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FNS40815 Finance and Mortgage Broking Solutions From Native Experts

The certificate IV in Finance and Mortgage broking offered by The University of Sydney provides essential skills required to understand finance and mortgage broking. Moreover, with this course, students can have an overview of industry, legislation, products and services, with additional learning of operational skills for successful management of the business. Thus, by the end of the course you will learn:

  • Approaches to preparing and presenting loan operations
  • Strategies to present booking options to customers
  • Ways to manage legislation and code practice obligations

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As students are not clear with the concept of the course and fails to deliver FNS40815 task answers as per requirements. Thus, it would be best if you practice FNS40815 answers to enhance your skills with samples question as listed below:

  1. Describe what information is required for an applicant in support of a home loan?
  2. Describe 5 points that are essential to ensure communication delivers on customer needs, expectations and priorities?
  3. Why does a bank require independent property valuations prior to approving a home loan?
  4. Explain general requirements and guidelines for home loan applications?
  5. Identify various types of security required by the home loan lender
  6. Identify the set of laws that regulate the way that businesses may provide service to clients? Explain its importance and your responsibility?
  7. List out recommendations on how to improve service delivery to prospective customers?
  8. Is a list of 10 documents essential for an ACL application?
  9. Which five things helps in making your current business more environmentally sustainable?
  10. Describe the features and purpose of the home loan amortisation schedule? List out changes that occur if home loan interest rates change?

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  1. Industry Knowledge

  • The industry and economy
  • Legislation and codes of practice
  • Products and services
  1. Business Skills

  • Organisations, teams and individuals
  • Customer service
  • Managing information
  1. The Lending Process

  • Understanding the client's needs
  • Developing and presenting solutions
  • Packaging the application to send to lender/supplier
  • Monitor the loan process

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