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NRSG210 Mental Health Course Code Details 

The NRSG210 Mental health nursing course assessment answer is related to the nursing subject specifically nursing skills and basic general knowledge on mental illness and how to handle such critical delicate patients.

Unite Details:

Location – Australia

Study level – Post foundation year or equivalent

Unit code - NRSG210

Associated university - Australian Catholic University.

Assessment and importance of the NRSG210 Mental health nursing Assessment answers study

In NRSG210 Mental health nursing assessment answers Mental health is an important aspect of the study, as it focuses on that part of the human anatomy that is the most delicate and easy to be disturbed by almost every factor that exists in daily life. Mental health is all those problems that ruin the harmony of an individual's brain and feelings. The result of mental health illness can be devastating as they are usually not detected and also to make it worse human beings tend to hide it, it affects the decision making or clear thinking of any individual so every action taken may not be rational or event the correct instinct may not be followed.

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As seen and observed the increase of work pressure and personal life in recent times have increased as the demand for both personal life as well as professional life seemed to be increasing constantly (Misra and Mohanty 2019). The result of this matter is increased stress and mental pressure, sometimes direct and sometimes indirect. The conditions or symptoms of this are so complicated that it is very difficult to observe or examine. And the majority of human beings tend to hide their stress or mental condition purposely or subconsciously.

Therefore the study of NRSG210 Mental health nursing assignment answer is important so that the individual has the right skills to observe and find out the factors affecting a patient's mental health also to do the correct treatment. The NRSG210 Mental health nursing assessment answer aims at developing the student's knowledge on the physical, mental, and biopsychosocial factors that can impact and affect the mental health of individuals, or the family, or the community.

That is all and any factors that may lead to the disturbance in the harmony of the mental condition of any individual, mainly the observation is made on the biopsychosocial factor. This combination of all social, biological, and psychological factors (Grob 2019). Perhaps the most important area of NRSG210 Mental health nursing assignment answer could be these when it comes to understanding the mental health of any individuals or treating them. Some of the key biological factors can be a disability, physical health; some of the key social factors can be peers, family responsibilities and some of the key psychological factors can be self-esteem, social skills, and much more. All of these have some kind of an impact on the mental health of the individuals and must be studied.

The objective of the NRSG210 Mental health nursing task solution firstly is to broaden the perspective of the students so that they have the mindset to observe every detail and consider all possibilities that may or may not affect the mental health of the patient. Mental health problem detection is something that requires top observation skills and is of importance however treating such patients requires utmost care that is also something that the unit will focus on teaching. All the candidates need to understand how to treat and behave with people with challenges in mental health. This issue is delicate and needs to be dealt with utmost care hence the correct set of emotional questions and acts are taught as well.

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The study of NRSG210 Mental health nursing assessment solution also focuses on the role of the nurse and the team in general who is responsible for the caring of those people who have or had difficulties and challenges related to their emotional and mental well-being at all age groups (Horwitz 2020). General knowledge on some of the extreme and dangerous illnesses of mental health is also shared and taught so that the candidates are ready for those.

Clinical depression is one of the most common forms of challenges seen in today's world, this is the significant loss of interest in activities and mood. An advanced version of depression causes the patient to lose interest in all kinds of activities and have extremely negative feelings towards their life. Another dangerous mental illness is Bipolar disorder here the patient will get aggressive mood swings from extremely low to manic heights. Mood swings when on the extreme low can trigger extreme low emotions causing the patients to feel so depressed that they may be suicidal and on the extreme high there can be violent behavior experience.

ADHD is also known as attention deficit hyperactivity disorder is something very common. Perhaps the most popular form of mental challenge, at times people chose to ignore it completely and learn to live with it. As the name suggests the people with this issue faces attention difficulties, are extremely hyperactive and impulsive. More than 10 million cases on an average in any given nation can be found every year. The condition can never be cured by medical science. As observed this is most likely to start at childhood and continue along the way (Barkley  2015).

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Weightage of NRSG210 Mental health nursing assessment solution

The weightage of NRSG210 Mental health nursing assessment immense as it not only makes the students are aware of how mental illness can affect the lives of individuals but also teaches how one should treat them and the key observations. Hence the NRSG210 Mental health nursing assignment answers are important if anyone wants to peruse their career in the field of mental illness nursing.

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