Criminal Sociology, Law Enforcement Administration, and Criminalistics.
  • The understanding and knowledge of crime issue incorporating the implications and casual theories of crime statistics.
  • Appropriate knowledge for the operation and organization for the agencies of law enforcement and how it creates as a part of the CJS (Criminal Justice System).
  • Scientific skills and knowledge in order to preserve, analyze, and investigate the physical evidence which are related to the crime commission and examining and show the same in the court.
  • Appropriate technical knowledge and proficiency in the criminalistics field like the Toxicology, Forensic Chemistry, Ballistics, Polygraphy, Questioned Documents Examination. Dactyloscopy and Police Photography.
  • The understanding and knowledge of the elements of the crime as given under the current laws which incorporate the principle of criminal evidence, and imposable penalties.

102037 task solution course brings many opportunities to the student after graduation as the course prepared them for the career in law enforcement, correctional administration, crime prevention, and detection of crime scientifically. The roles which the graduate would be able to take part are National Bureau of Investigation, Sea and Air Ports Officers, Fire Arm Examiner, Questioned Document Examiner, Photographer, Polygraph Examiner, Jail Officer, Provincial Guard, Probation and Parole Officer, Bureau of Corrections Officer, Academe, Criminology Instructor, Signature Verifier of Bank, Private Practitioner, and so on. After the completion of this course, the student would be able to go and choose any of the mentioned roles as per their skills and preferences.

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Unit Details

Location: Sydney

Study Level: The study level by which the student would be able to prepare this course are several but to get the degree they need to undergo legitimate steps. The most general study levels are face-to-face sessions and learning, some online tutorials such as online videos and online expert advices on the subjects, lecturers of the classes, and practical practices.

Unit Code: 102037

Brief of 102037 Perspectives in Criminology Assessment

The assessment has been bifurcated into stages that the student needs to accomplish in order to score the marks for the course. They are:

Mid-Term Assessment: Here, the student need to give a short test based on whatever they have being taught in their classes.

Case Study Assessment: Here, the student need to give a test based on a case study provided to them by the examiner. Lastly, they will provide a presentation on the solution they have made.

Practical Assessment: Here, the student need to give a practical test where they need to perform some investigation based on the provided scenario by their examiner.

Final Assessment: Here, the student need to give a long question type test and the entire solution need to be submitted within the provide time frame.

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Weightage of the 102037 Perspectives in Criminology Assessment Answers Course Code?

10 percent for the first assessment

15 percent for the second assessment

20 percent for the third assessment

45 percent for the fourth assessment

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